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Legend of Mushroom takes players on a journey of evolution. Starting as a mere Shroomie, players can evolve their character into an apex predator, and we are here to tell you exactly how to evolve.

Players must choose ONE of THREE classes – Warrior, Archer, or Mage – and try to achieve the Awakened Form. Progressing through the game, players must pay close attention to their character level for continuous evolution.

To help beginners and veterans alike, we’ve put together this guide on how to evolve in Legend of Mushroom.

How To Evolve in Legend of Mushroom

Although evolving in Legend of Mushroom comes down to just one thing, it still requires a lot of grind. So, we’ll focus on how to best fulfill that single requirement of evolving in Legend of Mushroom.

Reach Required Character Level

How to evolve - evolve tab in Legend of Mushroom
Image: Joy Nice Games

Reaching certain character levels is the only requirement to evolve in Legend of Mushroom.

Your character will evolve at Level 15, Level 30, Level 50, Level 70, and Level 100. The next time you evolve will be to achieve the Awakening.

You can find out the exact character level requirements and evolution details in the Evolution Preview feature. Access the Evolution Preview feature in the character tab.

evolve tab in Legend of Mushroom
Image: Joy Nice Games

Now that you know what you have to do, let’s take a look at how to do it. Read on to learn how to increase your character level in Legend of Mushroom.

How To Increase Character Level

Players must collect as much EXP as possible to increase their character level.

That’s currently the only way to increase your character level in Legend of Mushroom.
Continue reading to learn how to earn EXP in Legend of Mushroom.

How To Earn EXP

Right now, there’s just one way to earn EXP in Legend of Mushroom, and that’s by selling your old gear.

To sell your old gear, you must acquire new ones. And to do that, you need to keep lighting up the Magic Lamp.

Light Up The Magic Lamp
main gameplay screen of Legend of Gameplay
Image: Joy Nice Games

Tap on the Magic Lamp to summon gear for your Mushroom. When you summon gear that is better than your current gear, you can swap it out and sell it. You get Gold and EXP for selling your old gear. 

The Gold gets added to your inventory, while the EXP is used to fill up your character level bar. You can see the bar in the top-left corner of your screen, beside your avatar icon.

Pro Tip: Keep upgrading the Magic Lamp. It has a level system of its own. As its level increases, it summons higher rarity gear. With new gear coming in quickly, you can get rid of the old gear and earn EXP faster.

Once you reach the required character level, just hit the Evolve button, choose the class you want to evolve to, and you’re good to go.


Despite just one source of EXP, the character level increases at a decent rate. And if you regularly upgrade the Magic Lamp, you can further speed up EXP earnings.

With enough EXP coming in every second, you can crush the character-level requirements and evolve quickly.

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