Idle Magic School – Game Guide: Tips, Tricks, And Strategies

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Idle Magic School is a casual idle management sim created by Longames, who have gone on to develop other idle games such as Idle Superpower School, Idle Restaurant Tycoon, and Shopping Mall Tycoon among others! Read ahead as we guide you through Idle Magic School, and learn the best ways to earn

Your goal is to nurture ordinary, everyday people into a variety of different wizarding classifications such as Alchemists and Cryomancers! Slowly build your academy room-by-room until you have a fully functioning institute of the arcane! Unlock different classes, wizards, and even completely different academies by progressing through the milestones set by the developers!

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Getting Started

Upon entering the game for the first time, you’ll immediately be introduced to Ginny, who will guide you through most of the game’s basics. As you go through the tutorial, you’ll learn how to upgrade the Goblin Receptionists, Magic Converters, Classrooms, and even achieve your first milestone.

How to Increase Students

Remember that students are the lifeblood of your idle magic school. Without them, your facilities will serve no purpose and generate no income. So always consider upgrading the following facilities if you find your school is feeling a little empty.

Upgrade the Receptionist

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The Receptionist is where hopeful enrollees will begin their journey toward magical mastery. Here, students will line up for admission into the academy.

Initially, you’ll only have one receptionist with the option to purchase the second and third receptionists locked behind both a gold and a glory requirement.

Don’t worry about this too much for now as your school is still small. Revisit the receptionist and consider upgrading only when you find that a single receptionist is no longer efficient for the number of students who are lining up.

Upgrade the Magic Converters

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Students must go through their conversion from Mortals to Wizards at the adjacent Magic Converters after being allowed on the school grounds. These converters, which resemble coffins, pump magical energy into regular individuals, giving them the ability to specialize in several branches of magic.

Just like the receptionists, you will start your game with only one Magic Converter, so consider investing in these converters when you feel the need to populate your academy with students faster than its current rate of population.

Upgrade the Admissions

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The Admissions is a book placed on top of a pedestal that you’ll find near your Magic Converters. Here, you can broadcast the positive reviews of your current students to recruit new students to your academy. The happier your current students are, the more effective the Admissions bonuses are.

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You can invest gold to permanently upgrade the popularity of your academy, which in turn, brings in more students. Alternatively, you can select one of the promotion methods below for a temporary multiplier to your total popularity.

  • 1. Press – Lasts 5mins, and increases your popularity by 10%.
  • 2. Radio – Lasts 10mins, and increases your popularity by 15%.
  • 3. TV Media – Lasts 15mins and increases your popularity by 25%
  • 4. (Recommended) Social Media – Lasts 20 mins and increases your popularity by 35%. Will require you to watch a short ad instead of paying gold.

How to Earn More Gold

Now that you have students that are pining to get into your idle magic school, it’s time to think about the best ways to generate a profit from them. Invest your gold in the following facilities to increase your revenue!

Upgrade Your Idle Magic School

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Students who are successfully admitted into your school will look towards enrolling themselves in your available classes, checking in to the available dormitories, or even spending money in vending machines and shops!


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Classrooms are your main source of income during the beginning phase of Idle Magic School. Here, your students will take their seats and earn experience with the goal of eventually becoming a specialized wizard.

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By pressing anywhere within the space of a Classroom, players will be given the option to upgrade each class in a number of ways. Namely, the Class Level, no. of seats, class length/duration, milestone buffs, and special decoration.

  • Classroom Level – Investing gold in classroom levels increases the amount of gold per student that attempts to pass the class.
  • Number of Seats – Increases the number of students that can attempt the class simultaneously. Consider purchasing more seats once you see lines of students forming outside the classroom!
  • Length of Class/Class Duration – Shortens the time required to complete the class. Similar to Seats, invest in shortening your class durations if there are lines building up outside of the classroom!
  • Milestone Buffs – Buffs that increase the training success rate for specific wizarding specialties. These buffs are unlocked at Classroom Levels 40, 60, 80, and 100 respectively.
  • Special Decorations – An upgrade only purchasable with Miscarands, these are decorations that are unique to each classroom that grant significant increases to that classroom’s revenue.


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Dormitories are where your students will go to rest between lessons once you have a variety of different classrooms unlocked. Students will continuously check in to these dorms so long as there are available spaces for renting.

Differing from Classrooms, Dormitories only grant gold for any students that are currently staying in them, but do not grant experience, nor do they grant any special bonuses to specialization training.

Specialty Rooms

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From what we’ve unlocked so far, Specialty Rooms are facilities that are unique to each unlockable academy. The specialty room for the first academy, Magic Forest, is the Canteen! Once you unlock the other academies, you’ll gain access to the Library, the Tavern, and possibly other new specialty rooms once you’ve unlocked more academies to manage.

Obtain From the Wishing House

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The Wishing House is essentially a rewards center where you can claim a random reward after a set amount of time. Pressing on the Wishing House will show you a selection of three similar-looking gifts, all of which contain differing rewards.

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Pressing on one of the gifts will reveal the contents of all three. You can choose to accept the reward that you picked or watch an ad to receive all of the revealed content. Most of the time these gifts will contain a significant sum of gold.

Special Buildings

Wishing House

As we mentioned earlier, the Wishing House is one of the three special buildings in Idle Magic School. Every 5-minutes, players can click on the Wishing House to claim one of three random gifts, with the option to claim all three gifts by watching an ad.

Fountain of Life

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Like the Wishing House, the Fountain of Life is another of Idle Magic School’s special facilities. It requires Miscarands for its upgrades and generates Holy Water for upgrading passive skills via the Department of Mysteries.

Department of Mysteries

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The Department of Mysteries is akin to a shop that sells permanently active passive skills. These bonuses can range from an increase to move speed to increasing the output of your Fountain of Life! Since these skills unlock in a linear fashion, we highly suggest investing only one point in a skill you have no intention of maxing out in order to unlock the next skill in the tree!

Although you will eventually want to unlock and max out all of these skills, below we’ve compiled a list of all the Department of Mystery skills with recommendations on which ones to get first!

  • Fame – Increases registration fees.
  • Agile – Increases student movement speed.
  • Intelligence – Increases the chances of students successfully passing their classes.
  • (Recommended) Holy Water – Increases the Holy Water output of your Fountain of Life by a percentage.
    • This is a fantastic skill to maximize first as it allows you to earn more Holy Water, which allows you to unlock and maximize the other skills faster than you normally would.
  • (Recommended) Fortune – Increases the amount of total income your institute generates.
    • Almost everything in Idle Magic School requires a certain amount of gold investment for the best results. By increasing your total gold gained, you’ll find yourself able to afford more expensive academy upgrades.
  • Time – Increases the maximum limit of offline earning time.
  • Blessing – Increases the chance of students evolving into specific archetypes.
  • Charming – Increases the patience of students who are standing in line, delaying them from leaving the institute prematurely.
  • Diligent – Increases the experience gained from successfully passing classes.
  • (Recommended) Luck – Increases the total amount of rewards from the Wishing House.
    • The Wishing House is one of the best sources of gold as it grants a significant amount every 5-mins. This bonus also affects any Miscarand rewards, granting you more Miscarand if you’re lucky enough to receive it in the pool of rewards.
  • Rich – Increases the amount of gold received from watching ads.
  • Manage – Increases the amount of gold received from offline revenue.

Magic Tree

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The Magic Tree is a special building that generates fruits used to strengthen the wizards in your school. This is useful when you find that you are lacking in the power needed to complete expeditions or to challenge monsters.

How to Unlock More Schools

Increase Your Glory

To unlock other chapters of magic schools, you’ll first need to obtain the required amount of Glory at your current school. Check the required amount of Glory for the next school by pressing on the left-most button beneath the Miscarand display on the top-right side of your screen!

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Once there, you’ll be shown your current amount of Glory, and the Glory amount required to unlock the next chapter!

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Glory is increased as you unlock, level up, and decorate the various facilities within your academy, which also coincides with completing the milestones and quests! In essence, just by playing the game continuously, you will eventually and inevitably unlock more school chapters to manage!


What Are Miscarcands?

Miscarcands are the premium currency equivalent in Idle Magic School. They allow you to upgrade professors, purchase special classroom decorations, and are required for upgrading the Fountain of Life and the Magic Tree.

How to Get Miscarcands

You may be surprised to find that Idle Magic School is quite generous when it comes to giving out Miscarands. Below we’ve compiled all the ways we’ve found to obtain Miscarands! With only one of them requiring you to spend real-world money.

Purchase From the Store

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The most obvious way to obtain Miscarcands is to purchase them directly from the developer! By clicking the Store button, located on the lower left side of the screen above the Task Scroll, you’ll be brought to where you can purchase various things for real-world currency.

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Navigate to the Miscarcand tab to see a list of options with prices displayed in your local currency.

Obtain From the Wishing House

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While the Wishing House gives gold most of the time, on rare occasions, one or more of the gifts will contain Miscarands! Be sure to check back at the Wishing House often if you’re looking to farm Miscarands!

Challenge Monsters

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Within the grounds of your Idle Magic School are monsters that spawn at random intervals. Successfully defeating these monsters requires certain amounts of combat power, with victories granting a ranging number of Miscarands.

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How to Use Miscarands

Purchase Special Classroom Decorations

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Special Classroom Decorations are unique classroom upgrades that offer substantial increases to classroom income. Purchasing these decorations with Miscarands significantly improves their gold production rate.

Upgrade Professors

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Professors are hireable NPCs that grant bonuses to their respective classes. Initially, adding each professor to your academy includes a gold cost. However, upgrading and increasing the capabilities of each professor comes with an associated Miscarand cost.

Upgrade the Fountain of Life and Magic Tree

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Both the Fountain of Life and Magic Trees operate using their own currencies instead of gold. The only way to increase the Holy Water and Fruits that they generate is by investing Miscarands into their upgrades.

Other Activities

Wizard Tower

The Wizard Tower is a mechanic that has you pitting your own wizards against enemies present on each floor of the tower. The goal is to climb the tower by clearing each level with increasing difficulty.

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As this game is geared toward casual players, the difficulty spikes are negligible, and each floor only requires you to have a combat power higher than the requirement to succeed, making the Wizard Tower a great source for both gold and Miscarands.


Adventures are similar to story modes found in your typical RPG games. Here, you’ll be tasked with creating a party of three wizards to send out on missions that are played out automatically.

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In the beginning, you’ll only be able to have one active adventure, but as you increase the number of schools you’re managing, you’ll be able to unlock more slots that allow you to run multiple adventures simultaneously!

That’s all we have for tips and tricks in Idle Magic School! Be sure to check back often for any updates we make to the guide as we progress through the game ourselves! Feel free to click through some of our other guides in the meantime!

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