How to Get EX Weapons – AFK Journey (AFK2)

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How to Get EX Weapons (FI) - AFK Journey (AFK 2)

You can only unlock EX Weapons (i.e. Exclusive Equipment) and EX Weapon Skills in AFK Journey by ascending a hero to Mythic+. You can then level up these Exclusive Equipment to further amplify your hero’s EX Weapon Skill, enhancing their effects in combat.

Scroll down and read more to learn how to get EX Weapons, how many growth materials a hero needs to get to Mythic+, and how to level up their EX Weapon!

How to Get EX Weapons in AFK Journey

EX Weapon unlock (Rowan) - AFK Journey (AFK2)

As you can see from the image above, a hero gets their EX Weapon once you ascend them from Mythic to Mythic+ using Acorns and their Soul Sigils (i.e. duplicates). 

Here’s how many Acorns and Soul Sigils a hero needs to get to Mythic+ depending on their type/rarity after you’ve obtained them:

Hero Type/RarityTotal Soul Sigils Required (Mythic+)Total Acorns Required (Mythic+)
A-Level Hero43 Soul SigilsNone
S-Level Hero5 Soul Sigils150 Faction/Omni-Acorns
Celestial/Hypogean Hero7 Soul SigilsNone

How to Level Up EX Weapons in AFK Journey

Enhance EX Weapon (Vala) - AFK Journey (AFK2)

Leveling up a hero’s EX Weapon increases the Basic Stats it provides and improves the effects of their EX Skill at EX Weapon Level +5, +10, and +15.

To level up a hero’s EX Weapon, you need the following materials:

Required EX Weapon Upgrade MaterialsEX Weapons Leveled Up
Tidal Essence - AFK Journey (AFK2)
x150 Tidal Essence 
Lv. 1 – Lv. 5 EX Weapons
(Ascension Tier Required: Mythic+)
Temporal Essence - AFK Journey (AFK2)
x75 Temporal Essence
Lv. 6 – Lv. 10 EX Weapons
(Ascension Tier Required: Supreme)
Temporal Essence - AFK Journey (AFK2)
x200 Temporal Essence
Lv. 11 – Lv. 15 EX Weapons
(Ascension Tier Required: Supreme+)
Twilight Essence - AFK Journey (AFK2)
x125 Twilight Essence
Lv. 16 – Lv. 25 EX Weapons
(Ascension Tier Required: Supreme+)

You can get these EX Weapon upgrade materials mainly by purchasing them from Emporium stores, participating in Dream Realm battles, and achieving higher tiers in the Arena.

Best EX Weapons To Level Up First in AFK Journey

Tidal Essence item description - AFK Journey (AFK2)

Tidal Essences, Temporal Essences, and Twilight Essences are quite hard to come by, so we recommend investing in the following top-tier heroes’ EX Weapons first:

Recommended EX Weapon Owners To Invest In FirstEX Weapon SkillOptimal EX Weapon Level
Eironn Howling Hurricane - AFK Journey (AFK 2)
Howling Hurricane
Eironn’s first casting of Ultimate in battles does not consume Energy, but the damage is reduced to 50% of the original damage.
AFK Journey - Odie
Odie's Heart Crusher icon from AFK Journey (AFK2).
Heart Crusher
Poisoned enemies are immediately defeated when their HP falls under a certain threshold equaling 5.2 multiplied by Dart Poison’s DoT. For every poisoned enemy hero defeated this way, the threshold is increased by an additional 0.5 multiplied by Dart Poison’s DoT (stacks up to 2 times).
Marilee Battlefield Learning - AFK Journer (AFK 2)
Battlefield Learning
Marilee’s ATK is increased by 5% when other allies cast an Ultimate, up to 6 stacks. Her normal attacks deal true damage after reaching max stacks.
AFK Journey - Thoran
AFK Journey - Thoran
Soul Pact
Before a battle starts, Thoran signs a pact with the ally on the tile behind him, agreeing to take 50% damage for this ally until the battle ends. When Thoran is defeated, this ally sacrifices 85% of their current HP to save and heal Thoran by 150% of this portion of HP. After that, Thoran no longer takes damage for this ally.
Inventor's Will icon
Inventor’s Will
Each toy chariot activates a music halo when it responds to Emergency Support! for the first time, inspiring non-summoned allies within 2 tiles and increasing their Haste by 40 for 10s.
AFK Journey - Scarlita
Divine Judgment
Deals true damage if there are at least 4 surviving non-summoned allies other than herself on the battlefield.
Reinier - AFK Journey (AFK2)
Reinier Tuned Art - AFK Journey (AFK 2)
Tuned Art
Reinier deals 200% damage to the enemy and knocks them down when casting Dynamic Balance, increasing their damage taken by 25% till the battle ends.

As you can see, most of the heroes we recommended are DPS units, as heavily investing in your damage dealers first will take you farther in the game compared to if you were to invest in tanks/supports instead.


Leveling up your heroes’ EX Weapons is one of the best ways to get stronger in AFK Journey, so long as you pick the right heroes to fully invest in.

Now that you know how to get EX Weapons for your heroes and what materials you need to level them up, go ahead and read our Invite Letter and Epic Invite Letter farming guides to learn how to get more heroes and their duplicates so you can get them to Mythic+ faster!

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