Journey Guide (Story Quest) – AFK Journey (AFK2)

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Journey Guide (Story Quest) - AFK Journey (AFK2)

The “Journey” is an AFK Journey Story Quest that serves as the introductory questline, initiating right after character creation. Journey Guide heralds the start of your enchanting voyage across Esperia, accompanied by your loyal familiars and longstanding companions, setting the stage for countless adventures ahead while learning the ropes and rediscovering your lost memories.

Step-by-Step Journey Guide

Journey Quest: Part One

AFK Journey - Story Quest - Journey Find Chippy

Find Chippy: After talking to Dolly and changing your appearance, follow the path towards the river and you will spot Chippy, trying to help the village in AFK Journey.

AFK Journey - Story Quest - Journey Cross River

Cross the River: Chippy saw fire elementals and suggested to go and save the villagers. Follow the path leading north to investigate the area.

AFK Journey - Story Quest - Journey Cause of the Fire

Cause of the Fire: After helping Hogan, you both agree that the fire was suspicious. Go to the village with him and investigate.

AFK Journey - Story Quest - Journey Clear the Path

Clear the Path: The village is on fire and a heap of rubble is blocking your way. Clear it to move forward by pressing “F” on your keyboard or tapping on the icon cue.

AFK Journey - Story Quest - Journey Explore the Village

Explore the Village: Talk to the villagers to learn about their situation, then head further to encounter a fire elemental pursuing a group of villagers. Help them by interacting with the elemental. Story Battle commences.

AFK Journey - Story Quest - Journey Quest 1 Reward

Completing the first part of Ryeham Tales, Journey. You receive:

2 Invite Letters, 150 Diamonds, and 15,000 Gold.

Journey Quest: Part Two

AFK Journey - Story Quest - Journey Move Forward

Move Forward: Things are worse than expected. In addition to the threat posed by fire elementals, bandits have begun to plague the village, exploiting the chaos. Move forward and take down the Bandits. Story Battle.

AFK Journey - Story Quest - Journey Head to the Fire

Head to the Fire: With Valen joining your ranks, head to the fire’s center to learn more about the crisis. Prepare yourself for another Story Battle.

AFK Journey - Story Quest - Journey Head to the Fire

Go to Holistone: With the crisis in the village solved you must head to Holistone and report to Hogan. He’s found near the statue at the heart of the city (275; 156).

AFK Journey - Story Quest - Journey Quest 2 Rewards

After reporting to Hogan, you will receive the following rewards:

100 Diamonds and 12,000 Gold.

Journey Quest: Part Three

AFK Journey - Story Quest - Journey Guide 
 Dura's Statue

In the final quest for Journey Guide, after Hogan confers with you regarding the arsonist issue and resolves to pursue the truth further, he advises you to explore the city and pay a visit to Dura’s Statue. The statue is located just right behind Hogan.

AFK Journey - Story Quest - Journey Quest Visit Dura's Statue

After completing the Journey Questline, you will receive 100 Diamonds, 12,000 Gold, and your first artifact, the Awakening Echo.

How to Unlock

Journey Guide (Story Quest) How to unlock

The Quest for this Journey Guide is unlocked as soon as you commence a new game. Prompt into your quest journal once you have completed your character creation. Dolly, your companion, will dispatch you to rendezvous with Chippy by the river as your first task.

Journey Rewards

Part One2 Invite Letters
150 Diamonds
15,000 Gold.
Part Two100 Diamonds
12,000 Gold.
Part Three100 Diamonds
12,000 Gold
Awakening Echo Artifact

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