Immortal Awakening – Ultimate Guide With Tips

Immortal Awakening
(Last Updated On: October 16, 2023)

The world of Immortal Awakening is in peril and it needs heroes to save it. Choosing from one of four classes, the player joins thousands of other concurrent users in pushing back the tide of darkness in this free-to-play mobile game.

Developed by NEOCRAFT LIMITED, Immortal Awakening is free to download from the Play Store.

Immortal Awakening is a portable homage to the Action RPG games which absorbed thousands of hours of my time as a youth.

A Classic Action RPG Put Into Your Pocket

In your journey for the power to protect yourself and your world, you will level up, improve your gear and skills, collect new equipment, and even gather powerful companion pets to raise your strength for the evergrowing challenge of Immortal Awakening.

The Classes

The Barbarian – Loud and proud, the barbarian is a greatsword-wielding, musclebound mountain of a man.

Able to plow through the hordes of demonic undead with ease, the barbarian combines devastating power with surprising survivability to churn through the enemies arrayed against them.

Immortal Awakening

The Mage – Wielding the powers of the elements, the mage deals serious damage in the exact way the barbarian doesn’t. Much easier to hurt, but capable of outputting ridiculously powerful spells, the mage is a ranged damage-per-second focused class.

The Demon Hunter – Slipping through the shadows, dagger, and crossbow in hand, the demon hunter frontflips, dashes, and vanishes away from danger. Bringing down their enemies shot by painful shot, the demon hunter is the dexterity-focused class of the four.

Immortal Awakening

The Necromancer – Inexorable, inescapable, and incapable of fear, the necromancer is an encroaching swarm of rot and pestilence. Good thing they’re on our side. Hard to hurt through their undead bodyguards, the necromancer summons their attacks from the depths of the earth with sinister magic.

Immortal Awakening – Gameplay

For the active gamer, Immortal Awakening will feel fairly intensive. Your character is controlled by a touch-based joystick on the left of your screen, while your attacks are on the right.

Moving from quest to quest couldn’t be easier – If you’re lost, or just looking for progression, tapping the quest you’re attempting will have your character take it on automatically, finding their way to the next location for you.


The different classes offer slightly altered playstyles, but the meat grinder of enemies will fall to all of them with impunity.

The Loops

As with any game that wants you to come back every day, Immortal Awakening has various incentives for spending a certain amount of time playing the game.

The dungeons, instances, and daily quests on offer give the player the equipment and experience needed to keep your power levels growing day after day.

Immortal Awakening encourages users to spend at least ninety minutes on the game a day, with an escalating daily reward to that point.

With the Sealed Tower to give you materials for your pets, various generous and simple events to complete, and various dungeons to clear daily game time can end up being more than you expected!

Important Beginner Tips

Each day on Immortal Awakening, there are events gated behind being there at the right time. On my server, that means being there at 7 p.m. GMT.

Over a period of an hour, these events unlock and give the player access to opportunities that are otherwise unavailable throughout the rest of the day. Don’t miss your daily interactions!


To start, simply play through the game’s story and get a feel for its mechanics. The sprint of power you receive at the start slows down after level 100, and from there, it’s time to get into the true endgame of Immortal Awakening.

Immortal Awakening – The Pets!

Cute bundles of carnage, the pet system in Immortal Awakening is one to focus on. There are various ways to garner more and more rolls in the classic mobile game pastime, gacha rolling.

Immortal Awakening is quite generous, and it never feels as though you need to unlock the ultra-rare super pets at the top of the tier lists to keep up with others or push through to the next stage.


That said, your little companion is an important part of your damage output and survivability, so definitely pay attention.

Plus, they’re super cute! At least to start with! It’s possible that by the time you’ve upgraded your little Arctic Bear to his 10* form, you might not recognize him.

Arctic Bear

The Endgame

Behind gorgeous artwork, an engaging story, and 90s-ARPG vibes, Immortal Awakening makes some interesting and sensible choices to keep the experience fresh all the way up to the maximum level.

Each level-up comes with a checklist of upgrades you’ll need to keep on top of to keep your power level rising.

Join friends or match with mostly solo players to take on the biggest and hardest dungeons.

Enter the arena and pit your skills against someone else’s character and tear them apart, or roll your daily quests and see if you can’t get that rare pet you’ve been hunting for a while.

With deep mechanics for each and every aspect of the game, Immortal Awakening won’t leave you without things to do for long. So get hunting, hero, because the world needs you!

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