Solo Leveling: Arise Tier List April 2024

Miguel Rondain
Tier List - Solo Leveling: Arise

Our Tier List contains information about each Hunter, as well as each Weapon currently available in Solo Leveling: Arise. Here, we give you an idea of the best hunters in the game, as well as the best weapons for Sung Jinwoo, allowing you to invest your precious gold wisely, while building the strongest account possible.

Hunters Tier List

Full Tier List

Choi Jong-in, Emma Laurent, Lim Tae-Gyu, Baek Yoonho, Seo Jiwoo
Min Byung-Gu, Cha Hae-In, Lee Bora
Kim Chul, Park Heejin, Han Song-Yi, Anna Ruiz, Nam Chae-Young, Hwang Dongsoo, Yoo Jinho, Jo Kyuhwan
Lee Joohee, Woo Jinchul, Kang Taeshik, Song Chiyul, Kim Sangshik
Hwang Dongsuk, Park Beom-Shik

We would like to remind you that tier lists are subjective, and ours is no different. Our experiences with these characters in the game may vastly differ from yours, so take our tier list and others with a grain of salt.

Additionally, this tier list was drafted with the current version of the game, meaning that it is subject to change and may vastly differ once the global version of Solo Leveling: Arise is released on May, 2024.

Weapons Tier List

Solo Leveling: Arise houses a wide variety of different weapons ranging from SSR – R rarity weapons. Furthermore, there are two main categories of weapons, the first being Player Weapons for Sung Jinwoo, and the second being Hunter Weapons, for the obtainable Hunters in the game.

Note that we have divided our Weapons Tier List into the two categories as well, ranking Player Weapons separately from Hunter Weapons based off of our experience playing with these weapons equipped.

It’s also worth remembering that just because a weapon is of a lower rarity, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is worse when compared to weapons with a higher rarity. Some weapons from SR actually do better than SSR Weapons.

Player Weapons Tier List

Demonic Plum Flower Sword, The Huntsman, Vulcan’s Rage, Thetis’ Grimoire, Shadow Scythe,
Demon King’s Longsword, West Wind, Frostbite Falchion, Radiru Family’s Longbow,
Dragonscale Broadsword, Lustrous Dragon Sword, Baruka’s Dagger, Orb of Avarice, Knight Killer, Orc’s Broadsword,
Demon Knight’s Spear, Black Hawk, Naga Guardian’s Trident, Rock Golem Hammer, Kasaka’s Venomfang, Burning Demon’s Grimoire
Knight’s Sword, Grave Keeper’s Scythe, Sandstorm Cube, Lizard Glaive, Razan’s Blade, Ice Elf’s Bow, Lycan Slayer, Kim Sangshik’s Sword, Arachnid’s Hand Crossbow

Hunter Weapons Tier List

Unparalleled Bravery, Solid Logic, On a Different Leve,
Suppressed White Tiger’s Soul, Eternal Slumber, An Open Hand, Night Thoughts, Intercept
Equivalent Exchange, Ancient Grimoire, Steel Dagger, Steel Bow, Essence of Magic,
Steel Shield, Shield, Dagger, Bow,
Steel Axe, Steel Longsword, Steel Staff, Hatchet, Sword, Staff

Tier List Explanation

Tier List Grading System

The S Tier houses only the strongest characters and weapons in the game. These characters and weapons are the best performing in the game, and are among the meta picks for most of the relevant content in the game.

The A Tier consists of very strong characters and weapons. While not classified as the strongest, we’ve found that this tier still contains characters and weapons that perform fantastically well and should not be overlooked.

The B Tier is composed of characters and weapons that are still pretty strong, but require more specific setups to really make them shine.

The C Tier includes characters and weapons that will see some use, but are very niche in their roles. Generally, you’ll want to avoid investing your gold in the C Tier.

The D Tier is comprised of the weakest weapons and characters. Even if you have no other choice, simply avoid spending any resources on building the characters and weapons in this tier.


That concludes our definitive tier list for Solo Leveling: Arise! We hope you found our guide useful and that it helps you make the best decisions about which thing to spend your gold on!

Stay tuned for more Solo Leveling: Arise content while our team explores more of the game to bring you the best guides on the internet! Also, please feel free to check out some of the other guides that we’ve poured our hearts into!

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