Inariel Legend – Dragon Hunt: Character Tier List

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(Last Updated On: November 3, 2023)

HK Hero Entertainment Co., Limited, the mastermind behind Last Island of Survival, Summon Dragons, and many other titles, introduces Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt.

This immersive idle RPG mobile game whisks you away to a mystical universe, offering an exhilarating adventure in the thrilling pursuit of dragon hunting.

Inariel Legend intro
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment

Featuring captivating cartoon-style graphics, you embark on an epic and challenging journey across the vast continent of Inariel.

You can download the game from both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

In this article, we will provide you with a character roster organized by their Tier, beginning with the most powerful and descending to the least formidable.

Inariel Legend – How Tier Works?

Inariel Legend Tier
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment

In Inariel Legend, you’ll find a diverse array of heroes, and we’ll be categorizing each of them into a specific tier that reflects their combat prowess:

  • Tier S – These characters are often game-changers and are considered overpowered. The optimal choice for your team, whether you’re in the early or late stages of the game.
  • Tier A – They are competitive and can excel in various situations. Consider the second strongest in the roster.
  • Tier B – These characters make reliable selections, but they may possess certain limitations and might not offer the same level of versatility as those in the higher tiers. Nevertheless, they remain viable choices.
  • Tier C – This will be the least powerful tier. Heroes under this Tier are considered average with significant weaknesses.

Tier S Heroes


Inariel Legend Benson
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
WarriorSSROath DragonVanguard, AoE, Melee

Benson, the wind dragon leader who protected Storm Island a thousand years ago, has been confined there ever since the Black Dragon King seized the Eye of the Storm in Inariel Legend.


Inariel Legend Edward
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
RogueSSRShadow CouncilSingle-target, Melee, Assasin

Edward, an intimate associate of Estelle, boasts a prominent reputation as a biologist within the continent of Inariel.


Inariel Legend Elia
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
SupportSSRSenlan CollegeRanged, Channel, Healing

Elyse’s identical twin sister in Inariel Legend, who has rapidly risen to become a magical prodigy among the Elves, garnering widespread acclaim. Her unparalleled aptitude for magic had previously caused turmoil among the Elves.


Inariel Legend Luna
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
MageSSRSenlan CollegeRanged, AoE, Burst

A feline spirit possessing a formidable connection to magic in Inariel Legend, currently pursuing advanced studies in the field at Senlan College. To overcome her own effective vulnerabilities, she authored the Book of Moon.

Guan Yu

Inariel Legend  Guan Yu
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
WarriorSSRSenlan CollegeAoE, Vanguard, Melee

Initially crafted as a statue by Mr. Jin, he was bestowed with wisdom and strength through Guan Yu’s shard, eventually assuming the role of the guardian of Senlan College in Inariel Legend.


Inariel Legend Karblo
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
RogueSSROath DragonAoE, Single-target, Assassin

Originally a fusion of the rain dragon Bourn and Karna’s consciousness, blessed by the Song of the World, he is known as Karblo, the Oath Dragon.

Hou Yi

Inariel Legend Hou Yi
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
RogueSSRForeign SpaceSingle-target, Ranged, Burst

Hailing from the eastern realms of another world, this sharpshooter arrived here driven by a long-kept promise: to save Inariel.

Tier A Heroes


Inariel Legend Baldr
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
RogueSSRI.T.U CoalitionAoE, Ranged, Channel

Known as one of Inariel’s most skilled marksmen and notorious for his reputation as a playboy, he became enamored with the legendary beauty Catherine solely due to her striking resemblance to the Ruler in Inariel Legend.


Inariel Legend Antony
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
TankSSRSenlan CollegeSurvival, Melee, Revival

In his role as the guardian of the Elves’ most coveted treasure, the Emerald Ore, this colossal being typically remains in a dormant state. However, when called upon, he harnesses his dormant magic to assist his comrades.


Inariel Legend Ollie
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
MageSSRShadow CouncilSummon, Ranged

A girl in Inariel Legend whose soul is ensnared within a doll, bestowed with remarkable shadow abilities. However, this power comes at the cost of an unquenchable thirst for devouring souls.


Inariel Legend Quasimodo
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
MageSRWilderness TribeAoE, Ranged, Burst

In Inariel Legend, Quasimodo is a half-Orc, left abandoned by his mother at birth due to his unappealing visage. He endured life on the streets, yet Lion King Lane recognized and lauded his remarkable achievements, propelling him to become one of the most esteemed shamans in the Beastmen tribe.


Inariel Legend Dan
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
TankSRSenlan CollegeSurvival, Melee, Shield

Once a member of the Elves in Inariel Legend, Dan now belongs to the prestigious Moonlight Grade. Despite his loss of sight, he possesses an extraordinary sensitivity to the wind.

Elyse’s mastery of hurricane magic enabled him to comprehend the intricacies of airflow, uncover the enigmatic “Breath of Wind,” and develop his unique swordsmanship art.


Inariel Legend John
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
TankSRWilderness TribeSurvival, Melee, Shield

A beetle, gifted with an invulnerable body and mystical powers by the Holy Crystal, but undergoing a dramatic shift in temperament. It began to invade human villages with the singular aim of capturing musicians.

Tier B Heroes


Inariel Legend Thera
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
SupportSRI.T.U CoalitionRanged, Healing

Firmly devoted to her pacifist principles, she steadfastly turned down an offer to enlist in the Alliance Imperial Army and instead dedicated herself to her chosen profession.


Inariel Legend Warren
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
TankSRWilderness TribeControl, Melee

Fleeing a ruthless environment in Inariel Legend where only the strongest survived, Warren sought sanctuary under the guidance of the martial arts master, Atticus.

Over the course of six years, he suppressed his memories of the human world and transformed into the jaded young lord of the tribe.


Inariel Legend Maya
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
MageSRWilderness TribeRanged, AoE, Channel

Without ever engaging with fellow roamers, she independently mastered the art of fusion magic. During a battle against the Lion King, Maya found herself defeated and, in a moment of panic, unleashed her ultimate ability, only to witness it mercilessly countered by the Lion King in Inariel Legend.


Inariel Legend Natalie
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
WarriorSRI.T.U. CoalitionAoE, Vanguard, Control

Natalie has an innate talent for thunder magic. Left orphaned in her youth, she was taken in by O’Neill. As she grew older, she embraced her father’s enduring legacy.


Inariel Legend Jerry
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
SupportSRShadow CouncilAoE, Ranged, Debuff

As a member of the Mystery Order, Jerry received and donned Hannibal’s mask, undergoing an eerie transformation into a ghostly clown.

As night descended in Inariel Legend, a spectral clown materialized near the circus, the malevolent smile on the mask radiating a potent sense of dread. Jerry lingered for a while, observing the mirthful circus before eventually departing.

Tier C Heroes


Inariel Legend Paul
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
MageSRWilderness TribeSummon, Ranged

Paul, a playful Fossa Spirit dwelling in the Magic Forest, crossed paths with Warren during his escape. Warren was captivated by Paul’s enchanting magical talents.


Inariel Legend Hortis
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
RogueSRSenlan CollegeMelee, Assassin, Single-target

An enlightened mantis forever imbued with an insatiable yearning for genuine martial arts, thanks to the nourishment of the Tree of Life.


Inariel Legend Skade
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
RogueSRSenlan CollegeMelee, Assassin, Single-target

Skade stands as the mightiest guardian knight of the ancient clan and the solitary protector of the Holy Crystal. She has devoted her entire life to her responsibilities.


Inariel Legend Mia
Photo: HK Hero Entertainment
SupportSRI.T.U CoalitionSurvival, Ranged, Healing

Mia, a top student of the renowned physician Thera within the empire, has showcased exceptional aptitude in the field of medicine.

Nevertheless, in her role as a mentor, Thera was keenly aware of Mia’s significant shortcoming, a potentially fatal weakness for medical practitioners.


It’s worth mentioning that the majority of high-ranking characters are acquired through Gacha.

However, the game provides free Heroes or Limited-time Recruitment tickets as rewards for completing quests and participating in events. Providing free-to-play (F2P) players with the chance to acquire high-ranking Heroes. This concludes this article!

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