How To Make Mushroom Boba In Boba Story

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(Last Updated On: June 24, 2023)

What makes you a great player in Boba Story is the ability to make any Boba Tea from a wide range of recipes and ingredients available in the game. The iconic game is similar to the likes of Cooking Fever but with more sophistication, as it features several things such as the Magic Den.

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An example of a hidden recipe sought after in the game is the Magic Den’s Mushroom Boba, one of the past recipes on the game. How, then, can you make the Mushroom Boba? Let’s dive into the addictive and interesting Boba Story universe and expose how to make the mushroom boba.

Step #1: Unlock the Magic Den

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Even though you know the different recipes in Boba Story, without the Magic Den, there is nothing you can make. The Magic Den is a newly added feature in the game that allows you to craft a new menu, ingredients, toppings, etc.  

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As a core part of making any recipe, you must first unlock the Magic Den before you can make anything. To unlock the Magic Den, swipe to the right, locate the fireplace and the sign “Unlock Magic Den.” Afterward, buy it using 1000 leaves. On unlocking the Magic Den, a fireball (called Kokoro) will be in the fireplace.


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Unlocking the Magic Den can be very hectic as the first drinks you sell cost about four leaves per one. While you can take the hard route and save up to 1000 leaves, we won’t advise you to do that.

Instead, you spend the leaves you get in the beginning to diversify to other drinks with higher price. In the long run, there will be greater cash (leaves) inflow than running only on the basic counter drink.

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Another way is to tap the promotion button to promote your business. This will increase the number of people that comes to your business. You can also watch a promotion video by clicking the 15X promotion to get 15X promotion and increase the number of customers to your business. However, before that ensure you have enough space (the waiting space) to cater to them.

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Play the mini-game to increase the number of leaves you get by selling an item. There are several mini games you can use and as you increase in level, you unlock other mini games.

Step #2: Unlock the Mushroom Boba

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To make the mushroom boba, you need the mushroom, heart, and tapioca Jar. While direct, obtaining these items is one of the most demanding parts of the game.

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Collect these three items from Kokoro and use them at the experiment table to craft the mushroom boba.   

Step #3: Craft the Mushroom Boba  

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Before you unlock the mushroom boba, if you navigate to the Café Menu and want to use it as an add-in, you will get the message “Unlock at the Experiment Table in the Magic Den.”

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After unlocking it, use it becomes available and you can use it in the Café Menu


Mushroom Boba is one of the hidden and past recipes in Boba Story, and with it, you can create your perfect drink. While we talked about making mushroom boba, there are other recipes you can unlock in the game. Check up our writeup on Boba Story Magic Den recipes and gain knowledge to the different ingredients to making anything in the Game

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