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Immortal Rising is one of the best idle action hack-and-slash RPGs available now, developed by renowned mobile game studio, MOBIRIX. Fights are gorgeous, impactful, and satisfying, with enemies gradually becoming stronger and more epic based on your perceived power level.

On paper, the game is as simple as it gets; your character automatically engages enemies on the screen, leveling up and acquiring loot along the way. Immortal Rising’s in-depth character gear, stats, and skill progressions are what truly draw you in, letting you personalize your hero according to play style.

Things can get pretty convoluted early on, so this guide aims to help you settle in quickly, to enjoy the game at its best!

Angel of Combat

Starting cut scene in Immortal Rising.

As soon as you enter the game, you’re immediately rushed into battle. Still, that’s what the game is all about; endless monster slaughter.

As an idle, away-from-keyboard (AFK) game, though, you don’t have to manually control your character; the game does that for you automatically, letting you choose the perfect time to use your abilities and dodge instead (even skills can be automated by the AI).

Level 2 in Immortal Rising.

There isn’t much in terms of story, though. In fact, there’s barely any. All you need to focus on is upgrading your character’s weapon, rings, stats, and other combat elements (weapon masteries, runes, etc.)

So, every time the game progresses, you need to decide what gear to equip, which powers to have active, how many enhancements to make on your weapons, and other such details. If you’re a fan of mobile idle RPGs, then Immortal Rising could become one of your favorites too.

Infinite Battles

Battling the Fallen Dryad using a Bow.

In Immortal Rising, enemy waves are relentless and infinite. You will only advance to the next stage if you choose to challenge the map’s current Boss first, something that the game can also do for you by enabling the “Auto Challenge” option in the top-middle of the screen (under the Boss’ health bar).

However, there will be times when you should prompt the Boss battle yourself, allowing you to gauge your hero’s readiness for the upcoming fight ahead. If your current gear is underwhelming or your character’s level is too low, then you should let the game continue indefinitely, allowing your hero to farm more experience and loot to prepare accordingly.

Here’s a quick overview of what the game has to offer right now:

Game modes

Image after clearing the Cursed Arsenal Stage 2 Dungeon in Immortal Rising.


After logging in to the game, your character will immediately continue fighting monsters from where you left off. This is the main AFK gameplay grind for you to improve your hero, and you can leave the game running while you do something else to kill time.

This is your primary resource for weapons, items, and experience. As you continue to beat the stages by defeating their respective Bosses, you’ll then unlock access to different areas as well, and the cycle continues.


Dungeons in Immortal Rising.

Dungeons are where the true challenges lie in Immortal Rising. Each Dungeon will be unlocked after you defeat specific stages in Normal mode, and each reward you with rare resources, like Gems, Gold, Enhance Stones, and more.

You can open “Dungeons” from the options provided at the bottom of the screen, between “Summon” and “Charm”. Just like Normal play, Dungeons have different stages as well, and each will display the character’s recommended combat power to clear them.

Cursed Arsenal Stage 1 Dungeon in Immortal Rising.

In Immortal Rising, this is important because you have minimal wiggle room to beat the overpowered monsters if your combat power isn’t high enough since you can only use the dodge skill to evade attacks but your damage output is still insufficient to slay the Bosses.

Hence, progression in Normal play is still important, ensuring that you continuously improve your hero before entering the Dungeons.



You can also try out Practice mode where you can get free Gems just by achieving specific goals/ objectives. This is another good way for you to experiment with your current hero’s build, especially when trying to determine which setup lets you dish out the highest amount of damage-per-second (DPS) output.

You can get to Practice mode by clicking on the Menu icon located at the top-right corner of the screen. The mode is represented by a practice dummy icon.

Godlike Equipment & Powers

Unlocking a B-tier Sword.

To cull the ever-growing monster count coming your way, you will need to be equipped with the best weapons, rings, amulets, and skills/ abilities that the game has to offer. To that end, here’s a quick explanation about them:



As mentioned earlier, your gear plays a crucial part in your character’s overall progression. The easiest way for you to get them is by beating countless hordes of monsters regularly.

The different items that you can have equipped at any given time are:

  • Weapon
  • Ring
  • Amulet

You can also summon them by using Gems. To do this, you need to click on the “Summon” option at the bottom of the screen, between the “Skill” and “Dungeon” tabs.


Once opened, you’ll have a variety of selections to choose from, all of them consuming your Gems in return. Still, this is the most effective way for you to acquire more powerful weapons, rings, and amulets to be equipped by your hero.

Speaking of which, your gear is categorized into different grades, each being:

  • SSS
  • S
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Each tier’s power gap is extremely huge, meaning a D-tier sword is always a few hundred combat powers behind a C-tier one. Still, a low-grade weapon is easier to be upgraded because its duplicates are likelier to be found than the higher-grade ones, so there’s a compromise there.

Skills (Powers, Abilities)


Skills are also another important aspect of gameplay. You can have both active and passive skills selected for your hero, and these abilities can then be combined to unravel even more potent powers to be taught to your character.

Similar to equipment, skills can also be summoned using Gems, but they are much more limited in number due to their incredible usefulness. Still, if you wish to go far in this game, you need to pay attention to your skill’s effectiveness as well, which can carry you through tougher maps.

Traits & Masteries


Your character’s basic attributes can also be strengthened by adding more levels to them. This is done by using Trait Points that are acquired every time you level up.

You can improve your attack, health, critical chance, and all those good stuff by opening the “Upgrade” tab at the bottom, located next to the “Inventory” tab. Once opened, browse to “Traits”, and you’re all set.


Just under “Traits”, the “Mastery” section is as vital as well. This is where your hero’s combat proficiencies with certain weapons are tracked, with more use leading to better attack and combat power upon reaching specific milestones.

By keeping your character as buffed up as possible through a combination of mighty weaponry, destructive powers, and unbeatable combat attributes, you’ll be breezing through the game’s early stages in no time at all.

Tips & Tricks

Main character talking to himself in Immortal Rising.

Although the game’s tutorial guides you through all the basic details, there are still certain things that aren’t explained to you on purpose, for you to discover for yourself. Thus, these are some tips and tricks that can be very useful to you as a new player:

Always use higher-tier gear


Now, there’s no use in staying loyal to a specific weapon in Immortal Rising. You can have a preferred weapon type (sword, bow, dagger) but the grades are what should be prioritized (SSS, S, A, B, etc.)

The difference in combat power is just too staggering between the different weapon grades, so you’ll be slow in progressing through the game’s stages even if you’re upgrading your current D-tier dagger up to level 50, which might not even be comparable to a level 1 A-grade dagger.

Leave the game running on Power Saving mode


As an idle game, you can keep the game running while your phone is converted to its low-power state. You can do this to let your character farm those experiences and loot while you do other things in real life.

To do this, just expand the Menu on the right-hand corner of the screen. Afterward, find the “Power Save Mode” option that’s depicted by a sleeping crescent moon icon.

You’ll be thankful to know this very early on!

Use the dodge button a few milliseconds after enemies’ attacks are charged

The game can be a bit misleading when it comes to dodging enemies’ attacks. Ideally, whenever a monster is preparing to unleash a move (represented by a yellow meter charging up), you’ll use the dodge button at the very moment the monster’s yellow bar is maxed.

The thing is, not every creature attacks the same way, and you can waste your dodge only to be pulled back into an enemy’s hard-hitting attack which was a few milliseconds later after its move was charged up.

Since now you know this, you’ll be better prepared to read through enemies’ attacks, especially Bosses’.

Exploit all available Quests


Gems are one of the premium currencies in Immortal Rising, but there’s one way for you to get them quickly in-game; by completing various daily quests.

You can find these by opening the Menu and then selecting the “Quest” option. There, you’ll see three different quest categories:

  • Daily Quests
  • Weekly Quests
  • Repeat Quests

These are unbelievably easy tasks for you to do every day, and you’ll be swimming in thousands of Gems without you noticing it! Still, you need to claim them every time you complete the objectives, so always come back to see which one has been done at regular intervals.

Additionally, you can also redo some of them by watching ads. If you’re a free-to-play (F2P) enthusiast, at least do this to support the developers for their hard work and efforts.


Main character fighting against the Fallen Treant in Immortal Rising.

Immortal Rising has proven itself to be somewhat of a fun yet challenging game that is more than meets the eye. If you agree with us, feel free to share your in-game experiences and advice in the comments section below too!

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