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Honkai: Star Rail (HSR) - Jingliu Best Build

Developed by miHoYo, Honkai: Star Rail is available to download for free from the Play Store.

Jingliu is the ninth 5-star character to be introduced in the game, able to rival the other Path of Destruction powerhouses previously added to the game. Read on to see a general overview of Jingliu Best Build, along with her best build, Relics, and Light Cones!

When Jingliu obtains 2 stacks of Syzygy from using her Skill or Ultimate, she enters the Spectral Transmigration state, which takes a small percentage of her teammates’ HP which she uses to increase her own Attack.

Due to this mechanic, healers like Bailu, Luocha, and Fu Xuan are great supports for Jingliu.

Honkai: Star Rail (HSR) - Jingliu Best Build
Photo: miHoYo

Jingliu Best Build Build Overview

Honkai: Star Rail (HSR) - Jingliu Overview
Photo: miHoYo
Light ConeRelic SetPlanar Ornaments
I Shall Be My Own SwordHunter of Glacial ForestRutilant Arena

This build allows Jingliu to dish out maximum amounts of damage by increasing her critical damage as well as the ice damage she deals.

Furthermore, the chosen Planar Ornaments boost the damage Jingliu deals when using her Skill, which is her primary source of damage.

Ability Priority

Honkai: Star Rail (HSR) - Jingliu Preview
Photo: miHoYo

Skill=> Talent => Ultimate=>Normal Atk

Jingliu’s damage output relies mostly on her entering the Spectral Transmigration State. Since you will be using your Skill mostly to stack Syzygy, and your Enhanced Skill is your main source of damage, we highly recommend upgrading this first.

Honkai: Star Rail (HSR) - Jingliu Technique
Photo: miHoYo

Next up should be her Talent, which gives you more Crit Rate and Attack when Jingliu enters her buffed state. At max level, her talent grants her an additional 50% Crit Rate when she enters Spectral Transmigration state!

Investing into Jingliu’s Ultimate and Basic Attack should be a lower priority, since these mostly serve as your alternative ways to deal damage, mainly during turns when you don’t have enough Skill Points.


Honkai: Star Rail (HSR) - Jingliu Traces
Photo: miHoYo
  • Deathrealm – While in the Spectral Transmigration state, increases Effect Resist by 35%
  • Sword Champion – After using Transcendent Flash, the next action will be Advanced Forward by 10%
  • Frost Wraith – While in the Spectral Transmigration state, increases Ultimate Damage by 20%

Jingliu’s Traces greatly improve her Spectral Transmigration state, offering an increase to Effect Resist and Ultimate Damage. Her Ascension 4 Trace does not directly affect her when she enters her buffed state but acts more as a means to reach her buffed state faster.

The Crit Rate boost from Jingliu’s buffed state makes it so you don’t have to focus too much on Crit Rate, so focus on building her Attack, Speed, and Crit Damage for her relics.


Honkai: Star Rail (HSR) - Jingliu Eidolons
Photo: miHoYo
Eidolon LevelEidolon NameEidolon Effect
E1Moon Crashes Tianguan GateWhen using her Ultimate or Enhanced Skill, Jingliu’s Crit Damage increases by 24% for 1 turn. If only one enemy target is attacked, the target will additionally be dealt Ice Damage equal to 100% of Jingliu’s Attack
E2Crescent Shadows Qixing DipperAfter using Ultimate, increases the Damage of the next Enhanced Skill by 80%
E3Halfmoon Gapes Mercurial HazeUltimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
E4Lunarlance Shines Skyward DomeDuring the Spectral Transmigration state, the Attack gained from consuming allies’ HP is additionally increased by 90% of the total HP consumed from the entire team. The cap for Attack gained this way also increases by 30%.
E5Night Shades Astral RadianceSkill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10
E6Eclipse Hollows Corporeal HuskWhen Jingliu enters the Spectral Transmigration state, the Syzygy stack limit increases by 1, and Jingliu obtains 1 stack of Syzygy. While she is in the Spectral Transmigration state, her Crit Damage increases by 50%.

Eidolons are Honkai: Star Rail’s version of Constellations. While these can be helpful, they are in no way necessary for any characters in the game.

While Jingliu’s Eidolons offer great boosts to her already powerful kit, we suggest aiming for at least her E1. This gives Jingliu a substantial boost to Crit Damage, as well as making her more powerful against single targets.

Jingliu Best Build – Best Relics

Hunter of Glacial Forest

Honkai: Star Rail (HSR) - Jingliu Relics
Photo: miHoYo
Best Relic Stats
Main StatsHP+Attack+Critical Damage%Speed
Sub-StatsCritical Damage%, Speed, Attack%, Critical Rate%Critical Damage%, Speed, Attack%, Critical Rate%Speed, Attack%, Critical Rate%, Attack+Critical Damage%, Attack%, Critical Rate%, Attack+

Hunter of Glacial Forest is a relic set that focuses on Ice Damage. Its 4 Piece effect also grants bonus Crit Damage after the wearer uses their Ultimate, which only augments her playstyle further.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat is a great alternative early-game relic set that increases your Attack and Speed. This relic set is easier to obtain early on, so players who just started and got Jingliu as their first featured character should consider using these in the meantime, at least until they gain access to other relic sets.

Rutilant Arena

Honkai: Star Rail (HSR) - Jingliu Planar Ornaments
Photo: miHoYo
Best Planar Ornament Stats
Link RopePlanar Sphere
Main StatAttack%Ice Damage %
Sub StatsCritical Damage%, Attack +, Critical Rate%, SpeedCritical Damage%, Attack%, Attack +, Critical Rate%

Similar to most DPS builds, Rutilant Arena is the best Planar Ornament set for Jingliu. This set increases Jingliu’s Critical Rate and Skill Damage, which affects even her Enhanced Skill when she’s in her Spectral Transmigration state.

Best Light Cones

Honkai: Star Rail (HSR) - Jingliu Signature LC
Photo: miHoYo
RarityLight ConeHow to Get
✦✦✦✦✦(Best in Slot)
I Shall Be My Own Sword
Time-Limited Gacha
✦✦✦✦✦On the Fall of an AeonHerta Store
✦✦✦✦Nowhere to RunNameless Honor
✦✦✦✦A Secret VowGacha

I Shall Be My Own Sword gives Jingliu free Crit Damage, while also increasing her Damage whenever her allies lose HP. Whenever Jingliu enters her buffed state and consumes her teammates’ HP, she immediately receives the maximum amount of buffs from her Light Cone, allowing her damage to reach insane amounts.

The next best Light Cone is the Nameless Honor Destruction Light Cone, Nowhere to Run. It passively increases Jingliu’s Attack, and allows her to recover HP whenever she defeats an enemy. Given that Jingliu is pretty squishy for a Destruction unit, introducing self-healing to her kit gives her some much-needed sustain.

Some usable alternative Light Cones for F2P or newer players would be A Secret Vow and Havoc.


Honkai: Star Rail (HSR) - Jingliu Ultimate
Photo: miHoYo

Currently, Jingliu is the second 5-Star Ice DPS character in the game. While Yanqing offers more of a single-target, assassin-type gameplay, Jingliu simply deals more damage while in her buffed state, and can deal astonishingly high damage to multiple opponents at once.

If you feel like your team lacks damage dealers or Ice element coverage, consider wishing for Jingliu while her banner is still available. We hope this guide on Jingliu Best Build has helped you throughout your adventures!

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