Joy Brick’s Hidden Survivor mixes survival elements with hide-and-seek multiplayer

Anurag Ghosh

Hidden Survivor is perhaps best described as an oddball mix of hide-and-seek action and story-focused survival. Its online multiplayer challenges you to blend in with your surroundings by tactically transforming into objects to hide from the player-controller ‘Seeker’.  

Hidden Survivor

Your aim in every match is to collect resources and earn the highest score. As the round draws to a close, the map will become increasingly inhospitable, with certain areas causing you damage if you linger in them for too long. This keeps things fast and intense as players desperately hide to survive, using collectible items to give them an edge whenever possible.

Exploration screen

Back home at the ‘Sanctuary’, you can meet other survivors and learn more about their backstories. Further info will become available as you pass the days by taking part in the multiplayer mode.

YouTube video

Outside of chatting with the characters, you’ll also need to keep an eye on their thirst, hunger, and spirit meters. If these hit 0, the survivor will croak. If everyone dies, your in-game days will be reset to 1 and you’ll lose all your hard-earned food and resources. While that may seem a tad harsh, any upgrades you make to your home’s facilities will carry over between runs.

Hidden Survivor Interface

Hidden Survivor is packed with novel ideas that, while seemingly quite disparate, come together to form a neat package. You’ll find Joy Brick’s latest available as a free-to-play title from the App Store and Google Play.

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