How to Escape Prison In BitLife – 2023 Guide

How to Escape Prison in BitLife
(Last Updated On: July 19, 2023)

BitLife is a life simulator game developed by Candywriter, LLC., the same people behind other simulation games BitLife Dogs and BitLife Cats.

In BitLife, players are allowed to live out the lives of randomly generated people from birth til the end of their lives. Players make choices for one key event that happens during each year of their avatars’ lives.

These key events vary between something as small as getting into fights with your siblings or something as big as trying to rob a bank. The rewards and consequences of your choices play out in the following years with your avatar leading a happy life or going to prison for any crimes you’ve committed.

Depending on your sentence, going to Prison in BitLife can take a number of years before you’re ever allowed to leave. Alternatively, you could choose to escape prison, and this article aims to teach you how to do just that!

Photo: Candywriter, LLC.

How to Escape Prison

Step 1: Press The Prison Button

Photo: Candywriter, LLC.

Assuming you’ve already been caught and sentenced to a number of years in prison, the button that normally shows “Occupation” will change to “Prison”. Pressing this button will lead you to a different screen where you can select one of the various activities that you can partake in once you’re in the slammer.

Step 2: Select The Escape Option

Photo: Candywriter, LLC.

Scroll through the options if you don’t see the Escape button on your screen. Once you locate it though, make sure to just press it to attempt a prison escape!

Step 3: Escape Prison

Photo: Candywriter, LLC.

The goal here is to reach the exit without the guard catching you. So it’s important to take full advantage of the fact that his first move is always horizontal and he will always try to move towards you.

Tip #1: Move Back And Forth

Reaching the exit is quite difficult if it’s your first time playing this puzzle. It isn’t as simple as moving your character to the designated point as the guard will do his best to reach you.

Don’t be afraid to take it one step at a time or to backtrack all the way to the beginning just to see how the guard will react.

Tip #2: Pay Attention To Your Path

Even while traveling along a 2×2 hallway, the path that you decide to take can play an integral role in how to guard will pursue you.

Tip #3: Focus On The Guard

Even though the goal is to reach the exit, focus on leading the guard into L-shaped corners where he will get stuck trying to reach you.

Tip #4: Watch An Ad

If the puzzle seems to difficult, you can always choose to watch a short advertisement! 15 – 30 seconds in exchange for years doesn’t seem like a bad trade in our book!

Photo: Candywriter, LLC.

Once you do manage to escape, you’ll be rewarded with the Escape Artist achievement and can continue living your life as a man or woman on the run!

Don’t worry too much if you can’t escape during your first attempt since you can attempt another escape during the following year of your avatar’s life!

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