How to Get Characters in Disney Getaway Blast

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Disney Getaway Blast is a nice little puzzle game that allows you to complete bubble-matching levels to discover exciting new stories, restore locations and unlock your favorite Disney characters. The game is divided into three picturesque locations – Lowkey Beach, Snowpeak Pass and Smuggler’s Dunes.  

Collect characters in Disney Getaway Blast

Each location has several areas that need to be restored or repaired to save local flora and fauna. A particular area within a location can be restored after completing a set of stories. You can check the current or ongoing story by tapping the checklist on the home screen. To progress through a story, you will need stars, which can be earned by finishing puzzle levels. Complete levels to earn stars and discover stories to restore scenic locations.  

Finding it hard to finish a level? Our useful guide be might be of some help:  

Disney Getaway Blast Game Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies  

While going through a story, you will also be customizing buildings, which presents a nice little photo-op. Once a building is fully restored or customized, you can click a photo within the game and save it to your album. Collecting a certain number of photographs unlocks cool characters, such as Pluto, Abu (Aladdin) and Rex (Toy Story).  

You will also be collecting your favorite characters by reaching certain levels in Disney Getaway Blast. As you complete more levels, you will get tokens of a particular character until you reach the target level, where you will unlock him/her.  

The keychain toy versions of characters are very adorable. When it unlocks, the keychain breaks, bringing the character to life. You can then use that character and his/her special skill to complete a level.

To make things simple, we have created a table that will help you know a list of Disney Getaway Blast characters and the levels where they can be unlocked. 

LowKey Beach
Character NameUnlocks at Level
Donald Duck39
Snowpeak Pass
Character NameUnlocks at Level
Violet (The Incredibles)109
Stitch (Lilo and Stitch)129
Beast (Beauty and the Beast)169
Smuggler’s Dunes
Character NameUnlocks at Level
Elsa (Frozen)240
Elizabeth Swann (Frozen)272
Mrs. Incredible307
Alien (Toy Story)341
Barbossa (Toy Story)375
Mrs. Potts409
Buzz Lightyear444