Inside Out Thought Bubbles Tips, Hints and Tricks

Anurag Ghosh
Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Since Frozen Free Fall, Disney has been very successful in attracting youngsters with its simple yet addicting match-3 games. Inside Out Thought Bubbles is the newest bubble shooter game in the list of animated movie-themed games.

The game’s aimed for kids and the objectives are easier to understand, thanks to the helpful tutorial. The rules are simple, but different from other bubble poppers like Talking Tom: Bubble Shooter.

There are also several unique power-ups and special boosters that can help children complete objectives faster.Inside Out Thought Bubbles gets really tough after level 24. “Thought Bubbles” (aka Memories) won’t be easy to match. You may have to replay a level several times before you can complete it. These basic tips and tricks may help you complete levels and teach you how to make the most of special powers and emotions:

1. In this game, objectives range from clearing memories to rescuing mind workers to hitting all targets. You will need to fulfill objectives before you run out of shots. Remember that there will be limited number of shots, so try removing maximum thought bubbles in one shot.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles

To do this, look for bubble matches that can knock off a cluster of memories below them. You will find many such clusters that hang on to a few memories. Just aim and target these memories to get rid of thought bubbles clinging to them.

You can use the Sadness power up to knock off several thought bubbles all at once. When starting a level, choose this power-up. Clear blue memories first to charge the Sadness power-up meter. Once fully charge, target those thought bubbles that have a cluster of memories clinging on to them.

2. Clear all thought bubbles shown on the screen to make way for new bubbles. Focus on removing the front ones first. Target the top bubbles only when you can see a potential match that can knock off memories below them.

In skill levels, where you have to hit all targets, make sure you take out all visible targets on the game screen. New targets will start appearing only when the current lot is removed.

3. In “Avoid the Line” levels, always try to remove the front section as soon as possible. The grid drops after every third shot. If it touches the line, it’s game over. Get rid of the front portion of the grid. You may use Joy’s power-up to clear the front section or Sadness power-up to get rid of the entire bubble cluster by targeting the bubbles above the bubbles.

4. Clearing memories surrounding the brain freeze center smashes it, making way for new bubbles. Frozen memories don’t fall into the test tubes below, so better smash them as soon as possible to clear the path for more thought bubbles. Just make sure your shooter bubble doesn’t touch the brain freeze center, else it will be frozen as well.

5. You can switch to a different power-up before the start of play. Can’t complete a level with the help of the Joy power-up? Try playing the same level with the Sadness or Anger power-up. Each power-up has its own unique ability that can be used to clear maximum memories on your game screen:

Sadness Power-up:

Match all blue bubbles to fill the sadness meter. Once the meter is full, tap on the power-up to load the special bubble. The special bubble will rain down sadness memories turning all bubbles into blue bubbles. Sadness unlocks at level 15.

Joy Power-up:

Unlocks at the start of play. Match yellow bubbles to fill the Joy meter. Once charged up, use the joy bubble to clear a group of memories belonging to any color. There’s no need to match colors as the special bubble will turn all bubbles into yellow once it comes into contact with them. The yellow burst clears a section of thought bubbles and can be extremely useful to clear brain freezes.

Anger Power-up:

The Anger power-up can be unlocked at level 51. Clear red bubbles to fill up the Anger meter. Once filled up, tap on the power-up to load the special Anger memory. It’s actually a fireball that goes in a straight line, destroying all bubbles that come into contact with it.

6. Special powers like Line Power, Rainbow Memory etc. can help you complete objectives faster. While these require gems, they can be earned for free via treasure chests. Look for pink chests on your level map. Reaching a chest will unlock it and may give a free power. You may use the free power anytime, so save it for harder levels. Here’s a rundown of each special power and how you can use them to complete objectives:

Line Power:

With this power selected, your aiming line will become longer. Use it to get to hard-to-reach areas. With the extended aiming line you can even aim at the top to see where the bubble will finally hit. The power can be quite useful for shots off the side walls and the top wall.

Rainbow Memory:

Matches all memories of the same color. For Example: If the rainbow memory comes in contact with a yellow memory, then all yellow memories on the screen will be matched and removed.

Extra Choices:

With Extra Choices loaded, you will be able to choose 4 shooter bubbles instead of 2. Usually you can switch to another shooter bubble. But with this power, you there will be 4 bubble choices.

7. Keep practicing shots off the wall. You can reach areas where there might be a big match opportunity. Inside Out Though Bubble’s aiming line is quite good and you can easily bounce off walls to angle your shots.

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