Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon – Ultimate Gameplay Guide

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Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon loading screen

Welcome to Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon, where you are your own boss. This is a unique and engaging idle game where you can build and manage your own medieval prison.

In Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon, you will be responsible for building your prison empire, attracting notorious criminals, and maintaining order within your walls.

As an idle tycoon game, Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon focuses on the passive income generation concept where you earn gold.

With gold, you can upgrade facilities, hire staff, and expand your prison, which will all be discussed in this article.

Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon – Basics

Carriage carrying inmates
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The first thing you will notice is that the inmates get to your prison on a carriage. Don’t worry, there will be a timer showing you when they will arrive, and you will hear the sound of hoofs nearby.

First, you will need to record them in scrolls. The inmates are your main source of income, so you need to take care of them.

For every new inmate, you receive money, and the Great Suzerain pays good money for each inmate you take care of.

Also, keep in mind that for every hour inmates spend in prison, you get money, and that’s why you should build as many cells as possible.

Building a cell
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If the inmates behave well and you manage to reform them, you will get extra money when they leave the prison. As the Warden says, good deed indeed.

Once the inmates get recorded in the scrolls, they will go straight to the cells. That’s why we need to upgrade it and keep it as good as possible, so the inmates don’t get angry.

To upgrade any cell or any other facility, all you need to do is click on it, and you will have all the options available to build or upgrade to higher levels.

Schedule bar
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As we know, the prison has a strict schedule; inmates are not allowed to do whatever they want whenever they want until they reform and become good citizens.

The clock at the top of the screen shows the daily activity schedule, starting from cooking, laundry, and sleep to arena fights and release time.

And on the bottom, there is the workers tab section where you can hire or fire people, so let’s break this down in detail.



Hiring workers
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First, let’s kick off with the builders. In Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon, nothing is built without builders.

Each worker you buy costs more, but every builder gets 10 gold per hour, and you have a maximum number of 4, so in total, you will be paying 40 gold per hour for all the workers.

The more workers you have, the less time it takes to build a new facility or building.

And don’t worry, they won’t bury inmates who tried to escape in the foundations of new buildings.


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Then we have the guards; they are responsible for running the prison, receiving inmates at the reception, and taking them to their cells.

Guards keep inmates from making a mess inside the prison, and you can hire up to 12 guards, each costing 350 gold.

Each guard has a salary of 10 gold per hour, they are really important to run your prison, but they are on the verge of getting behind bars at any given moment, so keep an eye on them.


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Moving on to the researchers who are responsible for getting your research done faster, as you progress in Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon, you will unlock new regions and skills, which we will mention later on, and the researchers will reduce the time it takes to upgrade each skill.

As we know, research is expensive, as are the researchers; each one costs 1000 gold, and you can hire up to 4 researchers each with a salary of 25 gold per hour.


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Once you build the church in the new region, you will need to hire a worker, and in that case, he is the priest.

The church is where you can improve the inmates’ health and make them more comfortable.

You can only hire one priest, which costs 1000 gold and has a salary of 25 gold per hour.


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Then we have the healers, those who work in the medical ward, where they can help sick inmates get better.

Healers are a very important part of Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon, as they increase the health and comfort of the prisoners.

You can hire up to 5 healers, each for 500 gold, with a salary of 20 gold for each one of them.


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Everyone loves food, right? Even the inmates in Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon have to eat good food so that they can have good health and be well-fed, and good food requires a good cook.

The cooks are the workers who are assigned to make food for the whole prison; without them, inmates will starve and make a mess.

You can hire up to 8 cooks who each cost 350 gold, with a salary of 10 gold per hour.


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Thanks to the cleaners in Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon, the bathrooms are not too scary. The cleaners are responsible for cleaning every inch of the prison, starting from the cells to the bathrooms and floor.

You must hire some cleaners so that you can maintain hygiene standards and so the inmates won’t get sick.

Each cleaner costs 350 to hire at a rate of 5 gold per hour.



Upgrading Cells
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Let’s start with the main idea of Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon, which is the cells. Cells are where the prisoners stay and sleep.

Inside a cell, there is a lot of stuff that you can buy and upgrade to increase their comfort and hygiene and improve their mood.

First, you can get a latrine in the cell where the inmates can relieve themselves; right after that, you can get and upgrade the bed where they sleep.

Torch to light up the cell; a shelf for those who are lucky and can read; a rat’s cage to improve inmates’ mood; a table; a window so the inmates can look outside; a set of dice to play; and a chest for inmates.


Upgrading Bathhouse
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Every set of cells needs a bathhouse, right? The bathhouse in Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon is required to maintain the hygiene of the prisoners.

In every bathhouse you build, there are 3 items that you can buy and upgrade.

Starting with a latrine in the bathhouse where the inmates can relieve themselves, followed by the basin where they can wash their hands and faces.

And for every cell, there is a tub where you can build up to 8 tubs per bathhouse. The inmates use the tub to wash themselves, and we hope that they can before the water turns into an ice crust.


Upgrading Reception
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Now let’s move to the reception, where the inmates go once they reach the prison. At the reception in Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon, the inmates are recorded.

The first thing you can buy and upgrade at the reception is the ledger, which is prepared for the library. The weird thing is that they haven’t come to collect them since 1346.

The second thing is the scrolls; not all guards can write well, so it might take time; upgrading them would speed up the process.

And the last thing is the ornamentation, which calms the inmates, so it becomes easier to lead them near the courtyard’s gallows.


Upgrading Courtyard
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Going to the place where most of the activities are done, inmates go there to improve their hygiene, health, comfort, and mood.

The first thing to buy and upgrade in Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon is a place for meditation, and then you can get some weights for those inmates missing hard physical work on a field.

Last but not least, some benches are a perfect, comfortable place for inmates, where they often gossip about the Great Suzerain.


Upgrading Sawmill
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One of the most important places you should keep an eye on and upgrade frequently is the sawmill.

The sawmill in Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon increases the wood capacity, which is used when building new buildings, and there are only 2 things to upgrade in the sawmill.

The first thing to upgrade is the log, which is used to prick firewood, and the second thing is the wood pile, which saves firewood for a rainy day and increases the wood capacity of buildings.


Upgrading Reservoir
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The reservoir is the same as the sawmill except that it’s for the water. The reservoir increases the amount of water you can get, which is required in some buildings.

In the reservoir, there are only 2 things to upgrade: the well itself to get water and make sure no one spits into it, and the water barrels to fill with water, both of which increase the amount of water you have.


Upgrading Kitchen
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As we said, everyone loves food, but the cooks need a place to work, which is the kitchen. In the kitchen, all the food is made, which helps with hunger and health.

The first thing to upgrade is the kiln where food is cooked, the washing barrel where they wash dishes and stuff, the cellar where you can store food, the flue where it handles the smoke, and the cauldron.

Keep in mind that in the kitchen there is another tab called portions, where you can choose between 3 sizes of portions. The bigger you go, the more it costs per portion, but it gives more health and feeds the inmates better.

Medical Ward

Upgrading Medical Ward
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Right next to the kitchen is the medical ward, where sick inmates go to increase their health and comfort.

To increase health, you should upgrade the cot where an inmate can rest, the poultices and tinctures where they can find medicine, and the medical treatises where they can find everything about medicine in the books.

Then you can upgrade the massage room, which doesn’t only increase inmates’ health but also their comfort.


Upgrading Refectory
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Moving to the refectory where inmates can take their food and eat, upgrading the refectory would maintain inmates’ hunger and fun in Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon.

The first things to get are the dinner tables where prisoners can sit and eat, then the serving counter where they receive their food, hoping they are not greedy, and a hearth.



Exploring new regions
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The first thing you need to do is explore the new regions in Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon. Until now, we only have 1 region to explore, where you will be able to expand your prison.

In the other region, most of the buildings would be the same; only you would be able to build the arena and the church, which were not available in the first place.

Hopefully, there will be new regions in the upcoming updates so that you can expand your prison and build new facilities.


Upgrading new Skills
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The second thing in the research part is the skills which you should always explore to make everything better.

Starting with the blacksmithing skill, which allows you to build faster, you go through a lot of skills, including keeping the inmates cleaner for long periods, cheaper costs, faster research, and more hourly income bonuses.

Tips in Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon


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Always keep an eye out for new tasks given in Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon, as you will get many rewards, including gems that can be used to buy premium stuff from the shop, finish a building, or do research instantly.

Also, the missions will guide you on what to do next if you find yourself stuck.

Loan and Ads

ads for more money
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Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon doesn’t force players to watch ads, but they are useful. From time to time, you will be able to claim a loan by watching an ad that will appear on the side as “get money.”

Also, being idle will generate money; once you log in, you will be able to double the money by watching an ad, so it might save you a lot of time by saving up money for an upgrade.

Monitor Disobedience Level

Inmates statistics
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Right next to the workers tab, you will find the inmates’ statistics, where you can monitor your inmates.

Always keep an eye on the levels of each aspect, and once one of them drops, check how you can fix it by upgrading related facilities.

Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon
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Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon was published by Wazzapps Global Limited and it’s available on both Google Play and the App Store.

As you progress through Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon, remember that success lies in careful management.

You can build a thriving prison empire that balances justice and profit by keeping an eye out for the inmates’ behavior and managing the facilities in Idle Medieval Prison Tycoon.

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