How to Get Hero Essence – AFK Journey (AFK2)

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How to Get Hero Essence (FI) - AFK Journey (AFK2)

The best source of Hero Essence in AFK Journey is the AFK Rewards system, but you can also get them by exploring the world, clearing quests, clearing Legend Trial floors, leveling up your Noble Path, and participating in events.

Scroll further down to learn all the ways you can get Hero Essences in the game, as well as what you should do whenever you get an Essence Hourglass in AFK Journey!

How to Get Hero Essences in AFK Journey

Hero Essence is a required material for leveling up heroes every 10 levels. It’s one of the game’s most important, yet hardest-to-farm resources, especially for beginners in AFK Journey.

You’re going to need a lot of Hero Essences to get stronger fast, so we’ve taken the liberty to list out all the reliable ways to get Hero Essences in the game, and they are as follows:

Clear AFK Stages & Claim AFK Rewards

AFK Rewards (Hero Exxence x503) - AFK Journey (AFK2)

The best way to get Hero Essences is to claim them from your AFK Rewards, along with other valuable growth materials such as:

  • Gold
  • Training Manuals
  • Equipment

To increase the amount of items you get from your AFK Rewards, remember to clear AFK Stages as often as you can! You get an increase in Hero Essence earned per day for every 5 AFK Stages you clear.

Not only that, but you also get Hero Essences directly as a reward for clearing increasingly higher AFK Stages, so get right on it!

Explore The World

Hero essence obtained after opening chest - AFK Journey (AFK 2)

Simply doing the following activities out on the world map will give you plenty of Hero Essence:

Clear Your Quests

All daily quests cleared - AFK Journey (AFK 2)

Clearing the following Quests will give you Hero Essences:

  • Daily Quests
  • Growth Path Quests
  • Growth Trial

Daily Quests, in particular, is arguably the second most reliable source of Hero Essence next to the AFK Rewards system. 

Clearing Daily Quests gives you up to 8 hours (two 4 hours) worth of Hero Essence per day, which means it also scales depending on how many AFK Stages you’ve already cleared, just like how many you get from AFK Rewards.

Play Legend Trials

Tower of Nature (hero essence reward highlighted) - AFK Journey (AFK2)

Legend Trials also give you Hero Essences as a reward after clearing certain floors, along with other valuable resources such as Acorns and Invite Letters.

You get separate rewards for each faction’s tower you clear, so remember to play Legend Trials every day and keep grinding for those sweet items!

Level Up Your Noble Path

Noble Path rewards - AFK Journey (AFK 2)

The Noble Path is AFK Journey’s version of a battle pass. It has a free version (Fun Travelogue) and a paid version (Secret Travelogue)—both of which give you lots of Hero Essences after achieving certain levels.

You obviously get more rewards if you buy the Secret Travelogue package for the Noble Path, but you’ll still be able to farm a decent amount of Hero essences over time as long as you keep clearing Noble Path Quests consistently.

Participate In Events

Primal Lord event - AFK Journey (AFK 2)

Last but certainly not least, we have events as one of the best sources of Hero Essences—provided, of course, that you’re willing to stay active and participate as often as you can.

As a live-service game, AFK Journey will have no shortage of running events, so always check the Events page if you want to farm not just Hero Essences, but also other rare items like Epic Invite Letters, Costumes, Diamonds, and even S-Level or A-Level Heroes!

Save Your Essence Hourglasses

Friend gifts (Essence Hourglass obtained) - AFK Journey (AFK2)

As you keep playing the game, you’ll be able to get items called “Essence Hourglass” from a variety of other sources (you can get it as a Friend Chest drop, as seen above). 

This item gives you a set amount of Hero Essences based on the hours written in its description (2H, 4H, 8H, etc.). 

Essence Hourglass 4H usage prompt - AFK Journey (AFK2)

The exact amount of essences you receive from an Essence Hourglass is then determined once again by your progress in the AFK Stages. The more stages you’ve cleared, the more you get from Essence Hourglasses!

This is why we recommend that you hold off on using Essence Hourglass as much as you can, especially if you’re a beginner in AFK Journey who hasn’t progressed that far into the AFK Stages yet.


The lack of Hero Essences is one of—if not the most common progress roadblock in AFK Journey. It’s a time-walled resource that you can never have enough of, so keep in mind everything we’ve mentioned above! 

Now that you’ve seen where to get Hero Essences for your level-ups, how about learning how to farm Diamonds and Stellar Crystals for hero recruits next? 

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