How To Make Honey in Boba Story

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How to make Honey in Boba Story
Photo: B-Tech Consulting Group

I love simulation games, and if you do as well, Boba Story is the one for you. After the success of Boba Barista Idle, Boba Story was released by B-Tech Consulting Group, and it has been a hit!

You run a tea and food cafe, besides being the owner of a Magic Den and a Garden to make new ingredients and recipes.

Now, coming to our topic, there are dozens of recipes you can make in the game. But what’s the purpose of honey? Well, it is a topping to include in your teas and increase its overall pricing by +7.

Photo: B-Tech Consulting Group

So, how to make honey in Boba Story? There are two prerequisites you need to take care of, and I’ll begin with them. Afterward, you can make honey in a jiffy!

1. Unlock the Magic Den

If you swipe right on the cafe screen, you’ll see the Magic Den, which requires 1000 leaves to be unlocked. The Magic Den basically has a creature called Kokoro, which gives you specific items.

Photo: B-Tech Consulting Group

Once you get these, it’s time to go to the Experiment table and combine those items to make new drink bases, add-ins, and toppings.

But keep in mind that combining random materials won’t work every time. If the experiment fails, you will be rewarded with money but no new items.

I assume you get the idea now that it’s necessary to learn how to make Honey in Boba Story to avoid losing material.

2. Take Kokoro’s Gifts

See the cute fire ‘thingy’ in the middle in the image below? That’s Kokoro.

Photo: B-Tech Consulting Group

It gives 3 gifts (materials) every 8 hours, and you can watch some ads to get more.

The gifts can include:

  1. Soda bottle
  2. Strawberry milk
  3. Tapioca Pearls Jar
  4. Heart
  5. Pineapple
  6. Mushroom
  7. Pigs
  8. Bees
  9. Bears
  10. Chicks
  11. Frog
  12. Dinosaurs
  13. Milk cartons
  14. Sugar cube
  15. Star
  16. Ringed planet
  17. Flower
  18. Cloud
  19. Soda

You can see the available resources by clicking on the treasure box next to Kokoro.

What we need to make honey are three honey bees. Once you get them, the experiment table awaits!

3. Make Honey on the Experiment Table

Click on the experiment table, and it will bring forth three slots where you can place the bees.

Simply drag the bees into each slot until all three are filled. Do not put anything else except the three honey bees.

Photo: B-Tech Consulting Group

Now tap on Experiment and wait for the bar to reach its end. Once it does, tap on Show Results and Honey will be unlocked. Also, it will become available on the Cafe menu.

Photo: B-Tech Consulting Group

Use it instead of other basic toppings, as it increases the price of a single cup by 7 leaves.

You’ll generate a lot of revenue after using it!

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Tips to Unlock Honey Faster in Boba Story

Follow the strategies below and you’ll unlock honey in no time!

1. Focus on Increasing the Cafe’s Revenue

As I mentioned, it takes 1000 leaves to unlock the Magic Den. So, your sole focus should be on accumulating this amount. Get more counters and cups to earn as much money as you can.

2. Play the Mini-Games

Multiple mini-games randomly pop up after every few orders and significantly increase the payment you get for them.

Photo: B-Tech Consulting Group

In these games, you might have to stop the meter at the green spot, save the toppings from dropping, or make a bubble. Make sure you play them to give your revenue a boost.

3. Make Custom Orders

Custom orders show up every 8 hours. They will require you to include specific ingredients in the tea and will pay a hefty amount if the order is correct.

Photo: B-Tech Consulting Group

This is also a good way to gather 1000 leaves.

4. Don’t Buy Premium Furniture

It might be tempting to decorate your cafe, but you should wait until you unlock the Magic Den. If you want, then do buy a couple of items that cost less than 50 leaves. But I’d recommend saving even that.

And that is it! That’s how you can make Honey in Boba Story. It is a great topping to have on your menu and helps you make money faster.

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