How To Play Yordles In TFT Set 9

How to Play Yordles
(Last Updated On: July 19, 2023)

Yordle is one of the available traits in TFT’s Set 9 Update. Yordles rely heavily on star upgrades, but can become extremely powerful when executed well. The Yordle trait allows your units to reach 4-Stars once you have 3 or more 3-Star units on your board, giving your team a solid power boost that can be achieved relatively early on.

Yordle Trait Levels

Your Units gain 10% Attack Speed per Star Level.

If you have 3-Star Champions, your Yordles can become 4-Star, which gives their ability a wacky upgrade!

No. Of Yordle Units4-Starred Units
3Your Strongest 3-Star Yordle
5Two 3-Star Yordles

How to Play Yordles

When playing Yordles, managing your economy during the early stages of the game is crucial. Playing Yordles usually means your team will be focused on tier 1 and 2 units, which have a higher chance of appearing in your store while your level is lower.

Save All Your Gold Until Round 3-1

From the start of the match, save all your gold and only buy units that are essential to your team. Going on a lose streak this early on could actually be beneficial, as it will increase your gold gain per round.

After the Krugs round, use all your gold to roll for 1 and 2 cost units that are part of your team. Your goal is to 3-Star as many of your units as possible to activate the Yordle trait as early as possible.

Best Legend for Yordles

LegendSilver AugmentGold AugmentPrismatic Augment
Lee SinOn A Roll
Whenever you star up a champion, gain a shop refresh, up to 2 time(s) per turn.
Trade Sector
Gain a free Shop refresh each round. Gain 2 gold.
Shopping SpreeGain 1 gold per round. When you level up, 
CaitlynOne Twos Three
Gain 1 Tier one unit, 2 Tier two units, and 1 Tier three unit.
Stars Are BornThe first Tier 1 champion and Tier 2 champion you buy are upgraded to 2-star. Gain 3 goldStarter KitGain a Tier 4 champion and a 2-star Tier 1 champion that shares a trait with them. At the next 1 stages, gain the Tier 4 champion again.

Lee Sin is arguably the best legend to use when running a Yordle comp. Lee Sin’s guaranteed augments give you free rerolls, allowing you to roll for units without breaking your economy too much. Caitlyn is also a good alternative, which can upgrade your units easily, allowing you to 3-Star your units without relying on rerolls.

Best Carries For Yordles

TristanaRapid Fire
Gain 70% Attack Speed for 4 seconds. For the duration, attacks explode on impact and deal 60% physical damage to enemies within 1 hex.
4 Star Upgrade: Every 10th attack deals 100% of AD bonus physical damage and ricochets to the largest clump of enemies, dealing 50% of AD physical damage to enemies within 1 hex.
TeemoNoxious Trap
Hurl an explosive heat-seeking mushroom at the current target. When it detonates, enemies within 1 hex are Wounded and dealt magic damage over 3 seconds.
4 Star Upgrade: Increase the explosion radius by 1 hex.
PoppySteadfast Hammer
Gain Shield for 3 seconds. Deal magic damage to the current target.
4 Star Upgrade: Knock the target into the largest clump of enemies, dealing 33% of the target’s max Health as magic damage to the target and 15% of that amount to the clump. Stun them for 1 second.

Depending on your team comp and items, Tristana is the best physical carry for Yordles, dealing massive damage when paired with damage and attack speed items.

Teemo, on the other hand, proves to be the best magic carry for Yordles, dealing heavy damage over time with the help of magic items.

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