How To Pass Stage 16-18 In Cookie Run Kingdom 

June Reyes

Cookie Run Kingdom by Devsisters Corporation is a fantastic RPG that features tons of fun, yet hard-to-clear stages that require lots of planning and patience to clear.

In most cases, you’ll need to grind out tasks such as farming Star Jellies, Skill Powders, Soul Fragments, and Toppings for weeks or even months just to clear some of the hardest stages in the late game—especially if you’re F2P.

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In this guide, we’re going to show you how to pass one of the hardest Exploration stages to clear in the game—Stage 16-18, including some tips and tricks to help you on your way!

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Stage 16-18 features a boss and several mobs that have shields that can only be broken once a certain hit count has been achieved, instead of damage.

Cookies with anti-healing capabilities are also recommended for this stage, as enemies in Stage 16-18 have abnormally better healing compared to other enemies in the past several stages.

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In short, Cookies with high hit counts and anti-healing on their skills will shine in Stage 16-18. Some Cookies with high hit counts and anti-healing include:

Recommended Cookies for Stage 16-18ClassRarityPosition
Sherbet CookieRangedSuper EpicMiddle
Moonlight CookieMagicLegendaryMiddle
Black PearlAmbushLegendaryMiddle
Crunchy Chip CookieChargeEpicFront
Espresso CookieMagicEpicMiddle
Cotton CookieSupportEpicRear
Milky Way CookieChargeEpicFront
Rye CookieRangedEpicRear
Pitaya Dragon CookieChargeDragonFront
Purple Yam CookieChargeEpicFront
Pumpkin Pie CookieMagicEpicRear

Note: Sherbet Cookie is arguably the best Cookie for Stage 16-18, as she has one of the highest hit counts in her skill as well as Freeze which can slow down the boss’s healing and offense. Use her if you have her!

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As for Treasures, bringing along ones that improve the overall DPS and Cooldown of your Cookies is generally recommended.

Although, if you’re having trouble breaking the enemies’ shields with your Cookies’ skills alone, then feel free to use the Elder Pilgrim’s Torch for additional hit counts.

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To summarize, here are the best Treasures you should equip in Stage 16-18:

Recommended Treasures for Stage 16-18RarityEffects
Squishy Jelly WatchCommonImproves Cooldown
Grim-looking ScytheRareImproves DPS
Disciple’s Magic ScrollRareImproves DPS
Dream Conductor’s WhistleEpicImproves DPS
Old Pilgrim’s ScrollEpicImproves DPS
Elder Pilgrim’s TorchEpicImproves DPS & Hit Count
Sleepyhead’s Jelly WatchEpicImproves Cooldown
Sugar Swan’s Shining FeatherEpicResurrects a Cookie once

Note: The most important Treasure that you must bring in Stage 16-18 is a Jelly Watch, as it will allow your Cookies to use their multi-hit or anti-heal skills as often as they can. Either the Common or the Epic variant of the Jelly Watch will do.

Tips On How To Beat Stage 16-18

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Beating Stage 16-18 will require lots of preparation—especially if you’re a beginner with very few resources accumulated in your account.

But with the right mindset and strategy, you might just clear this stage with flying colors!

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To help you with your struggle, here are some of the best tips you need to follow if you want to clear Stage 16-18:

  • Don’t use Auto Battle and time your Skill activation appropriately.
  • Wait until all of your Cookies are at least Level 60.
  • Optimize your Toppings.
  • Switch out units that don’t excel in Stage 16-18 (no multi-hit/anti-heal skills).
  • Try attempting the stage multiple times. Some runs are better than others in terms of luck.


Stage 16-18 is certainly one of the highest-difficulty stages in Cookie Run Kingdom. It cannot be beaten unless you’re using good, compatible Cookies and Treasures.

With that said, all you need is a little time and patience. If you keep playing the game and powering up your units consistently, you’ll eventually clear Stage 16-18 with ease!

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