iSurvivor – Epic Shoot ‘Em Up: Guide & Tips 

Shela Baxi
isurvivor - Introduction

This gripping action-adventure mobile game thrusts you into a desperate fight for survival against supernatural horrors.

A true survivor game and it stays true to its identity throughout. The game is all about surviving with the help of your pets and your superpowers that you can upgrade before and during the game. 

iSurvivor - Select talent
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iSurvivor is a proper challenge as you progress through the game because it becomes increasingly difficult to survive the onslaught of enemies and monsters in the game. The only strategy is surviving with the means you carry and gather in the game. 

Selecting Your Spirit in iSurvivor

You start your journey with Adelia as your spirit in iSurvivor. It is the default spirit when you start the game. As you play a few games, you will get enough gold coins to upgrade Adelia. Now, when you go into the “Hero” section, you will find multiple Spirits ready to be unlocked. 

iSurvivor - Select spirit
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Other Spirits will require lots of Gems to unlock them. At first, you won’t be able to unlock them but after a few good rounds(and a bit of ad-watching) you will be able to gather enough gems to unlock at least one more spirit. 

It is up to you to either upgrade Adelia or unlock a new spirit and start upgrading a fresh spirit. Remember, you will require lots of gems to unlock one spirit. There are 12 total spirits in the game, each having its unique abilities and traits. 

Upgrade Your Pets Regularly  

It is an absolute necessity that you look after your pets in iSurvivor. 6 pets will accompany you in each stage, you can upgrade them from the Pet section on the main menu.

Upgrades can be done with the help of gems or you can directly buy a max upgrade by coughing up a few quids.

iSurvivor - Upgrade pets
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An upgraded pet will be influential in defeating enemies and all 6 pets have their unique qualities from firing bullets to healing the whole team, the pets have superpowers that you can upgrade and use in fights. 

Take the Mini-bosses On

During iSurvivor, you will come across mini-bosses before facing the real boss at the end. Don’t run away from them, fight and defeat those mini-bosses because they will leave behind the pink gems that you require to upgrade your character and your pets.

iSurvivor - Take on mini bosses
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The pink gems will also help upgrade your spirit as we said earlier. The mini-bosses are easy kills and even if they take a couple of hits more than the normal enemies, they are worth the hassle in the end. 

Watch Out for Individual Upgrade

There is an upgrade section on the bottom-right side of the main menu in iSurvivor. That upgrade section is for your upgrades. Spend the gold coins to increase damage gains, health gains, and reduced damage on your character. 

iSurvivor - Individual upgrade
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There are up to 100 levels of upgrades that you can do for your character. All you need are gold coins and gems to increase those levels.

These gems are extremely important as they are used almost everywhere in the game for various upgrades. So spend them wisely and equally. 

Watch the Videos or Buy the Ad-Free Subscription

See, if you can buy the ad-free subscription then iSurvivor becomes a whole lot easier for you, you can collect the gems and gold coins without having to watch those annoying 30-second ads. Collect the gems and spend them to upgrade your gameplay. 

But if you are like us, who do not like to spend money then it is worth watching those ads because that will give you additional gems and those additional gems are worth their weight in gold.

An ocean is made up of trillions of drops of water, same way keep collecting the gems by watching ads as they will eventually help you upgrade your stuff. 

iSurvivor - Treasure
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There are iSurvivor in-game upgrades too, you can even elect to watch ads in-game to upgrade the weapons. Every little thing is of big help in survival game and if it means to watch an annoying 30-second ad to get additional gems and upgrades so be it. 

Save the Superpower for the Final Bosses

You will start every round with a superpower, the superpower bar will fill up as you take out the enemies in every round.

You can use the superpower if you are getting overwhelmed by the hordes of enemies charging towards you but try saving or filling up the superpower bar as you are about to face the final boss of the round. 

iSurvivor - Stage clear
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Using the superpower on the final boss will make it a lot easier for you to defeat them. Superpower will deal a lot more damage than the in-game random weapon charges(even if upgraded to max).

So, if you can then try filling up the superpower bar before you face the final boss. 

Look for Daily Rewards in iSurvivor

This is a no-brainer really, keep looking for daily rewards on the main menu. Daily rewards will usually give you a decent amount of gold coins and gems.

Even after claiming the daily rewards you can collect more rewards by watching ads. So, you can collect double rewards for free and without any effort. 

iSurvivor - Daily rewards
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iSurvivor is an addictive action-adventure survivor game and one that is designed pretty well. The game has good graphics, great gameplay, and excellent layout.

The game is easy to play and understand and our tips will hopefully help you to become an even better player. 

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