How to Get Stronger Fast – AFK Journey (AFK2)

Shahzaib Manzoor

Your AFK Journey core team should always have the highest possible power level. That’s the only way to ensure swift Story Mode and AFK Challenge progression. The same applies to PvP battles.

But how do you get stronger fast in AFK Journey? How do you reach and surpass the power level requirements of every battle?

Well, it’s pretty simple. You do the things below and watch your heroes strengthen with every tap. 

Get FIVE Heroes ASAP!

screenshot of the Resonating Hall in AFK Journey

You can start a battle with one hero, but you need FIVE to fill all battle positions and achieve the highest possible power level. That’s why it’s important to Recruit new heroes at the start of the game. 

Here’s how to recruit heroes in AFK Journey:

  • Go to the Mystical House.
  • Go to the Noble Tavern. 
  • Select between All Hero Recruitment or Epic Recruitment. 
  • Hit Recruit 1 or Recruit 10, depending on the number of Invite Letters/Epic Invite Letters you have available.

If you don’t have enough Invite Letters, check out our guide on how to invite letters in AFK Journey

Level Up Your Heroes

screenshot of one of the Heroes from AFK Journey

The easiest way to get stronger in AFK Journey is by leveling up your Heroes.

In the Resonating Hall, you can see all the heroes that you have unlocked. Your FIVE strongest heroes will be under Hands of Resonance, and the rest are listed under Resonance Heroes.

You can only level up the Hands of Resonance members. 

To level up a Hero, tap on their card and then tap on the Level Up button at the bottom of the screen. You’ll need Gold and Training Manuals to level up your Heroes. But don’t worry, these resources are plentiful. 

You’ll get tons of them as you win battles. If you’re on a losing streak, simply go AFK for an hour or two. 

Ascend Your Heroes

screenshot of one of the Heroes from AFK Journey

If you’re really in a hurry, Hero Ascension is the quickest way to make your Heroes strong.

Hero Ascension massively boosts the attributes of your Heroes by improving their rarity rating.

Naturally, ascending heroes is very different from leveling them up. Instead of Gold and Training Manuals, you need the heroes’ Soul Sigils and Faction Acorns. 

Both these resources are available through the Dream Store and Hero Recruitment. 

Use Equipment and Artifacts

As you win Main Quest battles, you’ll unlock Equipment for your Heroes and Artifacts for yourself.


screenshot of the Equipment feature in AFK Journey

Equipment includes items like a Training Sword, Gloves, Boots, Armor, and more. These items increase the overall power level of the Hero. 

An interesting thing about the Equipment mechanic of AFK Journey is its application. 

There are SIX main classes of Heroes in AFK Journey- Support, Rogue, Mage, Marksman, Warrior, and Tank. When you unlock a piece of equipment for any class, it gets equipped for every Hero of that class.

For example, if you unlock a piece of equipment for a Mage, every Mage in your collection of Heroes will get the boost of that equipment.


screenshot of the Artifacts mechanic in AFK Journey

Artifacts are magical items that are equipped for your character, a.k.a, Magister Merlin.

Although wielded by the Magister, the final result of the Artifacts is a boost in the physical attributes of your Heroes during battle. So, even though Artifacts won’t directly increase the power level of your Heroes, they do provide a much-needed boost in the heat of the battle. 

The effects of the Artifacts can be boosted by leveling up the Artifacts.

Right now, there are SIX Artifacts in AFK Journey. These will unlock as you complete the Main Quests. 

We also have a guide on the Best Artifacts to Upgrade First in AFK Journey. 


Simply leveling up your Heroes is enough to get strong in AFK Journey. But, to reach 5 or 6-digit power levels quickly, you have to do things a bit differently.

As soon as you have enough heroes, level them up, ascend them, and find the best equipment for them.

If you’re not happy with your start, you can always reroll in AFK Journey and make a fresh start. 

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