How to Get Celestial and Hypogean Heroes – AFK Journey (AFK2)

Shahzaib Manzoor

In patch 1.0.7 – released on October 24, 2023 – Farlight introduced two new hero factions in AFK Journey- Celestial and Hypogean. There was ONE S-Level hero in each Faction at that time. Now, there are TWO each.

These are the strongest Heroes in the game, and – advertently – the rarest as well. They’re locked behind a lot of gacha mechanics. But, it gets easier once you know what to do.

So, here’s a guide on how to get Celestial and Hypogean heroes in AFK Journey.

How To Get Celestial and Hypogean Heroes

Right now, there are THREE methods of obtaining a Celestial or Hypogean hero in AFK Journey.

  1. Stargaze Station.
  2. Emporium.
  3. Free Login Reward All-Hero.

Let’s take an in-depth look at all of them.

Pull from Stargaze Station

Noble Tavern of AFK Journey

The Stargaze Station is the dedicated recruiting section for Celestials and Hypogeans. You can find it in the far-right corner of the Noble Tavern.

There’s a slight problem, though.

Stargaze Station is not readily available to every player. You must fulfill a pricey condition to unlock it and get a chance at Stargazing.

Unlock Stargaze Station

Stargaze Station of AFK Journey

To unlock Stargaze Station in AFK Journey, players must:

  • Recruit 400 times in any card pool.

There are THREE main card pools in AFK Journey- Rate Up Recruitment, All-Hero Recruitment, and Epic Recruitment. Stargaze Station will unlock once you’re aggregate of draws in all three card pools reaches 400.

It’s a hefty price tag, considering how difficult it is to get Invite Letters and how pricey the Diamonds are.

Our guides on how to get Invite Letters and Epic Invite Letters might help a bit. We also have an AFK Journey Diamond Farming guide.

Once you unlock Stargaze Station, you finally get the chance to recruit a Celestial or Hypogean hero.

Get Stellar Crystals

Stargaze Station of AFK Journey

You can only use Stellar Crystals to pull for Celestial or Hypogean heroes in the Stargaze Station. These are very hard to come by.

Following are the three main sources of Stellar Crystals:

  1. Trolley.
  2. Recruitment Store.
  3. Guild Store.

Stellar Crystals will also become available to purchase after you unlock the Stargaze Station by pulling 400 times in other card pools.

Once you unlock Stargaze Station and collect some Stellar Crystals, you’re in business.

Pick Your Hero

Hero Choice screen in Stargaze Station, AFK Journey

Players get to pick the hero they want from Stargaze Station. There’s a 3.25% chance of drawing your chosen hero every time you Stargaze. You’re guaranteed to pull the chosen hero after 40 draws.

Right now, there are TWO Celestial and TWO Hypogean heroes in AFK Journey.

Celestial HeroesHypogean Heroes
Scarlita ScarlitaBerial Berial
Dionel DionelReinier Reinier

Any of these would be an exceptional addition to your hero roster. However, since the currency needed to draw these heroes is as rare as the heroes, you must choose wisely.

Other items that you can pull from Stargazing include Diamonds, Ruin Stones, and Dazzling Stones.

Purchase from Guild Store

Guild Store in AFK Journey

After joining a Guild, you’ll unlock the Guild Store. It can be accessed in the Emporium within the Mystical House.

Under the Monthly tab, you’ll see the Soul Sigils for every Celestial and Hypogean hero in AFK Journey. While Soul Sigils are used for Hero Ascension, they can also unlock the Hero.

You’ll need Guild Medals to buy Soul Sigils of Celestial and Hypogean heroes. One Soul Sigil of a Celestial or Hypogean hero costs 30,000 Guild Medals.

You can buy a maximum of 6 Soul Sigils at once.

This is a monthly deal. Celestial and Hypogean Soul Sigils might not be available next month. So, if you have enough Guild Medals, trade them in for your favorite Celestial or Hypogean right now.

Acquire from All-Hero Login Event

daily log in reward screen in AFK Journey

If you log in to AFK Journey every day, you get Heroes and other valuable resources as your login reward. And if you are lucky enough, one of these days, you might pull a Celestial or a Hypogean.

There are reward cards randomly spread across the Daily Login Reward calendar. These cards can award either an Epic Hero or a Celestial/Hypogean hero.

All you have to do is log in every day, collect your reward, and pray to lady luck.


That’s how to get Celestial and Hypogean heroes in AFK Journey.

While not easy to get, these heroes are worth all the effort. Who would you choose? A bearer of Light or an agent of Darkness?

Do check out our AFK Journey Heroes tier list and a How to Reroll Guide if you’re not happy with your progress.

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