How to Play My Talking Tom 2: Walkthrough, Tips and Hints

Anurag Ghosh

The world’s favorite cat is back and this time there will be lots of new activities, games and several ways to keep him happy and healthy. Yes Tom can repeat your words and react when you touch him.

But wait there’s more! You can fling him up in the air; move him from one place to another with your finger, thanks to some great game physics. Tom reacts when he is hungry, or when he needs some sleep. And if you think Tom is the cutest pet, then you haven’t played with the world’s cuddliest puppy in My Talking Hank!

You can even treat his cold, groom him and play games with him. There’s also a new member in the house – a cute mouse which seems to be his favorite. Well, your pet now has a pet.

You can interact with his pet and watch him cuddle Tom as both sleep. Adorable! As you progress, you will unlock pets that can give your cat some company.

My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom 2 has plenty of mini games to pass time. You can play them to get rewards, such as flight tokens.

You can then use these tokens to fly and collect chests, which contain cool item cards, coins and food.

You can use items to dress up Tom and decorate your house.

There are lots of things to do and we are just getting started. Just follow this guide to get your questions answered. Watch the video below to know more about My Talking Tom 2 or just skip to the walkthrough and tips to take care of your cuddly little pets:

How to Play

My Talking Tom 2’s gameplay is quite similar to another virtual pet game named My Tamagotchi Forever. You will have to make your virtual pet cat happy by playing with him, feeding food, making sure he goes to the loo on time and sleeps well.

Tap the “need” icons on the bottom of the screen to perform actions. If Tom needs food, he will make a “feed me” gesture indicating that he is hungry. Tap the fork/spoon icon and then tap a food item to feed him.

When an icon’s meter decreases, it’s time to perform that particular action to take care of your kitty. So if the smiley meter is down, you will have to raise it by playing with him or just flinging him up in the air.

Make sure a need meter doesn’t go down to red levels. If it’s too low, then you may not be able complete other actions until the meter is full or it’s out of the red zone. For example, if the flush toilet meter is too low, then you can’t feed your cat until he goes potty.

Sometimes you may be able to complete an action, but you should also take a look at your cat’s mood. So if your cat’s (smiley) meter is in the red zone, you can complete other actions, but your cat will be visibly grumpy and sad and that’s not a good sight at all.

Tom is back with his gang! The newest game features your favorite characters. Check out what we have written:

You will have to play with him to make him cheerful again. Here’s a list of action icons and what you should do to raise their levels:

1. Smiley (Mood meter): Tap it to go to the activity area. This is where you will play with your cat. Tap the purple toy box in the background. Open it to discover various toys.

You can switch between different toys by touching the arrows on the top of the screen. So if you are bored pushing Tom on the playground swing, you can just tap the right arrow to play basketball.  Playing games with your pet cat increases the mood meter.

Tom Loves Boxing

Tip: Play boxing, use the swing or play basketball to increase the happy meter faster. Make sure the ball goes through the hoop in the basketball game to raise the happiness level faster.

If you don’t want to play games with Tom using toys, just hurl him by dragging your fingers upwards. He will jump high up before hitting the ground. It’s funny seeing him go plop when you toss him up. The meter increases when he is in the air and also when he falls on the ground.

2. Fork and Spoon (Food): You can feed Tom his favorite foods to keep hunger at bay. Tap this icon to go to the kitchen and then touch the + sign on a plate to purchase food.

Some foods can be bought using coins, and some can be bought for free by watching a video. However, you will have to use stars to buy most foods from the market. You can get stars from your airplane trip.

Tap the airplane icon and then drag Tom to his airplane to travel around the world. Now select a chest and tap it to see what’s inside. You will get several cards and one of them will be the star card. Tap it to collect stars. 

3. Flush Toilet: This should be in the green zone. You don’t want to Tom with a constipated look on his face.

When flush toilet level goes to low and is in the red zone, it’s time for him to go to the toilet. He won’t eat or play with you until he relieves himself.

4. Moon and Stars (Energy): Finally, your pet kitty wants some sleep. Just look at his face and you can easily notice how drowsy he looks. At this time, the energy icon hits the red zone. Tap this icon, drag your cat towards his cot and drop him on it.

You can wait for several hours until his energy is refilled and then wake him up once you are out of the red zone or just use the energy potion to fill up the energy meter quickly.

Tom is Feeling Sleepy

You will have to spend 60 coins to use the energy potion. You can buy this potion from the market. Tap the refrigerator and then touch the arrows until you find a list of potions and then tap the energy potion to acquire it.

Note: You can’t play mini-games when Tom is too sleepy. Use the potion to fill the energy meter and then play them. To access mini-game, tap the handheld game console in the patio. You can access the patio by tapping the smiley icon. Note that mini-games are different from the games you play with your kitty.

The last icon is the airplane icon that lets Tom travel far and wide in search for special chests. Tap this icon and then tap the airplane in the background.

Tom will fly to an island where you can select one chest out of many to get cards. Tap the chest to open it.

You will receive several cards that contain food, coins, stars and various decorations, which will let you decorate your house, surroundings, objects and your pet kitty. You will need flight tokens to fly.

Now that you know how to play My Talking Tom 2, you might find these tips and hints useful if you want to know how to get tokens, decorate your house and dress up your pet cat:

Play Mini-Games to get Flight Tokens

Flight tokens are used to fly and get chests. Tap the airplane icon on the extreme right to fly to a new location and then tap a chest to collect cards.

Each card grants some rewards, such as coins, stars, food and a decoration item. You can’t fly if the airplane or flight icon isn’t full. You can fly twice if you get 1000 tokens. Chests are the best way to get lots of coins and stars, so make sure you collect plenty of tokens to get them.

Tap to get Chests

The airplane icon must be filled to fly and get chests. To fill it up, you will need flight tokens and the best way to get them is to play mini-games.

Tap smiley to go to the patio and then touch the game console on the stool. The game console contains several fun and simple games. You will get 5 extra tokens when you finish playing a mini-game.

So, if you received a total of 10 tokens from a mini game, you will get 5 extra, making it 15. There are 7 mini games and each game is pretty addicting. You can check our gameplay video to catch a sneak peek of each game.

Of all seven games, the super balloons game is the easiest game to get lots of flight tokens. Here are some tips to get more tokens in each game.

1. Cupid Tom: Keep shooting at the target until all arrows are cleared. You will get random tokens when you hit the target. Just make sure your arrows are not hitting other arrows on the target. Not a very good game to get lots of tokens quickly, but pretty addicting.

2. Space Trails: Navigate the spaceship to collect space dust and increase the trail of your spaceship’s thruster. It’s a multiplayer game, so you will be traveling in space with other players, collecting space debris and tokens. Just make sure you don’t bump into other players’ trail. Look for tokens floating in space.

3. Pet Connect: Connect same-colored pets to earn trophies. However, if you want to earn flight tokens, then you should connect pets to a numbered pet. In the screenshot below, I can get extra flight tokens if I connect all adjacent yellow pets to the numbered yellow pet.

Pet Connect Mini Game

4. Easy Squeezy: Your goal is to avoid bugs while traveling. You will have to press and hold the mouse and then drag your finger to avoid touching bugs.

You can squeeze between objects, which can shrink your mouse temporarily, making it easier to move past bugs. On your way, you will come across power-ups, lives and tokens. Grab them before the mouse moves away.  

5. Ice Smash: An Arkanoid-like game, Ice Smash lets you break ice bricks using a canon. You will have to bank shots off the wall to break bricks. The more bricks you break the more tokens you will earn.

6. Super Balloons: Press and hold the screen to blow up balloons. While blowing up a balloon, make sure you don’t touch those bees.

Release your finger to make the balloon float in the air. Bees can’t harm a floating balloon, but they will prick one when you’re blowing it up, so make sure you release your finger when you see a bee nearby.

Keep blowing up balloons and avoid bees to fill the bar at the bottom of the screen. A round ends when the bar is full. All bees on the screen at the end of a round are converted into flight tokens.

7. Totem Blast: A match-3 game, Totem Blast lets you tap same-colored totems placed next to each other to drop flowers on the bottom of the game board.

The more flowers you drop, the more tokens you will earn. Pay attention to the power-up icons on each token.

They appear when there are more than 5 tokens of the same color placed adjacent to each other. Just tap them to create a power-up and touch it again to activate it.

Give Tom a Nice Bath and Some Medicines

Make sure you give Tom a nice bath. You will get extra flight tokens when you apply soap on his face. Choose the green soap to get more tokens.

Tom Loves Bathing

You can also treat a sick tom or groom him by tapping the medicine box (plus sign). When he needs grooming or a medicine, a plus sign will appear just above the toilet icon on the bottom of the screen.

Complete Actions to Level Up Faster

Complete actions such as feeding tom, playing games with him etc. to get experience points. The experience bar on the top-left corner of the screen fills up little by little every time an action is performed.

When it’s full, you level up. Your virtual pet cat grows up a bit every 5 levels. You will earn 1000-1500 flight tokens when you level up.

How to Get Item Cards

As you already know, you will have to use flight tokens to fly and collect chests. Each chest contains stars, coins, food and a random decorative item card, which can be used to adorn Tom or your house.

Item cards are available in three different rarities: Blue item cards are common, gold cards are epic and rainbow cards are legendary. Check the background color of each item card in your collection.

To access your card collection, tap the airplane icon on the bottom of the screen and then tap the stack of cards located next to Tom and his pet mouse. You will see a complete list of locked and unlocked cards.

There is an 80 percent chance of getting a blue card from a chest, whereas chances of getting a gold and rainbow card are less. There’s only a 2.5 percent chance of getting a rainbow item card from a chest and 18 percent chance of discovering a gold item card from a chest.

How to Dress up Tom and Decorate Your House

The item cards you get from chests can be used to dress up Tom and decorate your house and surroundings.

To change Tom’s costume and accessories, tap the stars and moon icon. Now touch the closet. You will see a list of costume and accessory icons on the left side of the screen.

If you want to change clothes, tap the tee button and then press the arrow buttons to change your costume. You can change a costume for free, but only those that have been acquired from an item card. You get these item cards from chests.

You can still own a costume or accessory if you haven’t received an item card for that costume or accessory. You will have to use coins and stars to purchase them.

To decorate a room, tap the chair icon on the bottom of the screen and then touch each icon above an object to check various designs.

So, if you want a snazzy looking cot in Tom’s bedroom, all you have to do is tap the bed icon above the cot and touch the arrows to change the design of your bed.

You will get decoration items from cards or you can buy those using coins and stars. Look for exclamation mark above a decoration icon. It suggests that a free decoration is available.

How to Get Coins and Stars

To get coins and stars in My Talking Tom 2, tap the red gift box in your patio. Watch an advert to spin the lucky wheel for free. You might get tokens coins or stars.

You can also get free coins from envelopes. Tap it and then look for freebies under “Daily Deals”. Make sure you use tokens to fly and acquire chests as chests contain way more coins and stars than others.

  1. Why can’t I purchase flight tokens with real money?? My autistic son loves this game and gets so upset at it screams and cries because I cant get him coins or flight tokens when he wants them!!! Need to be able to purchase these ASAP!!!

    1. Here’s how to purchase more flight tokens:

      While playing My Talking Tom 2, tap on the ‘opened envelope’ icon on the top of the screen. You will be taken to the “Shop” page. Under “Flight Tokens” purchase a set of tokens with in-game coins. If you don’t have enough in-game coins, then you will have purchase in-game coins from the same page. Just scroll down a bit until you find the “Coins” section on the same “Shop” page. You can purchase coins with real money from the section and then use the purchased coins to buy flight tokens from the flight tokens section.

      Please note that we are not the developers of this game. If you have any questions regarding purchasing coins using real money, contact the game developer Outfit7. Their email address is:

  2. Why do you have to purchase all items on home street with coins? It is the only one you can’t open a chest for..

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