Idle Wizard School Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Anurag Ghosh
Idle Wizard School

Idle Wizard School is a fun little idle clicker game from BattleCry. Inspired by the popular fantasy book series, the game offers a totally new wizarding world experience. You will build a wizard school, where students enroll to learn magic. As a school tycoon, your responsibility is to build various magic classes, improve teaching, hire more senior wizards to teach students and improve the dorm so that more students enter your school to learn the sacred arts.  

Students learning new magic courses at various classes will pay fees. Your goal is to earn income from several classes and expand your learning center to be the best magic school in the city. As you progress, you will unlock spells, potions and new characters that will help you earn more income. Follow all tips and tricks in this Idle Wizard School guide to know how to boost your school’s income, add more novice wizards and expand your school by opening more courses. Also, watch our gameplay video to know more about this game:  

1. Max Out Dormitory Beds to Accommodate More Students 

Make sure you max out beds by upgrading dormitory. Each room has 6 beds. You can add more 6 more beds by opening another room beside the first one.  

Once you add maximum number of rooms (you can unlock four rooms in the first city), an underground dungeon can be unlocked. Make sure you unlock it so that you can add more beds to it. You will need lot of coins to add beds in the dungeon. The amount of coins required to add more beds is displayed just above the dungeon’s staircase. 

Add More Beds in Dormitory 

Students place their belongings in the dormitory before heading for their class. The more the number of beds you add to the dormitory, the more students will enter the wizard school. Each bed is assigned to a student. So, if you have expanded the dorm by adding a total of 18 beds, then only 18 students will enter the school and the rest will wait outside until the students inside finish their courses and return.  

There’s a banner at the school gate that shows the max number of students that can enter the school. I just love how tiny wizards stand in a queue outside the school gate and the train brings more. Those that cannot enter because of the limited number of beds walk away angrily. Looks very cute!  

2. Upgrade a Class to Increase Tuition Fees  

Upgrading classes is very important if you want to increase idle income from each class. When you upgrade a class, you not only improve teaching and unlock more courses but also increase the rate of earnings per minute. Reaching higher class levels also multiplies the amount you are earning. Check the multiplier on the upgrade bar when leveling up a class.  

Upgrade Class

To upgrade, tap a class room and then tap the pink button to upgrade. Tap and hold the button to quickly reach a level.  

Unlock more classes as you keep earning. Each class opens the door to more magic tuition for students and idle income for you. Don’t forget to upgrade each class to increase the total per minute earnings, which can be seen on the upper-left corner of the screen.  

3. Hire More Teachers to Teach Students Faster 

With so many students entering a class, the tuition fees you earn will be lower since there will be only one teacher teaching them. It takes a few seconds for a teacher to teach a student. You can see the teaching “duration” when you tap a class.  

Once the teaching is complete, your school gets fee from a student. Your earnings will be much slower if there’s only one teacher teaching students. Hire more teachers to speed up teaching. If there are two teachers, then they will teach two students at a time and you will get more fees per teacher at the same time than what you were earning with just one teacher. Hiring more teachers basically lets you earn idle income faster, although there are a few more ways to speed up teaching.  

Tap a class and then tap the pink button under “Hire Teachers” to add another teacher to the class.  

4. Raise Teacher’s Salary 

Along with hiring more teachers, raising teacher’s salary increases the speed of teaching. You can see teaching duration when you tap a class. Raising teacher’s salary decreases the teaching duration, which means faster course completion and earnings. You will get a big boost in teaching speed if you fill the salary gauge. Keep increasing the salaries of teachers, but make sure you have enough coins to raise their pay. Having more teachers and increasing their salary is a sure shot way to earn idle income faster.  

5. Upgrade the Station 

Upgrading the train station will bring more students to the Idle Wizard School. Under “Cabin” you can spend coins to add an extra cabin to the train. Adding more cabins will ensure that more students board the train and enter the wizard school. In “Duration” you can reduce the average arrival time of the train. It will increase the “enroll time” per minute as the train arrives at the school much faster than before.  

6. Get Extra Coins from Mysterion, the Dragon  

The majestic Mysterion can be seen just beside the class entry gate, behind the dormitory. Tap the dragon to get a valuable gift.

Tap the Dragon

The only condition is that you will have to watch a video to receive it. Usually its coins, a lot of them, but sometimes, Mysterion is generous enough to grant gems. He vanishes for a few minutes when you accept his gift and appears after some time 

7. Activate the Coin Multiplier  

Like most idle clicker games, Idle Wizard School provides a coin multiplier that doubles, even grants 5 times the amount earned from all classes, but for a limited time.

Coin Multiplier

You will have to watch a video to increase the total income by 1. You can increase your income 5 times, but to do this, you will have to watch 5 videos. Tap the play icon on the bottom of the screen and then tap the play button to activate the coin multiplier. The multiplier will be active for 2 hours, so make sure you increase the multiplier by max number.    

8. Obtain Coins from Magic Shops 

Magic Shops are located just beside the dormitory. These shops generate coins every few minutes.

Magic Shops

When a big coin appears on a shop, tap that shop to obtain coins. There are four shops in the first city. Wait until all four shops are filled with coins and then tap each shop to get your rewards.  

9. Research Teachers 

Researching teachers increases income by a certain percentage. Teachers are categorized according to a class, so there’s an Herbalism teacher, a Magic Wand teacher, a Beasts teacher etc. Researching a particular teacher will increase income of the corresponding class. If you research the herbalism teacher, the herbalism class’s income will increase by 50 percent. 

Research Teachers 

To research teachers, tap the gem icon on the lower-right corner of the screen. Now tap the button below each teacher to research. You will need gems for this. Get them by completing Quests. Tap the red exclamation mark on the top-right corner of the screen to check the current quest. Complete it and claim your rewards. Keep completing quests to obtain gems. You can also get gems from the dragon.  

10. Move to a New City 

There are some very cool benefits of moving your Idle Wizard School to a new city. Not only will you get to experience a completely new environment, but also increase your school’s income by several times. For example: Moving to “Fantasy Forest” will boost your school’s income by 50 times. Another advantage of moving to a new city is that one of your classes will get a boost in income because of the city’s environment is suitable for that class. So, the herbalism class will benefit from Fantasy Forest’s beautiful plants. However, there’s one disadvantage: You will lose your current school and all coins earned so far, but I guess the new environment plus income boost is worth the sacrifice.  

You will need a lot of coins to move to a new city. Make sure you earn them from your current city and then tap the wizard school icon located next to the exclamation mark.  

Additional Tips 

Keep an eye on offers that suddenly appear on the right side of the screen. In one offer, you will get 50 overseas students to your school. In another offer you can finish all class courses instantly for a limited time. Both these offers require players to watch a short video.  

Idle Wizard School

Your school earns idle income when you are away. Come back to collect your reward, but wait – you can double your income by watching a short video. Don’t miss that!  

Inspect your school stats to know gains per student, graduation time and the number of learning students in your school.  

School Stats

Idle Wizard School’s stats section also shows which class earns the least income and places a “Less Efficient” tag beside the class stats. Knowing which class is less efficient, you will take measures to improve its courses by upgrading that class, hiring more teachers and increasing their salaries.