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Isekai - Slow Life
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(Last Updated On: October 16, 2023)

One of the most interesting things about Isekai – Slow Life is its colorful cast of characters, each with their own unique skill sets and abilities. Not only does this make them more captivating, but it also adds an extra layer of depth to the game.

In essence, Isekai – Slow Life divides its characters into 5 different character types: Informed, Unfettered, Inspiring, Diligent, and Brave. To get the most out of your buildings, you should ideally assign the right character for the right job.

The Best Informed Character – “Archdemon of Pride” Super

Isekai - Slow Life Super Bio
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Super, the Archdemon of Pride is generally considered to be the best-informed character in Isekai – Slow Life. The disparity between him and some of the other characters isn’t that big admittedly. Still, It’s noticeable enough of a difference for it to matter.

One thing that’s particularly interesting about Super is his/her/its? story. Being an all-knowing archdemon sure has its perks. And if you manage to unlock it, you too can gain access to its treasure trove of knowledge.

Super Skills
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The unique bonus that Super gives you is a 10% increase to Informed Fellow Power during Trading Post Negotiations. Additionally, whenever she educates fellow Informed characters, they gain more EXP as a result.

That is why Super is generally considered to be the best-informed character in Isekai – Slow Life. It isn’t because he’s exceptional by himself, but because he makes everyone around him that much better.

Plus, the more you level it up, the better it gets at managing your buildings. It’s a win-win in every situation.

The Best Unfettered Character – “Dragonfather” Mescal

Mescal Bio
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If you’re on the lookout for an Unfettered character to run your enterprises in Isekai – Slow Life, then look no further than Mescal the Dragonfather. The suave Godfather from Drakenberg.

Just from his bio, it’s obvious that Mascal is quite a capable man. After all, you don’t become the Godfather of an organization by twiddling your thumbs all day. And if you manage to gain his favors, you’ll see just how capable he really is.

Mescal Skills
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Mascal’s unique trait is the “Power of a Model.” This makes it so that all earnings generated by pupils are increased by 10%. Additionally, he also inspires other Unfettered characters during negotiations.

This is something that is really great about Isekai – Slow Life. The character’s bios perfectly surmise what the characters are capable of, hence why it’s one of the better Role Playing Games on Mobile.

One last thing about Mascal. You should primarily use him for management in Isekai – Slow Life, as he doesn’t really have the best bonuses when it comes to encounters. He’s okay at them, but not exceptional.

The Best Inspiring Character – “Wisdom From the Sands” Shlomo

Shlomo Bio
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If you need guidance through troubling times, then the best soothsayer in all the lands is Shlomo, the Wisdom From the Sands. And no, that’s not me hyping her up. That’s her actual lore. Who wouldn’t want such a capable woman as their follower?

Sadly, Shlomo can’t help you see the future. What she can do for you however is offer her services in other ways. Not only is she an exceptional manager, but her unique trait is also quite convenient.

Shlomo Skills
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Shlomo’s unique trait is called Family Blessing. Every time you begin dating a Family Member, that member will gain 5% more Blessing Points as a result. She also boosts other Inspiring fellows during negotiations.

Keeping it in the family is quite productive for business after all. I mean, just look at the real-life example of the Habsburg Family. It’s almost as if they were using Shlomo in their exploits the whole time.

Another thing that Shlomo gets that is unique is her 4 General Skills. This basically makes her a beast at managing your enterprises. Simply assign Shlomo as your manager and your profit margins will go sky-high.

The Best Diligent Character – “MonoFoxy” Trady

Trady Bio
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If you want a character that’s cunning, ruthlessly efficient, and an absolute savant when it comes to managing your enterprises. Then look no further than Trady, the president of the Merchant’s Guild.

“Cunning as a fox” isn’t just a saying when referring to Trady. She literally is part fox, part human, so being cunning is just a part of her nature. That quality is really useful, especially when it comes to managing your village.

Trady Skills
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Trady’s unique skill is called Trade War Master. Whenever you’re victorious in negotiations, you gain 5% more Trading Post Influence. Additionally, she also inspired other Diligent characters during negotiations.

However, the real reason you should seek out Trady is because of her General Skills. They greatly increase her Aptitude, which is essential if you want to have your enterprises running optimally.

In short, if you want to set up a strong economy in Isekai – Slow Life, Trady is an essential character.

The Best Brave Character – “Scarlet Geek” Mammon

Mammon Bio
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The game might give Mammon a bad rep for his “geekish” nature, but it’s exactly that nature of his that makes him an essential asset to have.

Getting an ingenious inventor such as Mammon is quite a challenge indeed. But once you do get him, it’s only a matter of putting his talents to good use.

Mammon Skills
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Mammon’s unique talent is called Practical Teaching. This makes every Brave pupil under his tutelage earn +10% more than their average. Additionally, he also increases the capabilities of other Brave characters during negotiations.

Mammon is a decent manager, although, to get the most out of him, you should really use him in synergy with other Brave characters. That’s his strong suit and his intended role. If you aren’t using him in that way, you’re doing it wrong.

That being said. Because of his above-average skills, he’s quite a competent manager as well. It’s not his best quality, but he gets the job done regardless.

Wrapping Isekai – Slow Life Up!

That’s it for our Isekai – Slow Life guide. Overall, this game is fun to play, and should keep you entertained for quite some time! Would you like to add something? Feel free to comment in the section below.

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