How To Get Diamonds Fast In Legend of Mushroom

Shahzaib Manzoor

Diamonds are an important currency in Legend of Mushroom. You can use them to buy Lucky Wheel spins. Diamonds can also be used to draw Skills and Pals when you don’t have enough Coupons.

Moreover, some great resources are available at the Supply Store in exchange for Diamonds.

In short, Diamonds = Progress. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to get diamonds fast in Legend of Mushroom.

How To Get Diamonds Fast

There are quite a few ways to get Diamonds fast in Legend of Mushrooms. Let’s take a closer look at all of them.

Redeem Gift Codes

The fastest way to get Diamonds right now is to redeem the newly launched gift codes.

Legend of Mushroom has an in-built redeem code section and the devs are dishing out tons of codes as well. Click the link below to check out our Legend of Mushroom code list to find the latest codes and learn how to redeem them.

Feature Preview

main gameplay screen of Legend of Mushroom
Image: Joy Nice Games

The game rewards you with Diamonds for unlocking the various in-game features. On the main gameplay screen, tap on the icon pointed to in the image above to access Feature Preview.

For every Feature you unlock, you’ll get 50 Diamonds.

7D Trial

Log in consecutively for 7 days and complete all the tasks listed in the 7D Trial tab. Every task rewards players with valuable resources, including Gold, Gems, Pal Coupons, and more!

You get a mega reward of 600 Diamonds if you complete all Day 1 tasks in the 7D Trial.


main gameplay screen of Legend of Mushroom
Image: Joy Nice Games

In the Gifts section, pointed to in the image above, there are THREE sources of Diamonds: Shroomie Battle Pass, Happy Farm, and Level Fund.

Shroomie Battle Pass

Shroomie Battle Pass screenshot
Image: Joy Nice Games

As you complete the various Battle Pass tasks and reach higher tiers of the free Battle Pass, you’ll get rewards like Diamonds, Pal Coupons, and Skill Coupons.

While the quantity of Pal and Skill Coupons is quite low, Diamonds come in bigger amounts

Happy Farm

Happy Farm feature in Legend of Mushroom
Image: Joy Nice Games

For farming and harvesting crops on the Shroomie Farm inside the Manor, you get Fruit Offerings for the Prayer Statue. After every harvest, come to the Gifts section>Happy Farm and get an extra reward for completing certain tasks at the Shroomie Farm.

Rewards include Diamonds, Common Fertilizer, and Advanced Seeds.

Level Fund

Level Fund feature in Legend of Mushroom
Image: Joy Nice Games

Increase your character level to earn huge amounts of Diamonds quickly.

In the Gifts tab, head to Level Fund. You’ll see a list of the various character levels and their respective rewards. As you reach those character levels, come back and collect your Diamonds.

Daily Discord Visit

Gift Centre of Legend of Mushroom
Image: Joy Nice Games

You can get 200 Diamonds simply by visiting the official Legend of Mushroom Discord.

Tap on your character profile in the top-left corner to access the Gift Centre. Click on the Visit Discord button. Once the Discord channel loads, spend a few seconds and then return to the game to get 200 Diamonds.

Complete Story Tasks

screenshot pointing to the Tasks in Legend of Mushroom
Image: Joy Nice Games

While playing the Story Mode, you’re given some tasks to complete. You can see these Tasks in the bottom left corner of your gameplay screen.

The rewards for completing these tasks include Diamonds, Pal Coupons, Skill Coupons, Gold, and more.

Complete Daily Tasks

image pointing to the Daily Tasks tab
Image: Joy Nice Games

There’s a Daily Task tab in the top-left corner of the main gameplay screen. You’ll find a list of tasks to complete in this tab. For every task you complete, you get 30 Diamonds.

These tasks reset every 24 hours and most of them complete themselves as you play the main story mode. It’s just a matter of claiming these rewards on time.

Molten Ruins

Molten Ruins Dungeon in Legend of Mushroom
Image: Joy Nice Games

Play the Molten Ruins Dungeon in Legend of Mushroom to earn Skill Coupons, Pal Coupons, and Diamonds. As you reach higher levels in Molten Ruins, the number of reward Diamonds and Coupons increases too.

Chrono Tower

Chrono Tower in Legend of Mushroom
Image: Joy Nice Games

A new Dungeon has been added to Legend of Mushroom that awards Clock Winders and Diamonds for every successful raid.

However, unlike Molten Ruins, the Chrono Tower is not a beginner-friendly dungeon. Be ready for some quick defeats before you get the hang of it.

Lucky Wheel

screenshot of the Lucky Wheel
Image: Joy Nice Games

One of the newly added features to Legend of Mushroom is the Lucky Wheel. Tap on your profile in the top-right corner to open a drop-down menu and access the Spin tab.

Players get 5 free attempts daily to spin the wheel and win rewards like Diamond and Magic Lamp Keys, Diamonds, Skill Coupons, Pal Coupons, and more.

Limited-Time Shop

screenshot of the Limited-Time Shop in Legend of Mushroom
Image: Joy Nice Games

In the Limited-Time Shop, you get 150 Diamonds for free every day. Never let these get away.

Moreover, you can buy a Draw Ticket Pack I that has 1050 Diamonds, 60 Pal Coupons, and 60 Skill Coupons. Another deal that has 200 Diamonds, 60 Magic Lamps, and 6 Speed Up Tickets is the Magic Lamp Pack.

AFK Rewards

AFK rewards screenshot
Image: Joy Nice Games

It’s not fast, but it is a sure-shot way of getting some Diamonds for doing absolutely nothing. The longer you stay away from the game the more Diamonds you’ll get.

Moreover, if you are willing to sit through a few ads, you can get 2 hours’ worth of AFK rewards in a matter of minutes.

But the AFK earning rate for Diamonds is pretty low in Legend of Mushroom. It’s best not to rely too much on this source.


Now you know how to get Diamonds fast in Legend of Mushroom. These things are hard to come by. That’s why we suggest that you use your Diamonds wisely. Instead of wasting them on Lucky Wheel spins or Draws, it’s best to spend them in the Supply Store.

More Legend of Mushroom content is on the way so stay tuned.

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