How to Farm Free Diamonds – AFK Journey (AFK2)

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How to farm free diamonds in afk journey

You can farm free diamonds in AFK Journey in multiple ways. These include completing quests, unlocking treasures on the map, completing AFK stages, and more.

Below, I’ll be highlighting the main ways to farm free diamonds in AFK Journey, along with their short details.

How to Farm Free Diamonds

Farming diamonds in this game isn’t a hard task, as there are many options. Let’s find out the best ones!

Complete Quests

Completing quests is the best way to get diamonds. There are multiple categories of quests in AFK Journey, and all of them have diamonds as one of the rewards.

Story Quests

completing story quests in afk journey

Story Quests are basically the quests you are completing as you move forward in the game. You’ll explore different areas, find different people, battle different enemies, and so on.

Daily Quests

daily quests in afk journey

Daily Quests refresh every 24 hours, and completing all of them will give you 100–150 diamonds.

The quantity can be more or less as well.

Growth Path

Growth path diamond rewards

The Growth Path has different stages, and each of them has different tasks. You’ll get diamonds after completing each task in each stage.

Moreover, some stages also have diamonds as the ultimate reward after all the tasks have been completed.

Growth Trials

Growth trials diamond rewards in afk journey

Growth Trials are specified tasks that you can do to get diamonds easily. Not all the tasks have diamonds as rewards, but many have.

Unlock Treasures

Treasure rewards in afk journey

Treasures are spread out across the maps in AFK Journey. You can identify them on the map as they have the traditional chest icon.

Once you open them, you’ll not only get diamonds but gold and other rewards as well.

Complete AFK Stages

completing afk stages in afk journey

Some AFK stages also give diamonds in return for completing them. Therefore, make sure you’re not left behind.

Compete in Dream Realm

dream realm in afk journey

In this battle mode, you’re basically up against a kind of boss enemy who is super powerful.

Now the rewards that you’ll receive will depend upon the percentage of the enemy’s health that you’ve reduced.

For instance, if you’ve reduced its health by 40%, you’ll get the rewards that are under this percentage bracket.

There are diamonds as rewards as well, but the percentage bracket to get them can vary.

Compete in Honor Duels

honor duels in afk journey

Honor Duels are the 1v1s of AFK Journey. You get 3 lives daily and have to win 9 duels.

You’ll be asked to select your team, and you can also buy equipment and other heroes after every round.

Once you win the 9 rounds, you’ll get diamonds in return!


So, these are the ways to farm free diamonds in AFK Journey and make your progress swift.

The game is still in early access, and there’s a chance that the original version might have even more ways to get diamonds.

If that is the case, we’ll update the article accordingly!

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