Isekai Awakening Cheat Codes – April 2024

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Isekai Awakening Cheat Codes - January 2024

We have all of the cheat codes for Isekai Awakening below!

Have you ever wanted to live in your fantasy Isekai world? One where you’re the main character and you can do whatever you want, may it be ruling the world, defeating the demon lord, or even wooing all of the elves and demon girls? Well, with Isekai Awakening, you can do just that!

That’s right, Isekai Awakening is A Pixel-RPG Simulation mobile game that has some extreme adult content for those interested in it.

Of course, that isn’t all this game has. Every character has a unique storyline and background, and the gameplay of the game is surprisingly engaging.

Isekai Awakening
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However, if you want even more from the game then we recommend you use the game’s cheat code mechanics. Through these codes, it’s possible to unlock even more extreme content, restore your in-game stamina, and more!

Current Isekai Awakening Cheat Codes

How to Redeem Cheat Codes in Isekai Awakening
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The following cheat codes are currently available in Isekai Awakening:

  • v1.54
    • Extreme version: 9109
    • Relationship Cheat Code: 9100
  • v1.53
    • Extreme Version: 2109
    • Relationship Cheat Code: 2100
  • ° Gold Cheat Code: 799
    • Skill Cheat Code: 379
    • Stamina Cheat Code: 453
  • v1.52
    • Extreme Version: 1909
    • Relationship Cheat Code: 1930
  • v1.43
    • Gold Cheat Code: 799
    • Skill Point Code: 379
    • Stamina Cheats: 453
  • v1.35
    • Gold Cheat: 111
    • Skill Cheat: 211
    • Stamina Cheat: 159

How to Enter Cheat Codes in Isekai Awakening

How to Enter Cheat Codes in Isekai Awakening
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While knowing what cheat codes you can use in Isekai Awakening is all well and good, it’s also naturally important to know how you can enter those said cheat codes. While some games require players to input hard-to-remember combinations for cheat codes, the same isn’t true. 

All you have to do to enter cheat codes in Isekai Awakening is:

  1. First, launch the game
  2. Then, go to the settings menu
  3. Here, look for the ‘cheat codes’ option
  4. Enter one of the codes we entered above, ensuring that it’s entered correctly
  5. Tap submit and enjoy

What Cheat Codes Do in Isekai Awakening

Different cheat codes do different things for players in Isekai Awakening. While some aim to make the gameplay of Isekai Awakening easier for players playing for the sauce instead of the gameplay, there are codes that give players gold, skill points, and more.

On the other hand, for players who are playing the game to experience the adult themes, some codes unlock extreme NSFW content.

With that being said since the extreme content is only for the paid version of the game, most players will likely not be able to use those cheat codes.

Cheat Codes Not Working: Isekai Awakening

Cheat Codes Not Working: Isekai Awakening
Source: Jackie Boy

Did you try entering one of the codes we entered but it didn’t work? Worry not, as we likely know the cause of your problem.

  • The cheat code might have been entered correctly, in which case you only need to enter it correctly.
  • You aren’t playing on the latest version of the game and might have to switch to V0.98.3 to use these codes.
  • You aren’t playing the paid version of the game, in which case you won’t be able to input the extreme content codes.

How to Find New Isekai Awakening Cheat Codes

There are several ways to quickly acquire new cheat codes for Isekai Awakening as soon as they’re made available, but we have two of the best ones.

  • The first is to follow this page as we consistently update it to ensure the codes are up to date and new ones are being added all the time.
  • Alternatively, you can also subscribe to the developer’s Patreon. 


This concludes our list of all of the cheat codes for Isekai Awakening. Hopefully, you’re able to utilize these cheat codes to get the best story endings with your favorite characters.

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