How to Get All Beasts in Dino War

Anurag Ghosh
Dino War Beast Guide
(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)

Beasts are one of the most unique gameplay features of Dino War. You can deploy these creatures to battle New Dawn army or use them to raid player bases and hunt monsters. Beasts are not easy to locate and you will need to work hard locating and taming them. This beginner-level guide will help you find creatures:

Finding Beasts

The beast compound is where you will find information about Jurassic-era creatures. Tap this building and then tap “Beasts” to get a list of locked and unlocked creatures. The first beast will be unlocked for you. You will have to locate most of the locked creatures via “Resistance Intel”.

Find beasts in Dino War through resistance intel

When you receive Intel, head straight to the “Intel Post”, a building located next to the hospital and shelter.

locate beasts from the Intel post

Tap the “Binocular” icon and then tap Intel to locate co-ordinates of a bunker.

You will have to destroy bunkers to locate creatures or other beast-related items. Tap “Locate” to get the co-ordinates and send troop to attack the bunker.

Attack beasts

You may not receive beasts every time, but you will find components for crafting plugins, equipment and serum necessary for enhancing or upgrading your creatures.

Destroy a Bunker to get Serum, Components and Intel Crate

Note that there are very low chances of getting a beast if you use a level-1 or level-2 resistance Intel. However, there are higher chances of finding bunkers containing creatures if you use a level-3 or higher Intel.

How to Get Resistance Intel

Now that you know how to get beasts, let’s find out how to get Intel:

1. You might get it via the resistance courier at the Intel post. Delivery dinos at the post bring items every 3-5 minutes. When they bring something, just tap the parcel icon to know what’s inside it. You won’t receive Intel from courier every time. You can purchase it at the Trading Post.

2. Tap the Trading Post and then tap the “Intel” tab. The Trading Post is located beside the Beast Compound. Make sure you select Level-3 or higher Intel if you are looking for beasts. If you want serums, equipment and components, you can select level 1 or level 2 Intel. You can buy resistance Intel using diamonds.

* Diamonds are premium currency, but you can easily get them via “Daily Drop” at the Mess Hall. Activate the Daily Drop and you might get diamonds delivered to your backpack. Also, keep an eye on “Diamond Events” at the event center. This building is located next to the arms dealer building. Complete a list of tasks in an event to get diamonds. Don’t forget to claim diamonds via Backpack if you want to use them to purchase Intel.