How to Get and Earn More Gold Fast – AFK Journey (AFK2)

Shahzaib Manzoor
how to get and earn gold fast in AFK Journey

Gold is an absolute necessity in AFK Journey. Whether you’re leveling up Heroes or forging their Equipment, you need gold. Tons of gold is needed to level up Artifacts too.

Luckily, it’s not that hard to acquire gold in AFK Journey. You just need to know how to get and earn more gold fast in AFK Journey. And that’s exactly what this comprehensive AFK Journey gold guide will tell you.

From getting gold to speeding up your gold earning rates, this guide will teach you everything. So, let’s dive right in.

How To Get Gold in AFK Journey?

There are SEVEN ways to get gold in AFK Journey. All of these are sure-fire ways of getting your hands on decent amounts of gold. Some yield higher returns while others are easier to fulfill.

Here’s a quick overview of all methods.

Keep Progressing In The Story Mode

open world of AFK Journey

Every time you complete a Story Mode mission/task, you’ll get gold and other valuables. Moreover, the battles you win while on a Story Mode mission will separately reward you with resources like Gold and Training Manuals.

You can also pick up a lot of gold as you traverse through the open world. More on this later.

Participate In Arena Battles (PvP)

Arena mode of AFK Journey

Arena – the PvP mode of AFK Journey – is another great source of gold. Players can earn chunks of gold simply by taking part in PvP battles. The amount will be higher if you win the battle.

You need Arena Tickets to challenge others for a PvP battle. These Arena Tickets, also called Warrior’s Guarantee, refresh daily.

If you’re running short, you can buy these Arena Tickets using Diamonds.

Collect AFK Rewards

AFK Rewards in AFK Journey

Even if you don’t play the game, you’ll get tons of gold as part of your AFK Rewards. The longer you stay AFK, the more gold you’ll get. But remember to check in and collect your rewards every 2 hours.

The AFK Rewards chest gets full after 2 hours. You’ll want to collect it ASAP to restart your AFK earnings.

Complete Side Quests

Side Quest screen in AFK Journey

While playing the main story, you’ll be assigned random side quests. These are tiny quests, completed by doing something as simple as taking to a merchant or helping someone in need.

Some of these side quests have hefty rewards that include Gold, Diamonds, and more.

These side quests usually occur on your main quest paths, making them even more easier to complete.

Open World Exploration & NPC Fights

a treasure chest found in the open world of AFK Journey

As you explore the open world of AFK Journey, you’ll find Treasure Chests filled with Gold and other valuable resources. Strong warriors usually guard these Treasure Chests. So, you might have to fight for it sometimes.

Defeating the various NPCs you encounter while exploring the open world will also reward Training Manuals, Holistone Coins, and other valuable resources.

You can also find heaps of Gold lying around in the open world.

Collect Growth Path & Growth Trials Rewards

Growth Path mechanic of AFK Journey

In Quests, there are two tabs filled with specific tasks related to the main story of AFK Journey: Growth Path and Growth Trials.

As you play and progress through the main story, you’ll automatically complete these tasks. So, on top of the story progression rewards, you can collect rewards from Growth Path and Growth Trials.

Possible rewards include Gold, Diamonds, Invite & Epic Invite Letters, Shards, and more.

Collect Noble Path Rewards

Noble Path mechanic of AFK Journey

Think of Noble Path as the battle pass of AFK Journey. Within Noble Path, you get THREE sections: Fun Travelogue, Secret Travelogue, and Legendary Secret Travelogue.

Fun Travelogue is the free section. Everyone can collect the rewards of the Fun Travelogue as they collect Milestone Points to unlock higher Milestone Levels. You can get Training Manuals, Hero Essence, Soul Stones, tons of Gold, and plenty more.

The Secret Travelogue and the Legendary Secret Travelogue are paid sections that offer more Milestones to unlock and 3x the rewards of Fun Travelogue.

Those are all the main sources of acquiring gold in AFK Journey. Now, let’s switch to gold earning in AFK Journey.

How To Earn Gold Fast in AFK Journey?

Aside from directly acquiring gold as a reward for completing certain objectives, there are THREE sources of gold earning in AFK Journey. In this section, I’ll highlight those sources and tell you how to increase that earning rate to earn gold fast.

Speed Run AFK Progress

AFK Progress rewards and earning rate

Players can earn FOUR resources in AFK Rewards: Gold, Hero Essence, XP, and Max Level. Your progress in the AFK stages determines the earning rate of your AFK Rewards.

Higher stages mean higher earnings per hour.

To increase your earning rate, keep playing and progressing through the AFK Stages.

Earn Arena (PvP) Tier Promotion

tier promotion screen in Arena mode

Aside from the instant rewards you get from Arena Battles, you also get weekly rewards for your overall Arena ranking.

There is a tier system in the PvP Arena. As you win more PvP battles, your tier will improve. Higher tier yields better daily and weekly rewards.

Strive to earn tier promotion in Arena mode to increase gold earnings.

Grow Your Mystic Collection

Mystic Collection bonus overview screen in AFK Journey

As you complete various gameplay-related tasks, you’ll activate Mystic Collection boost-ups that improve your AFK Reward earnings, Arena rewards, and Daily Quest rewards.

These Mystic Collection boosts stack up on any boost triggered through any other reward.

Focus on Covenant Letters, The Neverending Book, and King’s Glory to increase your gold earning rate for AFK Rewards.


That’s how to get and earn more gold fast in AFK Journey.

The certain and immediate methods of getting gold are enticing. But, don’t overlook the earning rates of AFK Rewards. You want your gold earning rate to be as high as possible to ensure you farm chunks of gold, even when you’re not actively playing the game.

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