Ice Scream 8 – Final Chapter: Ultimate Gameplay Guide

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image showing the main screen of Ice Scream 8 - Final Chapter
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The Ice Scream saga is finally ending with Ice Scream 8 – Final Chapter. As the whole gang comes together in the Control Room, they soon realize they are trapped. Now, players must help them escape Rod’s factory for good.

However, the kids are not the only ones having a reunion. The villains are joining forces, too. Evil Nun, Rod’s Crocodile, Boris, and more are in the factory to stop the kids from escaping.

Players must solve puzzles, win mini-games, and survive the classic locations with a few new ones as well. 

Although the game hasn’t had any major changes, it did get some new in-game mechanics and features. That’s what this Ice Scream 8 Final Chapter game guide covers.

Ice Scream 8 – Final Chapter Game Overview

The main goal of Ice Scream 8 – Final Chapter is to help J, Lis, Mike, and Charlie successfully escape Rod’s factory.

However, doing so is easier said than done. 

screenshot from Ice Scream 8 - Final Chapter gameplay
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After the continuous cat-and-mouse chase, Rod has activated the security system of the Ice Cream factory. Every door has been closed shut, and every wall has been enforced with another spiky metal wall. 

All the kids are trapped inside the building with Rod and a handful of other villains. The only way to escape is by disabling the security system. To do that, players need to help the kids shut down the generators that power the security system. 

Now, let’s take a look at the locations where the generators are.


There are FIVE explorable locations in Ice Scream 8 Final Chapter.

The first one is the Control Room which becomes inaccessible as soon as you escape it right at the start of the game. After that, all the kids gather in the ice cream van parked inside the factory’s garage. 

From there, using the vents, all the kids can travel to THREE more locations.

  1. Joseph’s Cottage.
  2. Laboratory.
  3. Museum.
screenshot from Ice Scream 8 - Final Chapter gameplay
Photo: Keplerians

There is no specific order to follow.

Players can choose to travel to any of the three locations. However, once you travel to a location, you must complete all the missions and the main objective of that location to move on to the next one. 

Here’s a quick and spoiler-free overview of the THREE locations. 

Joseph’s Cottage

To the North of the factory, there is a cottage with a red front door. That is Joseph’s Cottage. Within the cottage is one of the three generators that power up the security system.

The main objective of Joseph’s Cottage is to disable the generator in the cottage.

screenshot of Jospeh's Cottage in Ice Scream 8 - Final Chapter
Photo: Keplerians

To complete the main objective, players must complete TWO missions- find a key and a rifle. 

How to do all that is for you to figure out. 


Finding the laboratory is a mission in itself.

After exiting the factory garage, go to the right and enter the alleyway behind the caged door. You’ll find a ladder set up under a broken glass window. Climb up the ladder to find the laboratory. 

Once you’re in, various small missions get activated.

Map of Rod's factory Ice Scream 8 - Final Chapter
Photo: Keplerians

From walkie-talkie chats to finding dishwashing liquid, you’ll have to do a lot to complete the eventual main objective- deactivating the generator in the laboratory. 


At the extreme right of the map is the Rod’s Museum. You’ll have to go past the laboratory ladder and go to the blue fences just ahead.

The Museum is full of miniature replicas of Rod. It’s also the hideout of another fearful Ice Scream villain.

There’s a lot to do in the Museum. All four kids have a role to play in successfully exploring the Museum and eventually deactivating the third generator.

Museum in Ice Scream 8 - Final Chapter
Photo: Keplerians

Once all the generators are off and the security system malfunctions, players can use the ice cream van to escape from Rod’s factory. 

Difficulty Modes

Depending on the difficulty level you select, the puzzles and mini-games can be super easy or super hard. It also affects the alertness of the villains. 

Here’s an overview of all the difficulty modes in Ice Scream 8 so you know which difficulty to start things off with. 


This is the beginner-friendly mode of Ice Scream 8. It allows new players to explore and learn the map with very little risk.

In Ghost Mode, players can carry out tasks without the fear of getting caught by the villains because some of the villains can’t see you moving around, while others can chase you but can’t attack.

Contro Room in Ice Scream 8 - Final Chapter
Photo: Keplerians

That said, if you see Rod’s Crocodile, you better run. Because even in Ghost mode, the Crocodile can and will attack you.

If you’re totally new to the Ice Scream series, I suggest playing Ghost mode to explore and learn the various secrets of the factory before testing your skills in a more hostile setting. 


Those looking to test the waters should play in Easy mode. Although far from their best, Easy mode gives you an idea of what the various enemies are capable of. Although slow and easy to escape from, they will kill you if you get caught. 

Players do get a few perks, though. 

In Easy mode, you can easily outrun your enemies even if your character is tired.

screenshot from gameplay of Ice Scream 8 - Final Chapter
Photo: Keplerians

Secondly, you can slip past them if you are discreet enough. If you still get caught, you can shake them off by struggling. 

However, you can only escape once. Getting caught again in the same run means certain death.


The Normal difficulty is where things start to get scary. 

Every enemy is faster, more dangerous, and more sensitive to loud noises. They’ll chase after you with more purpose, and if your character is tired, you will get caught. 

Thankfully, the struggle and escape perk is available in Normal difficulty as well. That means every character has TWO lives. If you get caught once, you can shrug off your enemies and run. But if you get caught again, it’s your funeral!

Evil Nun from Ice Scream 8 - Final Chapter
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This is the difficulty mode where you use all the hiding places to shake off the enemies chasing after you. 


Those looking for a challenge play Ice Scream 8 in Hard mode.

In the Hard mode, all the enemies are on steroids! They run scary fast, don’t give up a chase, notice the slightest of squeaks, and can one-shot any kid. Even the hiding places aren’t much help in Hard mode.

On top of all that, you can’t escape any villain no matter how much you struggle. Whenever you get caught, it’s GAME OVER.

Game Over screen of Ice Scream 8 - Final Chapter
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What’s New In Ice Scream 8 – Final Chapter?

While Ice Scream 8 continues the same storyline and has similar gameplay as its predecessors, there are some new additions to the game. 

So, before we end this Ice Scream 8 Final Chapter gameplay guide, here’s a look at every new feature and mechanic in the final game of the series.

Checkpoints System

Never lose your in-game progress again with the new checkpoints system of Ice Scream 8 – Final Chapter. Once you reach a checkpoint, the game will automatically save your progress. This allows you to pick up where you left off.

Checkpoints are the various objectives of the game.

As mentioned above, every location has ONE main objective and several secondary objectives. Your progress will get saved automatically every time you complete a secondary or main objective.

Hint System

New hints system in Ice Scream 8 - Final Chapter
Photo: Keplerians

Ice Scream 8 has a revamped hint system.

You get one free hint every time you play Ice Scream 8. After that, you’ll need to watch an ad. Players can watch as many ads as they want to get hints.

These hints include guides to the locations, hints for the various puzzles and mini-games, and clues about the several secondary objectives at every location.

Puzzles & Mini-games

New puzzles and mini-games have been added to Ice Scream 8. These are fun and challenging, like the previous puzzles and mini-games we’ve seen in the Ice Scream games.

However, some of these are slightly more challenging. And when you select a higher-difficulty mode, the various puzzles and mini-games also get harder. 

Let me know in the comments below if you want me to create a cheat sheet of all the puzzles and mini-games of Ice Scream 8 – Final Chapter. 

new mini-game in Ice Scream 8 - Final Chapter
Photo: Keplerians

Character Interaction

In hopes of increasing the personal and interactive feel of Ice Scream 8, the devs have added a great new feature.

Players can now interact with the other characters playing the game with you. So, regardless of who you’re controlling, you can talk with Charlie, J, Lis, and Mike. 

All characters have dialogues that tell us more about their backstories. While it’s not the most exciting feature, it does add more depth to the characters. 

Weapons & Traps

There are quite a few different weapons and inventions in Ice Scream 8 that players can use to fight the various enemies. However, not every weapon is best suited for every villain.

new weapons in Ice Scream 8 - Final Chapter
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If one weapon works best on Evil Nun, it might not work at all against Rod. 

Here’s a list of the several weapons available in Ice Scream 8 – Final Chapter:

  1. Frosty Rifle
  2. Electro-Plasmatic Gun
  3. Rod Gun – the freeze gun.
  4. Microwave Gun
  5. Electric Shock Trap
  6. IS8 Cake

To learn more about the weapons and traps, check out our Ice Scream 8 – Final Chapter weapons tier list.


That’s it from this Ice Scream 8 – Final Chapter gameplay guide.

Let me know in the comments if you’d like a complete walkthrough of the game. Although the hint system within the game does the same job, as long as you’re willing to sit through ads.

Keep an eye on our Codes section for the latest Ice Scream 8 – Final Chapter codes. 

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