How to Get Stellar Crystals – AFK Journey (AFK2)

June Reyes
How to Get Stellar Crystals (FI) - AFK Journey (AFK 2)

You can get Stellar Crystals in AFK Journey by opening Guild Chests and visiting certain shops in the Emporium—aside from buying them via in-app purchases in the Trolley, of course.

Scroll down to learn every single method you can use to farm Stellar Crystals in AFK Journey!

How to Get Stellar Crystals in AFK Journey

Stellar Crystals are required if you want to get Celestial or Hypogean heroes and other valuable items from the Stargaze Station, which you unlock by recruiting heroes 400 times from other Recruitment Banners.

Below are all the methods you can use to get Stellar Crystals in AFK Journey—both as a F2P and P2W player.

Loot Stellar Crystals From Guild Chests

Guild Chest Rewards obtained - AFK Journey (AFK 2)

You can potentially get Stellar Crystals from the Guild Chest at the end of every week, along with other Hero Recruitment Resources such as Invite Letters or Epic Invite Letters.

Rewards from the Guild Chest will be split evenly to all Guild members who manage to reach the Weekly Activeness requirements, but those with higher contributions will be given additional chests.

To increase your contribution, make sure you clear as many Guild Challenge quests as you can every week!

Buy Stellar Crystals From The Emporium

Guild Store with Stellar Crystals - AFK Journey

Stellar Crystals can be bought from the following stores in the Emporium:

Emporium Stores That Sell Stellar CrystalsPurchase CostPurchase Limit
Recruitment Store310 Dolly Tickets (-50%)

620 Dolly Tickets per Stellar Crystal
1 Stellar Crystal per month (-50%)

3 Stellar Crystals per month
Guild Store400 Diamonds per Stellar Crystal (-50%)6 Stellar Crystals per month (-50%)

It’s entirely your choice whether Stargaze Station pulls are worth the Diamonds or Dolly Tickets, but we recommend that you buy at least the Stellar Crystal with a -50% discount from the Recruitment Store every month.

Buy Stellar Crystal Bundles From The Trolley

Limited Bundles for Stellar Crystals and other key items in the Trolley - AFK Journey (AFK 2)

Last but not least, you can resort to making in-app purchases and buy Dragon Crystals with real money, then use them to buy premium bundles with Stellar Crystals in the Trolley.

The most cost-effective bundle to buy in the Trolley is the bi-weekly Stargaze Station Bundle for 1,120 Dragon Crystals, which gives you 20 Stellar Crystals per purchase.

Cheaper bundles may come depending on future in-game events and Trolley updates, but you may also consider buying the permanent Stargaze Station Bundle for 3,000 Dragon Crystals if you don’t mind spending way more cash on your in-app purchases.


Don’t worry too much if you can’t farm enough Stellar Crystals for multiple pulls in the Stargaze Station. After all, the vast majority of the best heroes in AFK Journey can be obtained from other sources—even Celestial and Hypogean heroes!

Now that you know where to get Stellar Crystals, how about farming other valuable resources like Diamonds and Gold?

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