Imposter Battle Royale – Basic Gameplay Guide

Ahmed Fawzy
(Last Updated On: May 22, 2023)

Welcome to the intense and thrilling world of “Imposter Battle Royale”! The game was developed by Hippo Game in June 2021 after they had published 81 games, but it happened that Imposter Battle Royale was the one to have all the success with over a million downloads on the Play Store.

The game revolves around a spaceship that took a really long flight until the resources ran out and the crew had to compete to survive, and you are one of them.

In this article, we will explain the imposter battle royale basic gameplay so that you can reach your goal which is getting your weapon ready, finding the resources needed, destroying your enemies, and getting that victory.

Weapon Upgrade System

Photo: Hippo game

One of the standout features in Imposter Battle Royale is the weapon upgrade system, where you can visit the in-game shop to purchase weapons or use the weapon button to get them instantly in your inventory.

You have 12 slots in your inventory to use for upgrading your weapon, as every time you buy two weapons of the same level and place them on each other, they will automatically combine, giving you access to a higher-level weapon.

Weapon Selection

Photo: Hippo Game

You need to experiment with the different weapons available in the game so that you can find your preferred playstyle.

Most of the weapons you will find are pistols, and shotguns, which can deal a lot of damage but from a close range, snipers where they only have 3 bullets, a slow fire rate but huge damage and range, and rifles and SMG where they have a medium to high fire rate, range, and capacity.

Each weapon has its own attributes such as range, damage, and fire rate, and some even have unique talents so you will need to adapt your strategy based on the weapon you are using so that you can dominate the spaceship.


Photo: Hippo Game

Imposter Battle Royale is a simple game when it comes to movement buttons as you can move using the cursor on the left hand to move in all directions.

Also, you can use the button on the right corner to fire your weapon and the button above that is called “Enter” to use the vents.

Always remember that there is no such button for reloading so you will need to use all of your ammo so that the weapon can auto-reload.

Map Awareness and Vent Utilization

Photo: Hippo Game

A great feature of the game is that there is a map that shows everyone’s location, so you need to always stay aware of your surroundings and use the map to your advantage.

Knowing where your enemies are will put you ahead as you can reload your weapon first or search for some extra health before going into a fight.

Photo: Hippo Game

You need to identify your enemies’ location and the vent system so that you can get the most out of it as it helps you traverse the map quickly to gain an advantage and surprise your opponents.


Photo: Hippo Game

Imposter Battle Royale takes place in fast-paced, close-quarter maps with different respawning locations, so as you respawn take notes of the random map to know where you can find resources and where your enemies are.

Try out different weapons and characters to get the one that suits your playstyle. Is it that you prefer to snipe people off from long distances, or is it that you love getting into the middle of a fight holding a shotgun?

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