Sea of Conquest – How to Smuggle Goods

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Black market description in Sea of Conquest
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You can smuggle goods in Sea of Conquest by visiting black markets in different ports and spending smuggling warrants. Learn exactly how to smuggle goods by checking out our step-by-step guide below!

How to Smuggle Goods in Sea Of Conquest – Step-by-Step Guide

Smuggling goods requires 4 steps, and the fifth basically asks you to repeat the process.

You’ll be gathering smuggling warrants, finding a port with a black market, buying goods from there, and trading them for gold.

Below are all the steps in detail.

1. Get Smuggling Warrants

Smuggling warrants in sea of conquest
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In simple terms, smuggling warrants are the currency used to buy goods from the black market. You don’t have to spend your gold there.

The following are the two ways to get smuggling warrants easily:

i. By Completing Daily Missions

Daily missions in sea of conquest
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You’ll get new daily missions every 24 hours. Completing them will give you special chests that have smuggling warrants, along with some other rewards.

ii. By Collecting the Gang’s Salary

Collecting gang salary in sea of conquest
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If you’ve joined a gang, then collecting your salary from there will also give you a few smuggling warrants.

2. Find the Port with a Black Market

Entering a port with a black market
Image: FunPlus International AG

Not all ports have a black market. Therefore, you’ll have to search through your list of unlocked ports to check which one has the black market available.

To do this, simply tap on the map on the top right, and then tap on the castle icon on the top left.

Now you’ll have the list of the unlocked ports. Tap on each one of them and look for the money bag icon that has a skull design in its middle. This represents the black market.

Once you find it, simply sail there.

3. Buy Goods with your Smuggling Warrants

Buying goods from black market in sea of conquest
Image: FunPlus International AG

Once you’re on the port, tap on the black market’s icon/name to enter it.

Here you’ll see one or more goods that you can buy in exchange for the smuggling warrants. In the image above, I bought 12 gunpowders for 12 smuggling warrants.

Buy as many as you can.

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4. Go to Another Port and Trade the Goods

Trading goods in sea of conquest
Image: FunPlus International AG

Now from what I’ve experienced, selling the smuggled goods on the same port from where you purchased them won’t give you the best rates.

Therefore, travel to another nearby port and trade them there to get a better return.

5. Repeat the Process on Different Ports

Now that you know the whole process, get smuggling warrants, go to other ports with black markets, buy goods from there, and trade them at a different port.


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And this is how you can easily smuggle goods in Sea of Conquest to get quick gold. Moreover, the selling price of smuggled goods is higher than the regular goods you trade.

So, always complete daily tasks to get smuggling warrants, and if you visit any port that has a black market, don’t forget to buy stuff from there.

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