Best Idle Role-Playing Games on Android

10 Incredibly Addictive Idle RPGs on Android

Among so many role-playing games available in the Google Play Store, idle RPGs hold a special place in the hearts of casual RPG fans. An idle role-playing game has all the features of a regular role-playing game, but it’s the auto-combat and limited control over characters that attracts mobile gamers.  

Best Idle Role-Playing Games on Android

Best Idle Role-Playing Games on Android 

There are several idle RPGs on Android – party-based RPGs, dungeon crawlers, rogue-like games etc., but watching huge bosses getting defeated in auto-battles is somehow oddly satisfying. Here are some of the best idle role-playing games on Android


Ego Sword: Idle Sword Clicker

Ego Sword is a tribute to a RPG’s most loved character class’s weapon - a warrior’s sword. It’s an idle clicker role-playing game on Android and features swords of all shapes and sizes. Once your character wields a talking sword, he begins hacking and slashing dreaded monsters every time you tap the screen. The game lets you evolve his sword to make it more powerful. You will also be hiring a companion to make your monster-hacking tasks easier. As you progress, you will be facing tougher enemies and so an evolved sword and a companion is very much needed to vanquish them. Ego Sword has more than 200 different types swords, each having a unique design and stats. The game also offers various ways to enhance your sword. Graphically, Ego Sword reminds us of retro role-playing games. If you are a big fan of the warrior class and love hacking and slashing monsters, you must download this game.

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Taptap Heroes

In Taptap Heroes, you will join more than two hundred heroes in their quest to stop the queen of Hell Freya and restore the holy sword to its rightful place. You will get heroes from chests. Once you collect them, you can recruit them to fight minions, mini bosses and finally Freya, the main boss. Heroes will fight on their own but you can join the fight by tapping the screen if you want all enemies defeated quickly. Your chosen heroes will continue their battle fighting minions if you close the app. But a boss battle ensues only when you are ready. You will have to tap a button on the top of the screen to start fighting a mini boss. As you progress, you will face tougher enemies. Upgrade your heroes using the loot they collect to make them stronger before fighting any bosses. Loot dropped by enemies will be safely hidden in a treasure chest. But it won’t be safe for long as an evil goblin will try his best to steal it. You must keep an eye on him and tap to defeat him before he grabs your hard-earned rewards. Taptap Heroes is a typical idle RPG on Android with bright colorful visuals and cartoonish heroes. It’s easy to play and isn’t an endless clicker game. You will have to defeat the main villain and to do this make your heroes stronger as you battle hundreds of enemies.

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Almost a Hero - Idle RPG Clicker

If Taptap Heroes was all about valiant warriors relentlessly fighting dangerous enemies, Almost a Hero is about a bunch of losers or “Zeroes” who have been chosen to embark on an impossible quest. You begin your adventure with a magical ring that turns your taps into lightning bolts. You will have to tap to zap enemies. Dead foes will drop coins, which is used to hire new characters. Zeroes will keep fighting enemies on their own. As you earn more loot from dead enemies, you will have to upgrade your ring and heroes to defeat tougher foes and bosses. Each zero has a hidden skill, but it takes time to charge it up. Once charged, you can tap a zero’s skill to deal massive damage to enemies or defend him. There are several attack, defense skills and buffs which can be learned as you progress. Almost a Hero has more than one game mode to keep you busy for hours and even if you are not playing the game, characters will keep fighting enemies automatically. In Almost a Hero, zeroes want to prove everyone wrong and it’s you who will help them turn heroes.

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Nonstop Knight - Idle RPG

Nonstop Knight is an idle dungeon crawler that can be played on your device without an Internet connection. Inspired by games like Diablo, this idle RPG lets you step into the big boots of a kiddo knight whose goal is to destroy anything that moves. He fights his own battle, but you can help him to some extent when surrounded by multiple enemies. All you have to do is tap skill blocks on the bottom of the screen to dodge or deal major damage to deadly foes. Like other Android idle RPG games, Nonstop Knight will keep vanquishing enemies even when you are not playing. However, he can’t fight bosses until you give him permission. And while he defeats enemy after enemy, don’t forget to upgrade his equipment and skills because enemies are going to be tougher as you move to the next dungeon. The newest version of Nonstop Knight offers boss hunts, special events and also lets you collect cute pets. Pets will join the Knight in his never-ending battle and attack incoming enemies automatically.

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Dragon Warriors

Dragon Warriors is a fun party-based idle RPG which is true to its genre. Battles are completely automatic. You will have to form the best party of heroes to defeat the devil and his minions. Your team will fight enemies automatically. Gold earned through quests can be used to level them up. The gold you earn should be invested wisely. Once you reach level 51, you can ascend to earn medals which can be used to enhance your current hero or purchase a hero, as you move from one stage to another new heroes will join your quest and fight alongside your main hero. You can also purchase treasure chests that contain a random hero or gear. The game has nice anime-like graphics and the chibi versions of heroes just look adorable.

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Crush Them All

Crush Them All lets you collect several heroes, battle huge bosses and discover artifacts that can be used to make your heroes more powerful. Your heroes will battle monsters automatically. All you have to do is level them up using gold dropped by enemies. Villagers will also generate gold for you. Just tap the Village tab and then upgrade blacksmith, tavern and other buildings to get more gold. You will get a new hero every day from chests. Your party becomes stronger each time a new hero joins it. You can then use artifacts to supercharge them, especially when you are battling ferocious monsters. You will need to craft artifacts before equipping them to your heroes. The game has a whopping 1000+ stages. There are also guild battles that let you join multiplayer fights to battle bosses.

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Savior Saga

Savior Saga will remind you of stunning 3D MMORPGs. Graphically, it’s one of the best-looking idle RPGs on Android right now. The game revolves around the adventures of Yuina. Her search for the elusive Dragon Heart compels her to embark on a perilous journey to her destination. On her way, she will come across several monsters spawning from the Devil’s Hall. You will have to collect heroes and build a party of able and powerful fighters that will fight alongside the protagonist to fulfill her quest for the Dragon Heart. The game boasts over 300 upgradable weapons that provide buffs to your heroes.

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Ragnarok Clicker

Ragnarök Clicker is a clicker/idle RPG that brings your favorite characters and monsters from the Ragnarök world to your Android device. You will be fighting monsters in deadly dungeons and recruit new mercenaries that will help you hack and slash monsters when you are not playing. Monsters range from adorable porings to huge bosses. You can go full idle or help your heroes eliminate monsters faster by tapping the screen. The game has over hundred monsters and lots and lots of dungeons. You can assemble a team of heroes and level them up using zeny, and also acquire unique bonuses by through MVP cards.

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Job Hunt Heroes

In Job Hunt Heroes you will control 5 jobless heroes who have been newly recruited by the king to protect the kingdom. The game begins with battle tests that will test the abilities of interns. New interns will join after applying for posts such as “archer”, mage” etc. The real fun begins when you have recruited all 5 interns. You will be able to gather items to craft new gear for them, equip them to your heroes to make them more powerful. There are thousands of artifacts that can increase warrior abilities. The game also lets you dress up your fighters using different costumes. Job Hunt Heroes’ reimagination of fantasy RPGs will surely charm casual and hardcore role-playing game fans.

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Taps Dragons - Clicker Heroes Fantasy Idle RPG

Taps Dragons lets you battle huge dragons and monsters. This Android idle RPG game offers lots of unique monsters and levels. To defeat enemies and deal massive damage to them, you will have to tap the screen choose special skill blocks. Enemies range from wizards to dwarves to epic fire-breathing creatures. While playing, you must upgrade your heroes and their equipment to increase their DPS. As you keep completing dungeons, you will be rewards with treasure chests. You will also be able to catch dragon eggs, which may contain magical items, gold and lots more. The game also has a unique “fusion” system that lets you combine two different heroes to create a new powerful fighter. You can combine the magic of a mage with the melee capabilities of a warrior to create a totally unique hero.

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