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In Legend of Mushroom, the grinding can be a bit slow, especially when you’re trying to ascend your character’s class past Level 50.

That doesn’t count its mid-game Dungeons yet, so if you’re struggling to get stronger fast, here are some of the best things you can do.

10 Ways To Get Stronger In Legend Of Mushroom

The Gear Plan screen in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

Bearing similarities to Cat Hero, Legend of Mushroom’s basic mechanics are simple. However, these don’t do much to facilitate your overall account’s progression.

You need to identify certain tricks not explained to you from the get-go. Let’s jump right into it!

Leave the Magic Lamp’s Auto-Use feature on!

The Magic Lamp's Auto-Use function in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

As shared in our comprehensive beginner’s guide, the Magic Lamp is an invaluable tool for your character’s evolution. It’s the ONLY way for you to gain EXP and accumulate Gold.

With that in mind, there’s absolutely no point leaving it idle for prolonged periods. In fact, whenever you’re in-game, the first thing you should do is turn the Auto-Use tool on before exploring other content!

Only recommend the rarest equipment loot

The Magic Lamp's Rarity Levels in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

Although you’ve left the Auto-Use feature running, letting it filter equipment by following the wrong criteria is inefficient. You’ll be getting multiple ‘junk’ gear that you need to sell manually if you haven’t tailored the settings accordingly.

Check your Magic Lamp’s current chances of summoning higher-tier equipment. Afterward, specify the quality you want the Auto-Use tool to search for, allowing it to automatically sell those you don’t want, promoting those that you do instead.

Only use Skill and Pal Coupons on 30-pulls

The Skill Drawing part of the Drawing Machine in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

Being an idle game, you’d expect minimal ‘work’ in Legend of Mushroom. But, if you keep pulling for new Skills and Pals every time you acquire new Coupons, things become excruciatingly tedious very quickly.

Save those new Skill Coupons and Pal Coupons until you’ve accumulated enough for a 30-pull at a time. That way, you’ll get better chances of receiving dupes to enhance current ones, or acquire even rarer ones instead!

Dig as deep as you can in the Mine

Mining tutorial in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

The Mine is an excellent source of Ore, Skill Coupons, and Pal Coupons. These directly impact your in-game growth, particularly the Ores for advancing tech research in Tech Park.

Safe to say, the more Ores you have, the more research can be done, empowering your character as a result.

Play Arena daily for the Speed-Up Coupons

The Arena's opponent selection screen in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

Speed-Up Coupons are another valuable resource, especially if you want to get stronger fast. They instantly reduce the time required to complete Tech Park research and Magic Lamp upgrades.

The Arena is a consistent source of Speed-Up Coupons because they’re given as rewards for defeating other players. So, getting as much of them as you can helps toward your account’s overall growth.

Complete researches in Tech Park

An early-game research tree in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

Since you now know where to get Speed-Up Coupons for free, use them whenever you have new research being done in Tech Park.

Alternatively, you can save them for upgrading your Magic Lamp’s level, but since each Lamp level-up takes more than a few hours to complete, it’s much more beneficial to spend them on multiple Tech Park research instead.

Progress through Dungeon levels daily

An expanded list of the Dungeons in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

There are four permanent Dungeons in Legend of Mushroom, with additional ones added as timed events. Each Dungeon offers different rewards/ materials, so beating them daily helps you gather more resources.

That being said, ALWAYS try besting a Dungeon’s current level to progress to a higher one; never sweep previous levels! Dungeon Keys aren’t abundant, so it’s recommended for you to use them to unlock more difficult levels yielding better rewards.

Level up the Shroomie Farm and Prayer Statue

An early-game Shroomie Farm in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

For players who have unlocked the Shroomie Farm and Prayer Statue, these two facilities are crucial aspects of your character’s in-game strength, most notably from the mid-game onwards!

The Shroomie Farm produces Fruit Offerings that are given to the Prayer Statue. In return, the Prayer Statue offers blessings that significantly bolster certain stats of your hero or Pal.

Suffice to say; when your Shroomie Farm’s crops are plentiful, you’ll receive noteworthy buffs from the Prayer Statue after gifting them as offerings. The more you use the Shroomie Farm and Prayer Statue, the more EXP they get, leveling them up.

Family Shop items sold in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

If you haven’t already, join a Family. There are tons of benefits to be had when you do, besides actual friends to play with.

Once you’re a member, you should always donate Diamonds at the Family Hall (only around a few hundred Diamonds in total per day), and help boost anyone’s research when they request it.

You’ll be rewarded with Family Contributions to be spent in the Family Shop; a place where many hard-to-get items are sold, including all Coupon types (Speed-Up, Skill, Pal)!

Participate in Rush events

The Rush events screen in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

Every so often, different Rush events may appear in-game. From Level Rush to Mount Rush, you can shift your progression toward achieving the Rush event’s milestones to get exclusive rewards, such as Clock Winders and more Diamonds!

Rush events are time-limited and aren’t normally broadcast on the main screen, so always check for them by opening the icon underneath your Gold count.


The Prayer Statue in Legend of Mushroom.
Photo: Joy Nice Games

Legend of Mushroom seems to be Joy Nice Games’s most successful game on the mobile market thus far, and you might even love the game more after knowing how easy it is to get stronger fast in-game!

If you’re hunting for other amazing Android idle games like Legend of Mushroom, give our listicle a read. We already have that covered, besides loads of other comprehensive game guides available on our website!

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