How to Get Ducats – Warframe

Miguel Rondain

You can acquire Ducats by exchanging Prime Parts at Ducat Kiosks. Read ahead to see a step-by-step guide on getting Ducats, as well as our recommendations and tips for certain steps!

How to Get Ducats Step-by-Step Guide

Step #1: Acquire Relics

Kappa, Sedna - Warframe

In our experience, the easiest place to acquire relics is in the Kappa node, on the planet Sedna. This node is a Disruption type mission and can be completed quite quickly.

Alternatively, Relics can be passively acquired just by playing through the game. Endless mission types such as Survival, Defense, and Excavations, can occasionally award all participating players with relics.

Step #2: Open Relics in Void Fissures

Void Fissures Missions - Warframe

We’ve found that the quickest mission types for cracking relics are Exterminate and Capture. However, a coordinated team can go into an Excavation and quickly open relics in bulk.

Step #3: Head to a Relay

Strata Relay - Warframe

Relays are special nodes that appear on select planets. These relays are non-combat zones where players can find Syndicates as well as the Void Trader, Baro Ki’Teer whenever he visits.

Below, we’ve included a table of the planets that have relays.

Mercury – Larunda RelayVenus – Vesper RelayEarth – Strata Relay
Saturn – Kronia RelayEuropa – Leonov RelayEris – Kuiper Relay
Pluto – Orcus Relay

    Step #4: Exchange Prime Parts for Ducats

    Ducat Kiosk - Warframe

    Go into the relay and head towards the Ducat Kiosks. Interact with the kiosks to exchange the Prime Parts you’ve collected for Ducats.

    Common prime parts are worth 15 Ducats, Uncommon prime parts are worth 45 Ducats each, while Rare prime parts are worth 100 Ducats each.

    If you’re a returning player, you may have vaulted prime parts that you no longer need. These vaulted prime parts can go for 65 Ducats a pop. So make sure to exchange all of the prime parts you no longer need in preparation for Baro Ki’Teer’s eventual arrival.


    The best way to gather Ducats is by continuously cracking relics, and then bulk exchanging everything you’ve collected on the day that Baro Ki’Teer arrives at a relay.

    The fastest way to gather Ducats is to purchase prime parts from other players with Platinum and exchange them at kiosks, but that typically means you’ll be spending money to purchase Platinum.

    If you’re looking for free ways to acquire premium currency, consider reading some of our other farming guides for Stellar Jades, Codes, and Emeralds in Honkai: Star Rail and Sea of Conquest respectively!

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