How to Get Gems and New Sync Pairs in Pokémon Masters: Tips and Tricks

Anurag Ghosh
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Pokemon Masters’ gameplay is a bit different from mainstream Pokemon games. In fact, most games launched on the Android platform have nothing in common with the original game. For instance, Magikarp Jump allows players to train the most despised Pokemon to participate in jumping events.

Masters has a real-time combat system, but instead of collecting cute monsters, you will team up with other trainers and fight rivals in a unique time-bound battle system.

What is a Sync Pair? 

Pokémon Masters lets you partner with a trainer-Pokémon pair. You won’t be capturing monsters, unlike other Pokémon games. A “sync pair” is a special term used to describe a single trainer and his/her pocket monster.  

Your team consists of three sync-pairs. When battle begins, your team will be battling against rival team’s three sync pairs. You can make friends with a sync-pair while exploring the all-new island of Pasio or can scout for new pairs in the Shop.  

Sync Pair Teams in Pokemon Masters

See the “Dex” to get a list of sync pairs. Tap the poryphone located on the lower-right corner of the screen and then tap “Dex”. Tap a sync pair and then tap the tiny + button to see stats, moves and passive skills of a pair. Pairs not in your collection will be grayed out.  

There are a few ways to collect sync pairs and gems without spending money. Read our Pokémon Masters guide or watch the gameplay video below to know how to get them for free:  

How to Get Sync Pairs 

Keep exploring Pasio to befriend certain rival pairs. Under “Explore”, tap “Main Story”, defeat boss pairs and befriend them to add them to your collection. You will come across certain friendly rivals who will challenge you for a battle. 

Scout new pairs in “Shop”. You will need gems to get a sync pair. Under Shop, tap “Sync Pair Scout”. You will need at least 300 gems to obtain a pair. To obtain 10 pairs, you will have to spend 3000 gems. However, there’s a cool “daily discount” section that lets you scout for a pair for 100 paid gems. Unfortunately, you will have to spend real money to buy 100 gems to use this offer. There’s a limit of 1 discount each day.  

There’s also a special offer for x10 pairs. This one-time offer has a guaranteed 5* pair if you spend 3000 paid gems to scout x10 pairs. 

How to Get Gems for Scouting Sync Pairs 

To instantly scout new pairs, you will need gems, and I am sure you are eager to know how to get them for free in Pokémon Masters. Well, here are a few ways to obtain gems:  

– Under “Main Story”, complete an area in “battle” mode. You will receive gems as first-time rewards if you complete an area without fail. A battle mode displays how many battles are there in a particular area. Finish all battles in an area to get your rewards.  

– There’s also a story mode under Main Story. You will have a conversation with a trainer or an NPC. Skip the conversation by tapping the fast-forward button. You will receive fewer gems in the story mode.  

– Don’t forget to complete “Sync Pair Stories” in the main mission. Under stories, you will get to talk to new pairs who are already in your collection. Finish a conversation with a pair to get your rewards. Fast-forward a conversation to get them instantly. 

– Get gems from special Log-In Bonus. This comes under a limited time “Launch Celebration Special Rally”, so make sure you log in daily to collect gems before expiry. You will receive 200 gems each day. There’s also a general log-in bonus reward section that offers a mix of gems and other rewards each day. You will obtain 50-100 gems on certain days.  

– You will also receive a whopping x1000 gems. It’s a launch celebration present. You can claim this gift from the “Presents” section. Tap the gift box on the lower-left corner of the screen to claim your launch celebration present*.  

– Complete missions. Tap the poryphone > missions and complete simple tasks mentioned in the list to get your rewards. Besides gems, you will also receive other rewards, such as the “level up manual” to level up sync pairs, skill capsules and training machines to learn moves and passive skills. 

*All login and launch celebration/event rewards are stored in “Presents”. Make sure you claim all rewards before they expire. A stored present expires in 30 days. 

Tip: Complete mission no. 82 to get 600 gems. You will have to link to your Nintendo account to get this reward. Make sure you have completed Main story’s chapter 2. You can then link the game to your Nintendo account to get your rewards.