How To Heal In Honkai Star Rail

Charles Judd

HoYoverse’s action-based games all have features to heal character HP levels. This aspect is vital to winning on Honkai Star Rail, like with its predecessors Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd. There are several methods on how to heal in Honkai Star Rail inside and outside of battles. Let’s talk about each of them.

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During Battles

It is during battles that healing your fighters is most crucial. However, the game only provides one way for you to heal while in combat mode.


Healers are a character class in The Abundance Path. As their name suggests, they specialize in restoring their comrades’ health. The most effective healers in the game include Bailu, Luocha, and Natasha.

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Because this is the only method to heal in battle, maximize it. You can do this by increasing your healer’s Outgoing Healing Boost stat with selected light cones and relic sets.

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If you do not have a healer yet, March 7th can fill the role with her abilities to prevent damage. Use her until a proper healer comes along. For a more comprehensive guide of all Honkai Star Rail characters, click here.

In-Between Battles

Before a fight begins and after it’s done, there are several ways to fill your characters’ HP bars. Use any of them to prepare your team for the matches that will come your way.

Space Anchors

The teleportation points of Honkai Star Rail are called Space Anchors. They are essential, as the game is big on exploration. However, Space Anchors are more than just checkpoints. They are also free healing spots for your team.

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Out of all healing techniques, this is arguably the easiest to access. It’s especially true in the game’s early stages. Healing skills and items can’t be unlocked until you get to certain levels, but Space Anchors are available from the get-go.


In many turn-based RPGs, you can use potions or food items to heal your heroes while they attack. But for some reason, consumables are only available outside of battles in Honkai: Star Rail.

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You can buy consumables from stores and world interactions. You can also make some of them with the Omni-Synthesizer, which can be unlocked when your Trailblazer reaches level 14.

Apart from healing, other consumables are for improving attack, defense, and specials.

Healing Pods

Healing pods are another HP boosters you will find as you travel the map. They are capsules with a green beam in the center. When you see one, break it to get its effects.

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These pods cannot heal your whole band of space adventurers, only your active character. This is why when you come close to a healing pod, you shouldn’t forget to switch to a hero whose health is running low.


There may be some healing elements in Honkai Star Rail that are a bit different from other RPGs, but it doesn’t take away too much from the experience as a whole. You can still get through battles as long as you know how to use the characters and tools at your disposal.

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