How to Play Addams Family Mystery Mansion: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)
Decorating the Addams Family Mystery Mansion

In The Addams Family Mystery Mansion, you will have to help Gomez and his strange family turn a dilapidated mansion into a house of HORRORS. To make this possible, open secret rooms, place their favorite antique objects, scary-looking furniture and dreadful traps on the big mansion and fulfill their grim desires.

This Addams Family Mystery Mansion guide will help you unlock more rooms, characters and expand the massive mansion to unearth several secrets and mysteries buried in it. If you have just started playing, then you must check our step-by-step guide below. You can skip this section if you are more interested to know how to earn coins and rubies:

How to Play

First things first, check each character’s quest and complete them. Tap the old book on the lower-left corner of the screen and then tap on a character’s portrait to get a list of actions. You will have to complete a few actions mentioned under each quest to complete that quest and get rewards such as rubies, XP (stars) and coins. Also, pay attention to the exclamation mark above a character’s head. Tap it to know the current quest.

There will be different kinds of quests, such as placing new decorations, furniture, unlocking rooms, crafting stations or a scary looking contraption. Some quests will ask players to grant certain wishes to each family member (more on wishes later). Actions in a quest are pretty diverse, so make sure you check each action by tapping the “Go” button beside it and then tap that object, button or icon to know its requirements.

To complete certain quests, you will need “items”. You will have to craft these items at crafting stations. You can unveil a crafting station after unlocking a room. To unlock a room, you must reach a particular level and also spend coins or rubies. You will need to earn EXP to reach a new level. You can gain EXP mainly from quests.

There are two types of items – one that can be crafted at a crafting station and the other that can be obtained when a character interacts with a furniture or object placed on the mansion. To get items or materials for crafting better items, tap a character and complete an action. The item you will receive is somehow connected to the furniture or object placed on the mansion.

For example: To get “matches” as rewards, you will have to place “TNT Barrels” object in Pugsley’s room. You can get this from the gallery (shop icon).

Tap Pugsley. In a new window, you will see a new action unlocked – “Play with Explosives”. When you perform this action, you will get matches, which can be used to craft a new item at the “Explosives Crafting Station”.

To perform the action, just tap the Start button and Pugsley will start playing with explosives at the TNT Barrel which you just placed. It will take a few minutes to complete that action and when it’s complete, you will receive matches, which can be used to craft items.

You can follow the same steps for other characters, but make sure you have placed the right furniture to unlock an action connected to the furniture or object. If an action isn’t available, then you haven’t placed the furniture on the mansion or it’s not yet unlocked. To unlock new furniture, you must level up.

In a nutshell, you will have to do the following to build the mystery mansion and uncover secrets:

Complete quests. These quests are placing certain objects, furniture, decoration on the mansion, crafting items, opening new rooms, granting desires etc.

Collect items for crafting newer items. Complete actions to get an item for crafting items. Tap a character and then complete an action to get that item.

Use items at the crafting station to craft more items. All items you receive from the crafting station can be used to complete a quest.

Level up to expand your room and unlock more furniture/decoration. You will need XP (stars) to level up. You can get XP when you complete a quest.

Now that you know the basics, check out these Addams Family Mystery Mansion tips and tricks:

Grant Family Desires to Earn Addams Coins

The Addams Family characters may desire certain items. If you grant their desires, you will earn a lot of coins. Tap the checklist on the lower-right corner of the screen to get a list of family desires.

Earn rewards by fulfilling family desires

Some of the items desired by a family member needs to be crafted at the crafting station. Others are dropped when a character complete an action. Just tap an item in the list to know how to obtain it, get that item and then come back to the list to grant that wish.

Fill the Spooky-O-Meter to get Awesome Rewards

The Spooky-o-Meter is shown on the top of the screen. Tap a family member and then complete his or her action to get spooky spirits. Collect spirits to fill the meter and get rewards such as outfit/costume cards, coins and items when the meter reaches a certain target.

There are three targets – Evil, Crazy and Spooky. You will need a certain amount of spirits to reach each target and when you get there, you will open a kooky box to get your rewards. The first kooky box under “evil” will contain fewer rewards than the last purple box under “spooky”. The amount of spirits required to reach a target is shown just above each box.

Assign Characters to Moments to Get Special Prizes

Tap the spooky-looking dinner table and tap the assign button below each character portrait to assign them to the dinner table. The entire moment will take hours to complete. When the moment ends, you will receive rewards such as coins, spooky spirits (will fill the spook-o-meter faster) and skeleton fork.

Complete memorable moments to get rewards.

You can unveil moments in certain rooms as soon as you unlock them. One of the best moments is the “Family Dinner”. You will unlock this moment after opening the room on the right side of the mansion hall.

Assigning certain characters will grant bonus rewards. The bonus rewards are measured in percentage. For example: If you assign Wednesday to a Family Dinner moment, you will get 40 percent extra rewards.

Characters who are busy completing an action won’t be available for a moment. Also, once assigned, a character can’t be used to complete any other action.

Additional Tips and Tricks

There are several things to do in Addams Family Mystery Mansion:

1. Open kooky boxes to get coins, character costume cards, decorations and other items. You will get one free attempt every two hours. You can then open another chest by watching a promotional video.

Addams Family Mystery Mansion Kooky box goodies

2. Get costume cards from the kooky boxes and unlock your favorite Addams Family character in different costumes.

3. Some plants, decorations or furniture pieces drop key items required for crafting or completing quests. You can view them in the gallery (store icon on the lower-right side of the screen). For example, plants like the “Cleopatra Baby” and “Poison Hemplock” drop certain herbs that are used to craft items at the “Gardening Crafting Station”.

4. Login every day to get surprise gifts such as coins and rubies. Return every day to get better rewards than the previous day.

5. To store items temporarily or sell them for coins, tap and hold an item. Tap the box icon to store an item or the $ symbol to sell it. You can place the item back from the storage from gallery > storage box.

6. Items you receive after completing an action, or those that are dropped by plants and furniture, are stored in the inventory. Tap the inventory icon on the top of the screen to view stored items. Your inventory can store a limited number of items. To increase storage space, you will have to upgrade it using items. The item requirement changes after each upgrade.

Connect to Facebook to get 25 rubies. Add friends and visit their mansions. Tap on their furniture to get rewards such as rubies and coins. Don’t worry if there are no friends – you can also visit Wednesday’s spooky mansion to get coins and other rewards. The friends link is on the right side of the screen.