Idle Space Station – Tycoon: Gameplay Guide & Tips

Jean-Roux Denysschen
Idle Space Station - Introduction and Game Guide
(Last Updated On: November 15, 2023)

Idle Space Station is an amazing mobile game where players will be able to manage their very own space station.

Players will get to lead their own space missions and exploit different resources in space while surviving through a lot of dangers.

Players will need to keep a look at their money balances to be able to upgrade their space station further in Idle Space Station – Tycoon.

This article will feature the complete gameplay guide of Idle Space Station along with amazing tips to use in the game.

Entering Idle Space Station

It is always exciting to open up a new game for the first time. Players will be greeted with a tutorial on everything to do with the space station in Idle Space Station.

Mining Module

The first tutorial will show players how they can make money in space to use to upgrade their space station.

Players will need to build a Mining Module in space to be able to make money. Players can then simply enter the Build Menu and click on the Mining Module.

After the Mining Module has been installed, players will be able to click on Asteroids to mine it.

Each time an Asteroid is mined, players will be able to collect the cash to use later in the game.

The Mining Module can then be upgraded using cash and this will increase the cash amount produced by the miner.

For the Mining Module to function properly, the player will need to build a power module to ensure the Mining Module does not shut down.

Idle Space Station - Mining Module for cash
Photo: Green Panda Games

Idle Space Station – Astronaut Setup

After players have set up the Mining Module, they can start setting up their Astronauts in Idle Space Station.

The first step is to build a dormitory room where the Astronauts will need to sleep. Players can select the stop for this in their space station.

For everything new that players build, they will receive cash rewards to upgrade their space station further.

Players will then be able to open a free chest in the stop to get their first Astronaut in the game.

In the first chest players can open, they will receive two new Astronauts and additional cash.

The goal of Astronauts is to automate shuttles in the space station. Players can then assign their Astronauts to automate the mining process.

Astronaut Setup - Makes all Modules autonomous
Photo: Green Panda Games

Oxygen Station

The Astronauts will need Oxygen to survive in space. Players will need to build an Oxygen Station to produce Oxygen for the Astronauts.

Players can collect the Oxygen by clicking on the station, just like with the miner to collect money.

Oxygen Station - Astronauts need Oxygen to survive in space
Photo: Green Panda Games

Idle Space Station Gameplay

Now that players have finished everything in the tutorial and have set up all the basics, they can start growing and expanding their space station on their own.

Players can now select the Oxygen Station and the Power Module and assign Astronauts to them to automate the process.

This will ensure higher Oxygen and Power production as everything is automated.

Players can use their cash to upgrade their current modules. When players receive additional Astronauts from the store, they will require beds in the Dormitory Module.

Astronauts - Automation and management of space station
Photo: Green Panda Games

This can be done by clicking on the Dormitory Module and selecting to add additional beds to the module.

Players can continue using their funds to upgrade their modules until the limit is reached for the current rank of the module.

Players can also upgrade their Astronauts by using a normal blue elixer. This will upgrade their stats like productivity level.

Shop - will allow players to get additional astronauts and cash
Photo: Green Panda Games

Food Module

Once players have made all the necessary upgrades to their existing units, they can start expanding their space station with more modules.

The next module is the Food Module, where the crew can eat food and satisfy their hunger.

As players go along in the game, they should check every module if there are any upgrades available.

If they don’t have enough cash for upgrades they can simply collect more cash from their miner.

Food Module - Astronauts need food to survive in space
Photo: Green Panda Games

Tips for new players on Idle Space Station

  1. Do the basics and you will grow your space station much further. Mine to make money, build new modules, and assign Astronauts to automate the process.
  2. Players need to remember to claim rewards to receive additional cash for module upgrades.
  3. Astronauts will need food, sleep, comfort, fun, and hygiene to be able to live and survive in space.
  4. Module upgrades will take 1-2 minutes at the start of the game and will increase as players go further in the game.
  5. The further players get in the game, the more expensive everything in each module will get to upgrade.
  6. Upgrade time can be skipped by watching an advertisement or using gems that can be purchased in the store.
  7. If you are stuck and don’t know what to do, players can simply look at the bottom right corner of the screen for guidance on the next objective.
  8. Players can continuously upgrade the modules to increase the rank of each module.
  9. New types of modules are unlocked later in the game and will be more expensive than starting modules.
Command Center - Main part of space station and upgrades
Photo: Green Panda Games


Anyone will have fun playing Idle Space Station – Tycoon as players get to experience life in space.

Players will need to be aware of a lot of important aspects like health, upgrades, and cash to be successful in this game.

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