How to Get and Use Acorns – AFK Journey (AFK 2)

June Reyes
How to Get and Use Acorns (FI) - AFK Journey (AFK2)

Acorns are used for hero ascensions in AFK Journey, and the best way to get lots of them in one go is to pull on recruitment banners. However, you can also get Acorns from a few Emporium stores, Legend Trial floors, Guild Loot chests, and Noble Path milestone rewards.

Scroll down and read more to know how to get the most Acorns from each source, and what exactly Acorns are used for!

How to Get Acorns in AFK Journey

Listed below are the most reliable sources of Acorns in AFK Journey—all of which we recommend you take a look at in-game ASAP!

Pull on Recruitment Banners

x10 Recruitment Results with Acorns - AFK Journey (AFK 2)

Recruitment Banners are by far the best sources of Acorns in the game. Do keep in mind that you can get two types of Acorns depending on which Recruitment Banner you pull from:  

Recruitment Banners in AFK JourneyObtainable AcornsRates For Acorns
Rate Up RecruitmentOmni-Acorns1.5% (x30)
15.0% (x4)
70.5% (x1)
All Hero RecruitmentFaction Acorns0.5% (x30)
15.0% (x4)
59.95% (x1)
Epic RecruitmentOmni-Acorns1.0% (x30)
25.0% (x4)
50.03% (x1)
Stargaze StationOmni-Acorns20.0% (x4)
42.4% (x2)
  • Omni-Acorns can be used to ascend heroes from any faction.
  • Faction Acorns can be used to ascend heroes from one faction.

Buy Acorns in the Emporium

Guild Store (Acorn Highlighted) - AFK Journey (AFK2)

Acorns can be bought from the following stores in the Emporium:

Stores that Sell AcornsTypes of Acorns SoldPurchase Cost
Recruitment StoreLightbearer Acorn
Graveborn Acorn
Wilder Acorn
Mauler Acorn
270 Dolly Tickets per Acorn
Guild StoreRandom (Refreshes Daily)Random (Discounted Prices)

Feel free to buy Acorns from either of these stores depending on your current needs, but remember to save Dolly Tickets and Diamonds for other valuable (and very rare) items that they sell, such as Epic Invite Letters and Stellar Crystals.

Clear Legend Trial Floors

Hero Trials (tower of will) - AFK Journey (AFK2)

The Legend Trials unlocks once you clear AFK Stage 166, and it allows you to battle enemies on different towers using only heroes from one faction, with each faction having a daily schedule:

Legend Trial TowersHero RestrictionDaily Schedule
Tower of LightLightbearer heroes onlyMonday
Tower of NatureWilder heroes onlyWednesday
Tower of EternityGraveborn heroes onlyThursday
Tower of WillMauler heroes onlyTuesday

Each faction’s tower gives you Faction Acorns specific to which tower you’ve cleared. This means that each tower gives you different types of Faction Acorns, but not only that, they give you Invite Letters for clearing some floors as well!

Open Guild Loot Chests

Guild Loot chests - AFK Journey (AFK2)

You can get Acorns from two sources once you join a Guild:

  • Reputation Treasure
  • Chest of Valor

Both sources can be found under the Guild Loot feature, which gives you a variety of rewards for participating in your Guild’s Battle Drills.

You can potentially get Acorns from the Reputation Treasure just by opening them, but do note that there are two possible chests that you can open from the Chest of Valor, which are the Adventurer’s Treasure and Stalwart’s Hoard:

Adventurer's Treasure - AFK Journey (AFK2)

If you want Acorns, you’ll have to use the Chest Keys you get from the Reputation Treasures on the Adventurer’s Treasure, as Stalwart’s Hoard only gives you Hero Recruitment items and Diamonds.

Level Up Your Noble Path

Noble Path rewards (Acorns highlighted) - AFK Journey (AFK2)

Leveling up your Noble Path (i.e. AFK Journey’s Battle Pass) allows you to farm a decent amount of Acorns and other precious growth materials over time—especially so if you buy the Secret Travelogue package. 

Every five levels of the Noble Path gives you either Acorns, Epic Invite Letters, or even cosmetics, so remember to complete the Daily Quests your Noble Path gives you consistently!

How to Use Acorns in AFK Journey

Thoran's Ascension (Epic+ to Legendary) - AFK Journey (AFK2)

Acorns are used for ascending S-Level heroes to new Ascension Tiers. As you can see from the image above, an Epic+ Thoran needs 50 Acorns to go to the Legendary tier.

After being ascended to Legendary, Thoran (as well as any other S-Level heroes) will then require Soul Sigils instead of Acorns to go from Legendary to Legendary+, then this cycle continues as you go up in tiers.

A-Level heroes can only be ascended by using their Soul Sigils until they get to Mythic+ which, by then, they’ll need 200 Acorns to ascend to the Supreme tier. Celestial and Hypogean heroes, on the other hand, can only be ascended using their Soul Sigils.


If you want to get stronger fast, then you’ll have to farm lots of Acorns—preferably Omni-Acorns as they can be used to ascend heroes from any faction. 

But now that you’ve figured out where to get Acorns and how to use them more efficiently, how about learning how to best farm other valuable hero growth-related materials like Hero Essences and Gold

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