Immortal Reborn: Guide to Classes

Anurag Ghosh

It’s all about creating unique character builds and finding the most powerful combination of skills through different class systems. In Immortal: Reborn, you can switch (learn) to a new class anytime and once you have unlocked a higher-level class system, you can combine the skills of two or more classes to vanquish stronger foes. Our guide will help you get started with classes and skills.  

Starting Classes  

Before you begin your adventure, you will have to choose a starting class from seven different classes: Nobility, Merchant, Educator, Officer, Civilian, Hunter and Orphan.  Later you will be able to switch to a more advanced class when you reach a certain level.  

Each class has a set of five attributes:  

POW: Team ATK 

WIS: Minion ATK and AR 

LCK: Team Critical chance and block 

END:  AR and team HP 

AGI: Weapon DMG and Dodge 

A particular class will be stronger on certain attributes and weaker on others. For example: The Educator class will have a higher POW stat, thereby dealing a greater damage to enemies as the POW attribute affects team ATK. However, certain classes, such as Nobility will have a balance set of attributes.  

You can easily find out which class has an inclination towards attribute(s) through the small graph that appears beside it (see the above screenshot).  

The real game starts when you unlock better class systems once you reach level 5 or above. After unlocking beginner class at level 5, you will be able to choose a class from six different classes: Dreadnaught, Magician, Trainer, Medic, Gladiator and barbarian. Each of these classes have unique skill sets and are stronger on certain attributes (POW, AGI, LCK etc.) that will improve your character’s stats. You will need to select a class and then equip special skills of that class to make your character more powerful.  

Tip: Keep fighting enemies to earn XP and reach higher levels. The XP earned will slowly fill up the XP level bar on the top of the screen, just below your username. You will also gain XP when you complete a quest in the “World Map”. Make sure you accept a quest by tapping on the exclamation mark beside the quest name on the right side of the map. Just tap “Go” and you will be ready for the quest.  

Skills inflict a great amount of damage to enemies and may also grant additional buffs and debuffs to you and your enemies respectively.  

As you progress to level 15, you will unlock intermediary classes. Once your reach level 30, you will unlock the Advanced Class system and finally you will unlock the Master Class system when you reach level 50. There are a whopping 18 different classes under “Master”.  

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How to Switch to a New Class 

Starting from the Beginner class system (unlocks at level 5 or above), you can learn and switch to a new class any time you want. Here’s how you can change classes in Immortal: Reborn –  

1. Tap on the class icon located on the upper left corner of the screen. The icon appears beside your character name or username.  

2. Tap on the empty slot or the “+” symbol to choose a class. Later, the empty slot symbol will be replaced by the symbol of the chosen class.  

3. Before selection, tap on each class to know its attributes/strong points and associated skills. You can also tap on each skill to know their key advantages/stats and how will they aid you during combat. 

4. Once you have finalized on a class, tap on “Learn”. You have successfully selected a class. But wait, there’s more. You will now have to equip skills associated with the chosen class. Equipped skills will be added to the empty slots beside the primary and secondary weapon slots. 

Because Immortal Reborn is an idle RPG, you really don’t have to do anything to unleash skills as they are activated automatically after cooldowns. Check the cooldown time of each skill by tapping on their icons in the class selection screen.  

You can change your current skill anytime by following the above steps. After learning a new class, make sure you equip a new set of skills associated with that class.  

How to Get a Combination of Skills from Different Class Systems 

After you have unlocked the intermediary class system, you will now have two class systems.  

Select a beginner level class on the first slot and then equip its skills.  

Now select or learn an intermediary class, which was unlocked on the 2nd class system slot and then equip its skills. You will have to find the best possible combo of skills from different classes through trial and error. Watch the video guide in this article if you are finding it difficult to choose classes and equip skills.