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Type Soul
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(Last Updated On: July 26, 2023)

Being an anime game, Roblox Game’s Type Soul is one of the few games that instantly spike the attention of anime-loving gamers. This game depicts the Bleach universe, allowing gamers to explore the Soul Society, Huego Mundo, Karakura Town, etc., fighting Quincy, Hollows, etc.

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Type Soul also introduces Shikai, the awakening form of your katana called the Zanpakuto. The effect is similar to what Ichigo experienced in Bleach. Once you get Shikai, your Zanpakuto gets a unique appearance and power scaling.

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Getting Shikai itself can be challenging. However, if you are a Bleach fan, you already know how to get Shikai. There is only a little deviation from how Ichigo got it in the anime. As unlocking Shikai in Type Soul requires dedication and perseverance, this article will give a step-by-step process for getting Shikai in Type Soul.

Step One: Journey to the Soul Society 

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The first step is to become a soul reaper and find Kisuke, the legendary Soul Reaper in the anime. To become a Soul Reaper, intentionally dying at the beginning and in your soul form, find Kisuke in the park within Karakura Town.

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The location might be hard to find, especially if you are new, but you can YouTube for the exact point to find Kisuke. Once you interact with Kisuke, you become a Soul Reaper and are ready to go to the next step and get Shikai in Type Soul.

Step Two: Reach Grade 2 

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Once in your soul form, you must engage in battles and reach Grade 2 to unlock meditation. This challenging process requires strategy, perseverance, and strategic combat. Furthermore, it is possible to embark on the Soul Society’s Division Quests to reach Grade 2 quickly.

Step Three: Meditate Three Times

Get shikai in type soul
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After gaining the ability to meditate, you should travel to the Soul Society. In the Soul Society, press the M button to initiate the Meditation process in a secluded place. Ensure nobody disturbs you, as you will need to restart in such cases. You can reduce the wait time if disturbed by killing a Quincy or Arancar.

While meditating, your character sits and focuses in an attempt to hear their weapon. This process takes about 20 minutes, and to get Shikai in Type Soul, you need to do it thrice.

Fun fact: While waiting for your character to complete the meditation process, you can check out other Roblox games tailored for gaming enthusiasts.  

Step Four: Face and defeat the Shikai

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Do you remember the episode of Bleach where Ichigo had to fight his Zanpakuto while training to invade the Soul Society? Well, that is exactly what you will be doing in this step. After completing the meditation process in the previous step, you will gain access to your character’s inner world. If you encounter issues getting to the inner world, intentionally allow your character to die and meditate again.

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In the inner world, you must battle and defeat Shikai. While this task can be difficult, you can emulate the things below to win better.

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  • The Shikai is your twin (strength, skill, and everything-wise). So, it is better to have fewer skills to increase your chances of winning. If you have a higher skill set, the Shikai will know how to use it better than you and easily win.
  • Maintain a safe distance to avoid deadly combo attacks.
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If you lose, you can retry the mission after an hour. Furthermore, it is possible to reduce the cooldown period by battling other players or NPCs.

Step Five: Use the Shikai

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When you win, you automatically get the Shikai in Type Soul. Consequently, this increases your combat capabilities. Equip your sword and activate the power of Shikai by pressing the J button. There are different manifestation types, including, Berserk, Creation, Lightning, Confusion, Shadow, Water, Ink, Blood, Ice, Fire and Wind, each with unique abilities.

Final Thoughts

Several trials await you, soul reaper. Nevertheless, congratulation on unlocking Shikai, a weapon that screams power. Harness the power of Shikai in Type Soul, master it, and face every trial Type Soul offers.

Also, remember the journey is still long, and many mysteries lurk in Type Soul. Good luck as you forge ahead.

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