Immortal Taoist – Idle Manga – Ultimate Guide, Tips & Codes

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opening screen
Screenshot: Immortal Taoist – Idle Game

Entrepreneur’s Immortal Taoist – Idle Manga is a simple idle game available on mobile that many fall in love with for several reasons. For me, it was the cultural tone and some interactive mini-games in the game. Notwithstanding, its myriad of functions means players often need a guide.

Opening screen of Immortal Taoist - Idle Manga
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This Immortal Taoist ultimate guide highlights everything you need about the game. It introduces the basic things about the game, an Immortal Taoist beginner guide, a reroll guide, and then it shows several tips to help you navigate the game.

What is Immortal Taoist – Idle Manga Gameplay?

Mini game in Immortal Taoist - Idle Manga
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Immortal Taoist gameplay, from its name, is built on its being an idle game. This means you do not control your character. Instead, you will keep track of the game’s progress and ensure that your character has the necessary stat to advance to the next level until it achieves immortality seamlessly.

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Sometimes, you might need to do small tasks such as breathing in, which means you have little control over the game. Its game mechanic is seamless as other games such as Super Snail, Plague Invader, and the more popular Tales of Yokai.

Immortal Taoist – Idle Manga Character

cultivation in Immortal Taoist - Idle Manga
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In this section of the Immortal Taoist ultimate guide, we will discuss the characters, their specifications, appearance, and origin.

Character appearance in Immortal Taoist – Idle Manga

Customize character
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The image of an Immortal Taoist idle manga character depends on the choice of birth. You can, however, change the character’s appearance and attributes, such as sex, hairstyle, shapes of eyes, nose, eyebrows, and mouth, and add jewelry.

cloth shop
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You will start with the standard Taoist robe in the beginning. However, you can get new ones with the right amount of soul stones or special currency. To change your clothes, navigate to the inventory bag. Under the Cloth Shop section, select the desired tab and change accordingly.

What is the Immortal Taoist Birth Origin?

There are five Immortal Taoist birth origins, each with a unique distribution of 35 points for the following traits: Strength, Dexterity, Life Essence, Vital energy, Fortune, Absorption, and Perception.

How to choose Immortal Taoist birth?

Choose a birth in Immortal Taoist – Idle Manga by selecting your choice in the opening scene. This is a one-in-a-time thing and should be done based on the intended character’s cultivation and its stats. Here is a breakdown of the five choices of origin:


civilian birth
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This is the balanced birth in Immortal Taoist – Idle Manga, with five points distributed to each trait. Consequently, this makes it the most balanced birth and useful for anything. However, this immortal Taoist birth has no specialization.


Orphan birth
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This birth has a unique story soiled with gore, betrayal, and death. By choosing this birth, the division of the 35 points follows this way: Strength 4, Dexterity 4, Life Essence 3, Vital energy 4, Fortune 7, Absorption 10, and Perception 3. Based on the stats, it is only suitable for players relying mainly on Fortune and Absorption.


farmer birth
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This Immortal Taoist’s birth reeks of responsibility and relies majorly on force due to the power needed to do the daily tasks of a Farmer. By choosing this birth, the division of the 35 points follows this way: Strength 8, Dexterity 6, Life Essence 3, Vital Energy 3, Fortune 3, Absorption 5, and Perception 0. Based on Stats, it is the right class for fights.


hunter birth
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Hunter’s birth has a nice division of 35 points. However, while many will think of it as having a high combat power, the birth is more of a spiritual essence. By choosing this birth, the division of the 35 points follows this way: Strength 6, Dexterity 7, Life Essence 1, Vital energy 7, Fortune 3, Absorption 4, and Perception 2.


scholar origin
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This Immortal Taoist birth comes with a 10 Fortune. As a scholar, it lacks physical stats, and the distribution of the 35 points follows this: Strength 4, Dexterity 4, Life Essence 6, Vital energy 2, Fortune 10, Absorption 3, and Perception 6.

Character leveling in Immortal Taoist – Idle Manga

Each birth comes with an initial set of stats that depends on the choice of birth. To level up faster, this immortal Taoist ultimate guide section will talk about Skills, Qi Energy, cultivation, etc.

Acquiring and Developing Skills

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You can learn six basic skills in Immortal Taoist in the Sect: Heavenly Book, Secret Volume, Spells, Sutra, Switching, and Mantra. The skills depend on the choice of origin, as each represents the traits discussed under the choice of origin. You can develop each skill using acquired sutras and study them using Qi.

Qi Energy

qi energy
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Qi energy comes from spiritual roots and is responsible for developing character skills. There are five (earth, fire, water, wood), and a fifth symbolizes gold. Increasing the maximum Qi accumulation rate and its production per second is achievable by getting the required materials and upgrading the Spiritual roots


join a sect
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A Sect is a place for you to practice and improve using the knowledge and special skills of the sages. Furthermore, battling other members, communicating, and receiving rewards is possible. You can join a sect based on its rank and your level. The ranks include the Yellow, Magic, Earth, Celestial, Saint, Immortal, and Divine.

Main story line

main story line
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Found in the lower-left corner, it contains the story missions with options to go for it or collect the rewards for completing them.

Immortal Taoist Inventory

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The Inventory is located at the screen bottom and contains every earned item. You can select any item and click on the Use button or sell it.

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The equipment helps to increase the attributes of the character. They are obtainable as rewards and are dividable into eight categories in the table below:

SwordIncreases dexterity.
HeadwearIncreases strength indicators.
ArmorIncreases the indicators of strength.
ShoeIncreases dexterity.
RingIncreases dexterity.
AmuletIncreases damage indicators.
BraceletIncreases luck indicators.
MirrorIncreases damage indicators.

A green arrow beside the equipment means that there is another similar weapon with a higher level. You should use the best one and sell the others 

Cultivation in Immortal Taoist – Idle Manga

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The cultivation process uses energy from the air Qi to increase the character’s Cultivation Base (CB) and Efficiency. The Cultivation Base (CB): 0/11 shows Current/Required for the next level. The cultivation process also increases the character’s Efficiency (0-6)/5s, which shows the range of CB you per five seconds.

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The two cultivation elements are Overcoming Tribulations, which increases the level and allows you to access new gaming activities and the Flesh refining, which improves the character’s basic abilities.

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After some seconds, a blue circle with the word Break Through will appear. Click on it to increase your Realm.

Immortal Taoist Gift Codes 

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The following codes are available for redemption in Immortal Taoist:

  • IMT888
  • TAO888

How to Redeem Immortal Taoist Codes?

redeem code
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Follow the steps below to redeem immortal Taoist codes

  • Open the game
  • Tap the character icon at the top left corner
  • Enter the immortal Taoist gift code in the box
  • Press the redeem button.
  • Accept the rewards

How to get more Immortal Taoist Gift Codes?

You can get the Immortal Taoist gift codes on the official Immortal Taoists Facebook and Twitter page. Ensure you use the gift codes quickly because they have time limits.

Immortal Taoist – Idle Manga Beginners Guide

Starting as a beginner in Immortal Taoist can be hard. As a result, this section of the Immortal Taoist – Idle Manga ultimate guide will give you several steps as you start the game. Download the game and follow the steps below to play Immortal Taoist – Idle Manga as a beginner.

Step One: Get Familiar with the Cover Story

cover story
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You will likely get the idea behind Immortal Taoist – Idle Mange from its name. However, its cover story will give you a more extensive and poetic vision of the game.  The cover story, which graces the screen when you first open the game, gives a hint to engage in activities such as meditation and training to improve the character’s abilities and achieve immortality

Step Two: Choose a birth

choose your birth
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Choose a birth with the right balance of the 35 points divided into the following traits: Strength, Dexterity, Life Essence, Vital energy, Fortune, Absorption, and Perception. Choosing the right Immortal Taoist birth is a subjective process.

However, we believe the best birth is Civilian due to the even allotment of points. You might consider the likes of Orphan and Hunter due to their good specializations.

Step Three: Start Cultivation

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After choosing the birth, the first thing you want to do is to start cultivating. This is achievable using the icon in the middle of the screen, and it is a very slow process.

Step Four: Join a Sect

join a sect
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After joining a sect, meet the Sect Master and greet them. Afterward, learn the available skills and start your mission

Step Five: Others

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Ensure you always check your character and click the Break Through whenever available. Furthermore, you should check the Mail. Afterward, understand each mode and its requirements before going about it.

Immortal Taoist – Idle Manga: Tips

Immortal Taoist ultimate guide is incomplete without giving you insight into the game. Here are a few tips that will allow you to navigate the game and get stronger spiritually and mentally easily.

Choose the right birth 

hunter birth
Photo: Entrepreneur Game

The right choice of birth will determine the character’s stats and can affect its ability and cultivation. As a result, you should review the choice of birth shown in the earlier part of this immortal Taoist ultimate guide

Get ready to learn

Immortal Taoist has a myriad of functions that is nigh impossible to talk about all of them. As a result, you should dedicate some time to learning about the game activities with an open mind. You can explore every tab to gain an understanding of the game.

Always level up

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The gameplay of Immortal Taoist is all about leveling your character using points obtained from cultivation. Ensure the character is always at the highest level.

Joining a sect

join a sect
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Join any sect and study skills you need to level up your character. Furthermore, ensure that you complete all missions to get the reputation points.

Active play

Ensure you actively play to enjoy the simple and fast character leveling in the early part of the game. 

Use the items in the Inventory

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Ensure you use the items in your Inventory as they are not used automatically. If there are those you do not need, you can sell them 

Final Thoughts

You can enjoy Immortal Taoist – Idle Manga seamlessly when you have the right information. As a result, we extensively discussed the game in this ultimate guide. Did we miss a piece of crucial information? Kindly use the comment section. I doubt you are into Taoism. Nevertheless, enjoy the game.

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