Infinite Magicraid – 2023 Beginners Guide

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Infinite Magicraid
(Last Updated On: October 17, 2023)

Infinite Magicraid has a captivating charm that entices gamers. We have excellent news for you: a mobile game with the same appeal is now accessible at your fingertips. Literally. 

Infinite Magicraid, developed by DHGames and available for both Android and iOS, draws inspiration from the game’s fascinating universe. You can download Infinite Magicraid from the Play Store.

The gameplay is quite simple, making it an excellent choice for players of all skill levels, guaranteeing that anybody can hop right in and enjoy the experience.

The Captivating Appeal of Infinite Magicraid    

The game opens with a map progressively unfurling to the players, showing the Campaign Stages featuring locations such as Sword Harbour, Miracle Castle, and Chaos Town.

It is also the sole unlocked campaign stage, and one must complete all 30 stages before moving on to subsequent campaign cities.

Silvermoon Forest, for example. For the first several phases after downloading, the AI helper suggests Sword Harbour, which may be assigned serial number 1.        

Before each combat, all fronts of the conflict must present their battle lineup, with lineups consisting of a maximum of 5 troops from every available at your disposal.

Understanding Attacker Marks in the Game

Each attacker in the game is tagged with a tag, which is referred to as the Tower of Mark in the game. Each of them is represented by four symbols: the Red mark, the Blue mark, the Green mark, and the Force mark.

In terms of power, the markings also have direct relationships; the Red Mark is stronger than the Blue Mark. The Blue Mark is a formidable foe to the Green Mark. The Green Mark is a formidable foe to the Red Mark.

The force mark is in the center because it responds similarly to the three other markings. The assaulting Units may also be classified into five levels based on their ranks and powers:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Elite
  • Epic
  • Legend

Gears and Weapons

When you first start playing Infinite Magicraid, you will have to choose and employ whatever best is available at the time.

Kristian and Firewater are the first two troops you may choose when you start the game, while Arella is the first unit you gain via winning.

The equipment advances as the game progresses, with the next set being:

  • Effective Hit set with +20% ATK and +30% Tenacity
  • The Slay Set has +15% ATK and +20% Critical Damage,
  • The Wild Set has +15% Critical Damage and +8% ATK
  • Fearless Set has +15% critical damage.

All of these stats may be leveled up to 3 by gamers in the Emblem Challenge underworld.

When you feed clones of the same character, your unit obtains huge stat boosts as well as an upgrade or, in some cases, additional effects to their current abilities.

Infinite Magicraid – Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our recommendations from our Infinite MagicRaid Beginners Guide to help you get started:

Buying from the Market

Consider your options carefully before making purchases at the store. Consider investing in expensive shards rather than overpaying on cheap gear and experience points.

The development of your game depends on these tiny riches since they let you unlock and strengthen powerful characters and equipment.

It’s comparable to selecting a valuable jewel over ordinary trinkets; your clever choices will help you excel in the game.

Team Composition

It plays a key role in Infinite Magic Raid. Although the sequence of the units is irrelevant and each unit may be assigned to any serial number, experts agree that having 3 DPS and 2 Supporters is a great team composition.

Try to invest in units with a Great or Good rating depending on the condition of your account. Even the main campaign may be completed with only Epic units and a little creative thinking.

The Dungeons

In terms of dungeons in Infinite Magicraid, there are three main ones: Lava Destroyer, Vine Lasher, and Rock Guard.

All three of these drop equipment sets and hence drop the identical gear sets as in the narrative. According to experts, they are not worth putting stamina in and should only be utilized in times of dire necessity for gear.

The only Dungeons worth firing at are those with relics as a feature: the Lord of Void, Lord of Flames, and Lord of Frost, which must be unlocked.

Maximizing Daily Quests and Events

The advanced missions are a fun way to gain blue shards, energy, and jewels. They are refreshed every 10 days.

Not only that, but the Advance Quests are a good source of skill scrolls and Supreme wishes.

If the campaign’s progression stalls at any time, it means your DPS isn’t powerful enough or your healer isn’t competent enough to keep up with the damage.

Begin each day by doing the important daily duties on Infinite Magicraid.

These duties frequently result in the generation of resources like experience points, and coins, all of which are required for the progression of characters and equipment.

During special events, keep an eye out for tasks that provide one-of-a-kind rewards and complete them as quickly as possible.


Infinite Magicraid allows you to immerse yourself in an amazing universe. Journey through campaign levels, learn Attacker Marks, and tactically outfit your soldiers.

It’s ideal for Android and iOS gamers of all skill levels thanks to its simple gameplay. Are you ready to discover the magic? Get it today!

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