Idle Heroes Ultimate Walkthrough & Beginners Guide


Few years ago, Droid Hang (DH) games made an entrance with a scintillating release – Idle Heroes – which has got gamers talking ever since because of its distinct quality.

Since its release in June 2016, it has captivated a large population of young gamers and followers, keeping them fixated on their mobile screens. Who can blame them? For a game packed with such bumper excitement, it is only expected.

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Though packed with a deluge of interesting features, it is necessary for me to put these things into perspective with this article.

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Idle Heroes is more or less your regular type of game, classified as Role Playing (RPG) and Stylised in nature. The action-packed game shares great similarities to Idle Fish, another popular game amongst gamers. The major difference between these two are the advanced features.

This article will serve as a holistic guide on how to navigate the game, while highlighting key terms and parts you should know to have a balanced knowledge of the game.

Let’s get kicking!

Understanding the Basics of Playing Ideal Heroes : A Step by Step Guide

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This comprehensive step-by-step guide will provide you with all the information you to excel in Idle Heroes, whether you are a rookie or professional. From hero acquisition, team building to resource management and battle tactics, this guide will be covering it all.

Step 1: Hero Acquisition

One of the fundamental aspects of Idle Heroes is acquiring powerful heroes to form your team. Having an understanding of the different methods of obtaining heroes will give you a good head start to achieving success in the game.

You can summon heroes by using a number of different summoning methods, such as Basic Summon, Heroic Summon, and Prophet Summon. Depending on the method you choose, you will be able to acquire heroes of varying rarities.

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Learn about the six factions in Idle Heroes: Shadows, Fortresses, Abysses, Forests, Darks, and Lights. Familiarize yourself with their unique traits and the benefits of synergizing heroes from the same faction.

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Hero rating: You will need to learn about the concept of hero star levels and the significance of upgrading your heroes.

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You will also find out how to collect Hero Shards that can be used to unlock new abilities for your heroes as you play.

    Step 2: Team Building

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    Successfully assembling a team in Idle Heroes requires a well-balanced and synergistic approach. Build your team by paying attention to the following factors:

    • Synergy and Roles: Understand the importance of hero roles, such as tanks, damage dealers, and support heroes, so that you can program them accordingly. To perform optimally in battle, create a team that complements each other’s strengths.
    • Aura Bonuses: Harness the power of faction auras by strategically combining heroes from the same faction. If you unlock aura bonuses, you will receive additional stat boosts and this can really change the tide of a battle.
    • Formation Strategies: It offers a variety of solutions for different formations and hero positions to exploit battle advantages and counter the enemy’s lineup. Each transformation has a different set of advantages you can exploit during combat.

    Step 3: Resource Management

    Mastering the art of resource management is very key to becoming a successful player in Idle Heroes. To stay a step ahead of your enemies, you have to manage your resources efficiently.

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    • In-game Currency: Get acquainted with the various resources, such as Gold, Gems, Spirit, and Heroic Scrolls. You can upgrade heroes and unlock essential features by obtaining and using them wisely.
    • Hero Promotion: Ascend your heroes to higher tiers by collecting the required materials and sacrificing lower-tier heroes. When heroes are promoted, they gain new abilities, increase their potential, and have their stats improved.
    • Equipment and Artefacts: Equip your heroes with equipment and artefacts, so they can improve on their combat abilities. If you wish to optimize your team’s performance, you must understand the different equipment slots, stats, and set bonuses available to you.

    Step 4: Battle Mechanics

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    Idle Heroes offers a diverse range of battle modes, each with its own challenges and rewards. Mastering the battle mechanics is crucial for advancing in the game.

    • Campaign Mode: As you progress through the game’s campaign mode, you will be immersed in a captivating storyline with loads of experience, rewards and resources to be gained.
    • PvP Arena: This is a real-time battle arena where you can test the strength of your team against other players’ line-ups and win valuable prizes as you climb the ranks, showcasing your strategic prowess to the rest of the Idle Heroes community.
    • The Guild Wars and Events: Enjoy cooperative gameplay with your friends in a guild, and take part in exhilarating guild wars, conquer guild bosses, and unlock exclusive rewards. Stay informed about limited-time events to maximize your chances of earning valuable resources and heroes.

    Step 5: Progression Strategies

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    To keep advancing in Idle Heroes, you must adopt effective progression strategies. Make the most of the following features to accelerate your growth:

    • Quests & Achievements: There are both quests and achievements to complete to earn experience points, resources, and valuable rewards. Do what you can to achieve the objectives provided so that you can enhance your heroes and the overall gameplay experience you have.
    • Summons and Events With Heroic Summons: Stay updated on special events and limited chance summoning opportunities. Use these opportunities to strengthen your team and gain a competitive edge by acquiring rare and powerful heroes.
    • Idle Game Play: The idle mechanics of Idle Heroes can be used to your advantage. Idle Heroes continue to progress even when you aren’t actively playing, so you can accumulate resources and experience over time. You can use these mechanics to your advantage by optimizing your gameplay sessions to the maximum.

    Step 6: Continuous Improvement

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    The journey in Idle Heroes is an ongoing process of continuous improvement. Refine your strategies and optimize your heroes to achieve greater success.

    • Hero Upgrades: Invest in your heroes’ growth by allocating resources wisely, ensuring that they remain at their peak performance at all times. Level up your heroes, upgrade their skills, and unlock powerful abilities as you upgrade their abilities.
    • Guild Support: With guild support, you can take advantage of various guild features, including guild raids, guild stores, and guild raid rewards, that will be available to you as you progress. Consider collaborating with other guildmates in order to activate Guild Tech upgrades, which will provide significant boosts to various aspects of your heroes.
    • Heroic Miracle and Fusion: In Heroic Miracle and Fusion, you can acquire new heroes, fuse duplicates to create stronger versions of them, and unlock additional rewards. These events will help you increase your hero lineup and strengthen your team while offering unique opportunities to get new heroes and unlock new rewards.

    Secret Codes for June 2023

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    • HPBIH2023 – For 1000 gems and some summon scrolls 
    • IH999 – 60 Summon Scrolls.
    • IH777 – 50 Summon Scrolls (For new gamers).

    Features of Idle Heroes

    All games stands out by their unique features and this is no different for Idle Heroes.

    This game comes richly packed with some amazing features that adds up to assure a pleasant gaming experience and in this section I will be giving a quick insight into some of them I found really exciting.

    Crisp Graphic Design

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    The design of a game is just as important as the gameplay itself, which makes it one feature I look out for while reviewing any game. Idle Heroes represents in this regard with its alluring graphics that will keep you glued to your screen for hours.

    Fantasy Experience

    Idle Heroes just like some games reflects a reality that is somewhat abstract, which you might not get the hang of from the start but promises to drive more appeal as you continue playing.

    Save for the demo messages you find at the beginning, the game promises you a treat with its refreshing fantasy experience.

    Heroes Collection

    Idle Heroes is a game with well over 200 heroes that belong to one of six factions: Shadow, Fortress, Abyss, Forest, Dark, and Light.

    Each hero comes packed with its unique skills and abilities. You are left with the privilege of exploring the potentials of each and making adjustments to appeal to your fancy. You can get these heroes through summoning, rewards, or events.

    Idle Gameplay

    The game has an idle gameplay like you would find in most idle clicker games, which means you can keep progressing even when you are offline. The idle system focuses on automatic battles and resource generation, making it easy to accumulate rewards. This approach is perfect for people with busy schedules, yet looking to keep up pace with the game.

    Strategic Team Building

    Building a well-rounded team is crucial in Idle Heroes. You need to consider faction bonuses, hero roles, and individual abilities to form a synergistic team.

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    Progressive Systems

    Idle Heroes has several progression systems that allow players to develop and improve their heroes. Heroes can be levelled up, promoted, and their skills can be upgraded.

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    Players can equip heroes with artefacts and gear, and there’s a fusion system that allows players to combine lower-tier heroes to create higher-tier ones.

    Healthy Number of Content

     Idle Heroes offers a broad range of content to keep players engaged. The game features a campaign mode with a compelling storyline, various dungeons, raids, and PvP modes.

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    Additionally, there are regular events, challenges, and seasonal activities, ensuring that there is always something new to experience.

    Community-Like System

    The guild system in Idle Heroes fosters a sense of community and promotes social interaction among players. Joining or creating a guild allows players to collaborate with others, participate in guild wars, and fight powerful bosses together.

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    In this community, gamers can share ideas, opinions on certain heroes or anything at all and you could also get hints and tips on what to expect in the game as you advance.

    Periodic Updates & Upgrades

    The developers of Idle Heroes regularly update the game and provide ongoing support to the player community. They listen to players feedback and suggestions, to help introduce new features, heroes, factions, game modes, events that will guarantee a rounded gaming experience.

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    This commitment to regular updates by developers is one quality that has kept a lot of loyal gamers on board with the game for a long stretch of time.


    Start your journey to building a formidable team, and becoming a legendary champion in Idle Heroes! Meanwhile checkout some of our top-rated idle games for 2023.

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