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Nivenka Stanton
IMAE Guardian Girl

This newly released survival rogue-like action game developed by Wondersquad is free to play and is available to download from the Play Store. Your goal in IMAE Guardian Girl is to battle monsters and in doing so your character will become stronger.

The catch? Your character has lost her memory, so you will have to acquire memory fragments along the way to help her.


The gameplay in IMAE Guardian Girl is really simple. Use the circle joystick on the left-hand side of your screen to run around the map, while avoiding the numerous monsters trying to attack you.

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad

Your attack will be automatic, there is no icon on the screen to shoot. Monsters will appear in waves and if they touch you, you will lose health, and eventually die.

Additional items will become available during gameplay that will help you survive.

During gameplay, IMAE power replenishment icons will be displayed on your screen. These look like blue flames with eyes and will break if you continuously strike them. Running over it will replenish your IMAE power.

You are also able to replenish your IMAE power by tapping on the right-hand-side corner of your screen when you are running low, this will forfeit the buff, however, as you can only do this while the buff pop-up screen is displayed.

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad

If your IMAE power has run out and you choose a skill, the failure rate will be displayed on the left-hand side of the pop-up screen. See the image below:

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad

Small piles of blue dust will be dropped by monsters you have defeated; these will give you 3 buffs to choose from during gameplay, such as reduced cooldown speed for your skill, various attack modes, and speed increase. There are numerous buffs available to choose from.

When choosing buffs, it is important to take into account the type of weapon you have equipped. The more shots you are able to fire at once, the better your character will be able to survive the ongoing waves of monsters.

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad

During IMAE Guardian Girl gameplay, use your secondary skill to help you throughout the game. This icon is displayed on the right-hand side of your screen while in you are in the attack zones.

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad

As the waves of monsters increase, they become harder to defeat, and it will require you to choose buffs that have significant damage increases for your character.

On the Flourish map, a circle can be seen in the middle of the screen as indicated in the image below:

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad

You are able to stand on this circle after defeating a certain number of monsters; this will increase gameplay speed and monsters will attack in earnest.

Be warned though, you should ensure you have the necessary weapons and buffs for this feature, as the monsters are ruthless!

Lanterns appear on the map at random and breaking these will give you health. A clock will give you more time if you pick it up. The clock drops after defeating certain monsters as well.

A sun icon, when destroyed, summons the next wave of monsters immediately.

Take note of red circles or lines that appear on the ground, these circles will deal significant damage to your character if you are standing in the circle.

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad

These circles are most likely to appear when there is a big boss on the map, or monsters that are harder to kill. When a boss appears, the music playing will change and can be used as an indicator of when they appear.

When you reach level 3, the shop feature becomes available, as well as the summon feature. Level 5 opens the Moon Garden.

The Moon Garden enables you to choose a memory fragment that you have activated throughout the game; memory fragments are acquired by playing the Flourish map.

As you choose your buffs on a level, the game automatically saves the buffs as a memory fragment.

Moon Garden is not for the faint-hearted, wave upon wave of monsters will attack, and you will not be able to choose buffs during this gameplay.

Abyss of Paradoxes is similar to the Flourish map. There are 12 levels that will give you various rewards once you have completed the level.

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad

You will be able to choose buffs and try and survive. The difference is the time limit required to vanquish the monsters. Each level has a time limit and if you are not able to complete the level in the allotted time given, you will not receive any rewards.

Flourish Map requires sun stone currency to play, you can obtain this by waiting for the timer or refilling with Elixer earned from completing quests or you can also use Jade pieces to buy an entrance.

Moon garden requires a moon to enter, you can also use Jade pieces to buy extra moons.

Abyss of Paradoxes requires keys to play, and you can also use Jade pieces to buy additional keys.

The practice mode is completely free to play and Is a good way to test your skills if you are unfamiliar with the game in the beginning.

Equipment Breakdown

In IMAE Guardian Girl, your equipment will help you progress and become stronger to take those monsters down!

You can gain equipment by using the summon feature. You are able to summon equipment using Jade pieces, as well as the currency required.

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad

You are able to summon equipment of common variety, as well as uncommon, rare, epic, and heroic.

Your equipment will determine your character’s stats. Equipping rare and above will increase your stats enabling you to defeat monsters more easily.

Equipment Layout:

  • Weapon
  • Armour
  • Ring
  • Headwear
  • Talisman 1
  • Talisman 2
IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad

Your equipped items will determine the following:

  • Attack (ATK)
  • Health (HP)
  • Speed (SPD)
  • Defense (DEF)
  • Crit (CR)
  • Critical Hit Damage (CHD)
IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad

Screen Display and Icons

The top-left-hand side of your screen displays your Name, Title, and experience. You will be able to change your Name and Title the first time for free, thereafter you will need to use Jade pieces.

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad

Below this icon, you will find a help guidebook, as well as the skins available for your character. You can either purchase skins using real-time currency, or you can complete missions for certain skins.

On the bottom left-hand side of your screen, an icon showing the journeys is available. You are able to receive rewards by completing Journey quests.

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad

Below that, you will find the following:

  • Memory – Your currently owned memory fragments.
  • Attribute – Level these attributes using coins in order to build your character up.
  • Equipment – Displays the equipment you have available. Note that when you select this icon, the pop-up will also provide you with the synthesis option and proficiency option on the right-hand side.
IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad
  • Shop – You are able to purchase items in the shop using real-time currency, as well as Jade fragments. The daily offer feature can be seen, battle pass, monthly fee, special offers, as well as attain package. You are able to watch an ad once a day to receive free items.
  • Summon – Here you are able to summon equipment using the currency required.

On the top of your screen, the amount of sun stone you have available is displayed. Replenish these using Elixers.

Your coin coins and Jade fragments are also displayed here. Alongside these, you will find your ranking, mailbox, and settings icons.

On the right-hand side of your screen, your mission icon is displayed, as well as your stats icon.

On the bottom right-hand side of your screen, the play icon is displayed. You will be able to select Flourish mode, Moon Garden, Practise, or Abyss of Paradoxes.

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad

IMAE Guardian Girl Skills

There are various skills you can attain in IMAE Guardian Girl, below we will discuss them in a bit more detail:

1. Attack Skills:

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad
  • Fire Amulet – Throw a burning amulet at monsters
  • Phoenix Claws – Attack nearby monsters with searing flames
  • Fire Flower – Creates a straight line of burning flowers
  • Dragon’s Breath – Breathe scorching fire
  • Icicles – Summons icicles on the map
  • Ice Sword – A powerful explosion occurs around your character
  • Frostweave – A transparent needle is applied to arrows
  • Frostmourne – Gives your character a powerful hot and cold Aura
  • Frostsword – Slash monsters with this sword
  • Starfield – Fires high-velocity projectiles in all directions
  • Shimmer – Fires shimmer in an X-formation
  • Lightning Star – Powerful lightning strikes are released
  • Celestial Spirit – Blinds monsters with light
  • Shadow Slash – Slashing attack straight ahead
  • Hell’s Abyss – Summons an abyss at the monster’s location
  • Death Spirit – Spirits of death will hover around
  • Twilight Arrow – Fires arrows on both sides of your character

2. Passive Skills:

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad
  • Increased ATK – Increases ATK %
  • Increased HP – Increases max health %
  • Increased Natural Restoration – increases the rate at which health is restored
  • Increased SPD – Increases speed %
  • Increased DEF – Increases defense %
  • Increased Item Acquisition Range – Increases the area in which items will be collected by your character
  • Increased XP – increases the amount of XP gained
  • Increased CR – Increases the crit %
  • CHD Increase – Increases the % of critical hit damage
  • Increased ER – Increases the amount of health you have
  • Fire – Increases the damage % of fire skills
  • Ice – Increases the damage % of ice skills
  • Light – Increases the damage % of light skills
  • Twilight – Increases the damage % of twilight skills
  • Melee – Reduces the cooldown time of melee skills
  • Shooting – Reduces the cooldown time of shooting skills
  • Zone – Reduces the cooldown time of zone skills
  • Increased Max IMAE Power – Increases max IMAE power
  • Increased IMAE Power Recovery – Increases the % in which your IMAE power regenerates

3. Special Skill:

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad

These skills are used in battle and are dependent on the items you have equipped at the time.

  • Jump – Jump over short distances
  • Repayment – Summons 1 useful item during battle
  • Summon – Summons a black hole that sucks up monsters
  • Open – Increase speed for ten seconds and become invisible
  • Absorption – Absorbs all EXP on the map
  • Protect – Once you have been hit, block all damage for 5 seconds
  • Enhancement – Enhances ATK for ten seconds
  • Rampage – Unleashes continuous attacks on all monsters

4. Guardian Deity:

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad
  • Mang Ryang – Deals damage proportional to the monster’s health in the designated area
  • Un Sa – Summons a crystal of mysterious clouds
  • Yo Ho – Channel the energy of the phoenix for a moment and gain a powerful forward surge
  • Seon Dol – Summons an exploding rock crystal
  • Pung Baek – Summons a wind crystal that bounces at monsters
  • Du Eok – Summons the evil spirit of Du Eok, with his sword
  • Enhanced Guardian: Increased damage – Increases damage boost % of secondary skills
  • Enhanced Guardian: Reduce Cooldown – Reduces cooldown time of secondary skills
  • Enhanced Guardian: Increase CHC – Increases critical hit chance of secondary skills
  • Enhanced Guardian: Elemental Alliance – When the number of elemental secondary skills decreases, the attack % increases
  • Enhanced Guardian: Covenant – As the number of secondary skills decreases, the attack % increases
  • Enhanced Guardian: Increased chance of Guardian Protection – Increases the chance of guardian skills
  • Enhanced Guardian: Increase Guardian Damage – Increases the damage % of guardian skills

Moving On Up

There are various ways to give yourself an extra advantage in IMAE Guardian Girl. One of these is to procure decent equipment. Each item has various buffs that will help you become stronger.

With rarity playing a very important role in equipment, for example, it is better to have heroic items than equip an item that is rare.

Another way to make your character stronger is by leveling up your Attributes.

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad

This is an important factor, as all leveling attributes are in any game. IMAE Guardian Girl is no different. A few of these attributes are HP, Attack, Exp, Skill damage (fire, ice, light, and twilight), and Critical Hit Chance, among others.

Leveling up your proficiency is based on leveling up your equipment. This helps boost your character’s HP, Defense, Attack, Experience, Crit, and Critical Hit Damage.

Equipment synthesis involves having 3 of the exact same rarity items and evolving them into a higher rarity level.

IMAE Guardian Girl
Photo: Wondersquad

Each rarity item in IMAE Guardian Girl then gives you additional buffs, depending on which rarity level they are at.

For example, having an item at an uncommon level will only increase your attack by 15%, whereas having the same item at a rare level will increase your attack by 15%, as well as increase your damage skills by 10%.


IMAE Guardian Girl is by far a fun action game that will keep you on your toes, and I would recommend it to those gamers out there that enjoy using strategy techniques and fighting enemies!

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Thanks for reading, and happy gaming!

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