How to Get Free Epic Invite Letters – AFK Journey (AFK2)

June Reyes
How To Get Epic Invite Letters - AFK Journey (Featured Image)

The most reliable way to farm Epic Invite Letters in AFK Journey is to buy them from the Emporium and get them from your Guild Chest. However, there are a few other methods that you can use to get Epic Invite Letters.

Scroll down to learn all the F2P-friendly methods you can use to get Epic Invite Letters in AFK Journey!

How To Get Free Epic Invite Letters In AFK Journey (All Methods)

Below are all the ways to get free Epic Invite Letters in AFK Journey, which should help you get multiple Epic heroes in the long run.

Buy Epic Invite Letters From the Emporium

Recruitment store - AFK Journey

You can purchase Epic Invite Letters from two stores in the Emporium:

  • Recruitment Store
  • Guild Store

Both stores refresh their stock monthly, so make sure to grab all the Epic Invite Letters you can get your hands on every month before they reset!

Open Your Guild Chest

Guild Treasure rewards - AFK Journey

Upon joining a Guild, you’ll have access to the Guild Chest feature, which gives you rewards at the end of every week based on how active you and your fellow Guild members are.

Not only can you potentially get Epic Invite letters here, but you can also obtain Invite Letters, Stellar Crystals, Soulstones, and Dolly Tickets!

Make sure to join an active Guild for better rewards—preferably competitive ones near or at the top of your server’s Guild leaderboards!

Loot Crimson Treasure Chests

Crimson Treasure chest rewards - AFK Journey

Crimson Treasure chests are chests located all over the world map that are guarded by enemies (sometimes Elite enemies) that you must defeat first before they can be unlocked.

The primary rewards that you get from Crimson Treasure chests are Diamonds and Epic Invite Letters—two of the most valuable items in the game, so make sure to unlock and loot these chests whenever you can!

Clear Arcane Labyrinth Stages

Arcane Labyrinth - AFK Journey

You unlock Arcane Labyrinth after clearing AFK Stage 100. It allows you to play a completely different game mode where you must win increasingly hard battles while choosing from various status buffs to help your team out.

To get Epic Invite Letters from the Arcane Labyrinth, you must clear new difficulty stages. For every Arcane Labyrinth stage you clear for the first time, you get 3 Epic Invite Letters.

Complete Growth Path Quests

Growth Path - AFK Journey

Growth Path quests are the best source of Epic Invite Letters for beginner AFK Journey players, as they also give you other much-needed resources such as Gold, Diamonds, and Hero Essences.

Not only that, but the Growth Path also provides players with decent guidelines on which tasks to prioritize first, which makes it all the more helpful for newbies!

Achieve Noble Path Milestones

Noble Path milestones - AFK Journey

The Noble Path feature is AFK Journey’s version of a “Battle Pass” where you can earn certain rewards by staying active and doing quests. 

The following Noble Path milestones give you 2 Epic Invite Letters (4 if you purchased the Secret Travelogue pack) when achieved:

  • Level 10
  • Level 25
  • Level 50
  • Level 75
  • Level 100

That comes out to about 10 to 20 Epic Invite Letters depending on whether you have purchased the Secret Travelogue pack or not, which, either way, isn’t that bad considering how rare Epic Invite Letters are.


Epic Invite Letters are among the hardest items to get in AFK Journey, but don’t be too discouraged! Even if you’re F2P, you’ll be able to get enough of them to summon and even invest in a handful of Epic heroes.

Though if you want to have a great selection of Epic heroes early on, how about giving our Reroll Guide for AFK Journey a read? 

Also, feel free to visit How to Farm Free Diamonds – AFK Journey (AFK2) if you want to get more Diamonds for hero summons!

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