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The brand-new 5-star character Black Swan will be added to Honkai: Star Rail 2.0’s first phase. She will join the Wind characters already in the game.

As a learner of the Path of Nihility, she is very good at using DoTs to do damage over time.

Black Swan is a one-of-a-kind Nihility character that can deal special DoT damage and gets along well with Kafka.

These words describe Black Swan’s gear and job to help people who want to call her in Honkai: Star Rail 2.0 decide if she is worth calling.

Honkai: Star Rail
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Black Swan’s Kit and Team Role in Honkai: Star Rail

Black Swan is a DPS character who can do a lot of damage by debuffing her enemies with abilities that work like DoTs.

Here are some of Black Swan’s skills:

  • Basic Attack: Can deal Wind damage to one enemy and inflict Arcana damage on them at the same time.
  • Skill: Deals Wind damage to nearby foes and inflicts an Arcana stack on them.
  • Ultimate: All enemies are taken over by Epiphany and take Wind damage at the same time. When this effect hits an enemy, they will take extra damage during their turn.
  • Passive Talent: If an enemy takes DoT (Damage over Time) damage at the start of a turn, they might get a stack of Arcana.
Honkai: Star Rail
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Black Swan can trigger either of the following effects when an opponent has a certain amount of Arcana stacks on them:

  1. If the foe has three Arcana stacks, Black Swan begins an attack and inflicts Arcana on nearby targets.
  2. If the enemy has seven stacks, it lets the current DoT to ignore the target’s and nearby enemies’ DEF simultaneously.

Explained below is her technique:

  • Technique: At the beginning of the fight, Black Swan will inflict a stack of Arcana on all opponents. If an enemy gets struck with it, they will receive an extra stack of Arcana.

Team Role

Honkai: Star Rail
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Black Swan is a wind Nihility character who can cause damage by putting a unique effect called Arcana on foes, something that no other characters have.

She causes damage through DoTs (Damage over Time), similar to Kafka, a 5-star Nihility unit also specializing in the same.

As Black Swan’s kit is DoT-oriented, she will perform well when put in a DoT-based team. Players can use Black Swan as the team’s main or sub-DPS unit.

Honkai: Star Rail
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Before you go into the Is It Worth Pulling for Black Swan? – Honkai: Star Rail article below, take a minute to browse our game guides!

Should you pull for Black Swan in Honkai: Star Rail 2.0?

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In Honkai: Star Rail version 2.0, you can summon Black Swan with Stellar Jades if you already have Kafka.

As mentioned, Black Swan’s DoT debuffs are unique to herself; therefore, no other characters can cause it or produce damage from it besides Kafka.

The latter can cause all DoT debuffs, allowing her to synergize well with Black Swan, as together, they can produce an amazing amount of damage.

If you don’t have Kafka, pulling for Black Swan might be a waste, as her damage will feel average.

With that said, you can choose your preferred character as long as you ignore the ever-changing theme of Honkai: Star Rail.

Best Black Swan Light Cones

Honkai: Star Rail
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The best Light Cone for Black Swan in Honkai: Star Rail is Reforged Remembrance. This Light Cone improves the Effect Hit Rate of the user by 40%-60%.

Additionally, when the user deals damage to an enemy affected with Wind Shear, Burn, Shock, or Bleed, each respectively gives 1 stack of Prophet, up to 4 times.

In a single fight, only one stack of Prophet is given for each type of DoT. Each Prophet stack improves the wearer’s ATK by 5%-9% and allows DoT dealt to skip the target’s DEF by 7.2%-10%.

This Light Cone can only be gained through the Event Warp.

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Trace level-up and Stat Requirement

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The traces that you need to select for Black Swan in Honkai: Star Rail are:

  • Talent
  • Ultimate
  • Skill

The stats you need to consider for Black Swan are as follows:

Body: Effect Hit RateATK%
Boots: SPD or ATK%Effect Hit Rate
Sphere: Wind DMG Bonus or ATK%SPD
Rope: ATK%Flat ATK

Best Black Swan Team Comp in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail
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Black Swan being a Nihility unit, she will shine the most in teams having similar characters.

The best team partners for Black Swan in Honkai: Star Rail are Kafka, Ruan Mei, and Luocha. In this team, Kafka and Black Swan work together to give out huge amounts of damage.

Ruan Mei is the Harmony unit that will increase the damage output of the team. Finally, Luocha is the doctor who will keep the team alive. You can also go for a team made of Black Swan, Kafka, Guinaifen, and Luocha.

Finally, for a more free-to-play team, you can go for Black Swan, Serval, Tingyun, and Natasha.

Honkai: Star Rail
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In the changing world of Honkai: Star Rail 2.0, the arrival of Black Swan marks a major addition to the Wind character lineup.

As a student of the Path of Nihility, her strength lies in causing substantial Damage over Time (DoT), boosting team plans with unique debuffs.

Honkai: Star Rail is available on Android and iOS!

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